21st Precinct Old Time Radio Show Police Drama Police Audio Cops 100 MP3 DVD

21st Precinct Old Time Radio Show Police Drama Police Audio Cops 100 MP3 DVD

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Who is 21st Precinct

Broadcast from July 7th 1953 through November 1st 1956 on the CBS network.

21st Precinct was a very dramatic police drama. CBS decided to use New York City as the backdrop for this series and to focus on the happenings in an actual police precinct. The premise was to put the listener into the drama from the opening phone call until the final report was written.

The 21st was described as

“just lines on a map of the city of New York. Most of the 173,000 people wedged into the nine-tenths of a square mile between Fifth Avenue and the East River wouldn’t know if you asked them that they lived or worked in the 21st.”

The detail was made up of 160 patrolmen, eleven sergeants, and four lieutenants, under the command of one captain – Frank Kennelly. It was mentioned in each episode’s closing that, “21st Precinct is presented with the official cooperation of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association an organization of more than 20,000 members of the Police Department, City of New York.”

What is on the DVD?
25.6M The Nolen Brothers 
23.4M Case of the Young Incorrigible 
26.2M The Bartender 
25.8M The Twins 
25.1M 21st_Precinct_53-08-04_ep005_Case_of_the_Sailor’s_Family 
25.4M Post Number Seven 
25.1M The Mainliner 
25.3M The Bookkeeper 
24.9M The Friend 
24.6M The Certified 600 
25.8M The Dog Day 
23.6M The Homecoming 
23.8M The Shooting Gallery 
25.1M The Bird 
24.1M Case of the Picture 
24.4M Case of the Foundling 
24.7M Case of the Fall 
24.9M Case of the Patient 
24.1M Case of the Basket 
24.4M Case of the Ditch 
26.2M Case of the L.D. 80 
29.0M The Plant 
26.7M Case of the Stairs 
27.7M The Platform 
26.0M The Visitors 
24.7M The Kid 
25.4M The Baker 
25.0M Case of the Drive 
24.1M The Cure 
24.5M The Door 
25.5M The Package 
24.7M The Collar 
27.5M The Brother 
24.0M The Story 
24.6M The Cabinet 
25.0M The Dollar 
23.5M The Day 
26.7M The Father 
25.4M The Needle 
25.9M The Book 
26.3M The Sprinter 
28.3M The Will 
25.4M The Red Tiger 
27.6M The Mover 
26.5M The Shotgun 
24.0M The Ledge 
26.5M The DOA 
25.6M The Job 
25.9M The Iron 
17.2M The Wreck 
26.8M The Copperhead 
17.4M The Trip 
25.7M The Suit 
26.0M The Walker 
26.0M The Jet 
17.3M The Number 
17.3M The Virtuoso 
26.9M The Mark 
17.3M The Glass 
10.2M The Sticks 
17.3M The Bottle 
26.3M The Beaver 
17.3M The Purse 
17.3M The Jump 
25.3M The Loser 
25.6M The Giver 
24.8M The Wife 
24.3M The Trade 
24.6M The Notes 
25.1M The Fire Escape 
25.1M The Daughter 
24.9M The Surety 
25.0M The Lender 
24.2M The Museum 
24.2M The Dowager 
24.4M The Declaration 
26.7M The Communication 
26.0M The Doctor 
24.3M The Artery 
25.2M The Pair 
25.6M The Summons 
26.0M The Tree 
26.3M The Special Orders 
25.4M The Friend 
24.1M The Son 
25.3M The Heirs 
24.6M The Beard 
25.1M The Slugger 
24.2M The Homecoming 
24.3M The Six Hundred 
24.8M The Shopping Bag 
24.0M The Poodle 
24.1M The Gorilla 
23.6M The Basket 
24.5M The Partners 
24.5M The Paperhanger 

Economy Shipping.

Estimated Delivery in 1-10 Days

FREE ‘same day’ Shipping


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