Abraham Merritt “Moon Pool””Metal Monster” Science Fiction Fantasy MP3 Listen Cd

This CD is designed to work on most computer operating systems, including the MAC.

 The CD is and packaged in a jewel case with the pictured design imprinted on the CD.

This ebooks is in pdf format and fully searchable and printable and readable …I think that some of the ebooks repeat information but most of his main works are in these ebooks… Listen below for a sample of the voice quality of the mp3 playlist on the cd

What is on Cd the Following MP3

  1. The Moon Pool (1919)
  2. The Metal Monster (1920)
  3.  People in the Pit 

Below is Pics from his reading books and pic of him


 Who is Abraham Merritt?

Abraham Merritt (January 20, 1884 ? August 21, 1943), who published under the byline A. Merritt, was an American editor and author of works of fantastic fiction.

Born in New Jersey, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1894. Originally trained in law, he turned to journalism, first as a correspondent, and later as editor. He was assistant editor of The American Weekly from 1912 to 1937 under Morrill Goddard, then its editor until his death. As editor, he hired the unheralded new artists Virgil Finlay and Hannes Bok, and promoted the work done on polio by Sister Elizabeth Kenny.

His fiction was only a sideline to his journalism career, which might explain his relatively low output. One of the best-paid journalists of his era, Merritt made $25,000 per year by 1919, and at the end of his life was earning $100,000 yearly—exceptional sums for the period. His financial success allowed him to pursue world travel—he invested in real estate in Jamaica and Ecuador—and exotic hobbies, like cultivating orchids and plants linked to witchcraft and magic (monkshood, wolfbane, blue datura—and peyote and marihuana).

Merritt married twice, once in the 1910s to Eleanore Ratcliffe, with whom he raised an adopted daughter, and again in the 1930s to Eleanor H. Johnson. He maintained an estate in Hollis Park Gardens on Long Island, where he accumulated collections of weapons, carvings, and primitive masks from his travels, as well as a library of occult literature that reportedly exceeded 5000 volumes. He died suddenly of a heart attack, at his winter home in Indian Rock Keys, Florida, in 1943.

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