Angler Fishing Dry Fly Fish Guides Stories Fresh Water Angling Vintage Book DvD

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Angler Fishing Dry Fly Fish Guides Stories Fresh Water Angling Vintage Book DvD

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These are full version rare books….  Very readable even though some pages are yellowed.

Whats on the DVD?

  It comes in pdf Format

300 Ways to Cook and Serve Shell Fish – H. Franklyn Hall 1901 PDF 5 mb
A bibliographical catalogue of English writers on angling and ichthyology-Smith,John Russell-1856
A Big Game & Fishing Guide to North Eastern Maine (1898)
A Book of Fishing Stories-F. G. Aflalo-1913
A book of the running brook and of still waters-Campbell, Gertrude Elizabeth Blood, lady-1886
A Book on Angling-Francis Francis-1876
A Book on Angling-Francis Francis-1920
A booke of fishing with hooke and line -Mascall, Leonard-1884
A catechism of ichthyology-Pinnock, William-1823
A caution to anglers -Stewart,William C-1871
A Complete Guide to Spinning and Trolling – Otter(1878)
A concise practical treatise on artificial fly fishing for trout – Drake,Grey1860
A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling – Thomas Best-1807
A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling-Thomas Best-1810
A day’s angling on the Almond – Fayle,Frank-1862
A day’s Fishing – Morton, J. M.-1868
A Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds (1713)
A Highland Gathering – E.Lennox Peel-1885
A Scottish fly-fisher – Leitch,A-1911
Abbey & Imbrie Centennial FIsh Stories (1920)
Adventures in angling; a book of salt water fishing-Heilner, Van Campen-1922
Adventures in the Wilds of the United States Vol.I (1856)
Adventures in the Wilds of the United States Vol.II (1856)
Adventures of an Angler in Canada (1848)
Advice to young anglers – Carleton, Henry Guy,-1909
All about trout fishing (1909) – Riddell, J. A
Along the Florida reef (1892) – Holder, Charles Frederick
Alongshore, where man and the sea face one another. With illus. by Melville Mackay (1910)
Alphabet of scientific angling for the use of beginners (1833)
Amateur rodmaking (1914) – Frazer, Perry D
American fish and how to catch them; a hand-book for fishing (1885) – Weidmeyer, M. C
American fishes; a popular treatise upon the game and food fishes of North America, with especial reference to habits and methods of capture (1888)
American food and game fishes (1902)
American game fishes; their habits, habitat, and peculiarities; how, when, and where to angle for them (1892)
An Amateur Angler’s Days in Dove Dale-Marston, E.-1910
An American edition of The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle, from The boke of St. Albans (c1875) – Berners, Juliana
An angler at large (1911) – Caine, William
An angler’s basket-Pritt, T. E-1896
An angler’s garland of fields, rivers and other country contentments-Parker, Eric-1920
An angler’s hour-H. T. Sheringham-1905
An Angler’s Lines-A J Price-1911
An Angler’s Paradise and how to obtain it-J J Armistead-1898
An angler’s rambles and angling songs-Stoddart, Thomas Tod-1866
An angler’s reminiscences-Charles Hallock-1913
An angler’s season-Hodgson, William Earl-1909
An angler’s strange experiences-Glover, Richard-1883
An Angler’s Year-Charles S. Patterson-1904
Ancient angling authors (1910) – Turrell, Walter John
Anglers’ evenings-1883
Anglers’ evenings-Manchester Anglers’ Association-1880
Angling – A Practical Guide-J.T.Burgess-1867
Angling and art in Scotland-Briggs, Ernest Edward-1908
Angling clubs and preservation societies of London and the provinces-Wheeldon, J. P-1883
Angling experiences and reminiscences-Ruchard Mason-1900
Angling for Pike-John Bickerdyke-1888
Angling holidays; in pursuit of salmon, trout and pike-Gedney, Charles William-1896
Angling Idylls-Davies, G C-1875
Angling in all its Branches-Samuel Taylor, Gent-1800
Angling in Great Britain-Senior, William-1883
Angling in the lakes of northern Illinois; how and where to fish them-Johnson, Charles F-1896
Angling Literature in England-Lambert, Osmund-1881
Angling Resorts Near London, the Thames and the Lea -J P.Wheeldon-1878
Angling Sketches-Andrew Lang-1895
Angling songs from border streams-Fraser, Duncan-1907
Angling talks-being the winter talks on summer pastimes-Dawson, George-1883
Angling travels in Norway-Sandeman, Fraser-1895
Angling; or, how to angle, and where to go-Robert Blakey-1854
Angling-Francis Francis-1877
Angling-Francis, Francis-1877
Annals of a Fishing Village-Denham,Jordan -1892
Autumns on the Spey-Knox, Arthur Edward-1872
A Handbook of Angling – Teaching Fly-Fishing, Trolling, Bottom-Fishing, and Salmon-Fishing – Ephemera 1865 PDF 18 mb
A Method of Preparing Specimens of Fish by Drying Their Skins 1753 PDF 150 kb
American Fish-Culture – Thaddeus Norris 1868 PDF 7 mb
American Trout-Stream Insects – A Guide To Angling Flies And Other Aquatic Insects Alluring to Trout – Louis Rhead 1916 PDF 9 mb
Boys-Book-of-Hunting-and-Fishing-1916-8944101 PDF 25 mb
Bait Angling for Common Fish-Louis Rhead-1902
Bass, Pike, Perch and others-James A.Henshall, M.D.-1903
Big Game at Sea-Charles Frederick Holder-1908
Black bass and other fishing in North Carolina-Dockery,A.V.-1909
Book of the black bass by Henshall, James A. (James Alexander), 1836-1925
Blacker’s Art of Fly Fishing-William Blacker-1855
More about the black bass; being a supplement to the Book of the black bass by Henshall, James Alexander, 1844-1925. [from old catalog]
Bottom or Float-Fishing-H.Cholmondeley-Pennell-1876
Bowlker’s art of angling -Bowlker,Charles-1854
Bowlker’s Art of Angling: Containing Directions for Fly-fishing, Trolling …by Charles Bowlker
Boys of England angling guide-London Boys of England Office-1878
Boys Own Guide to Fishing-Keene, John Harrington-1894
British and Irish Salmonidæ-Day,Francis-1887
British fresh-water fishes-Maxwell,Herbert, Sir-1904
British Fresh-water Fishes-Vol II-Rev.W.Houghton-1879
British Fresh-water Fishes-Vol I-Rev.W.Houghton-1879
British salt-water fishes – F.G.Aflalo-1904
British Sea Fish-Harold Swithinbank-1900
Brook and river trouting-Edmonds,Harfield H-1916
Brook trout fishing-Allerton,Reuben G-1869
By Celtic Waters Holiday Jaunts with Rod, Camera & Paint Brush- C. K-1894
By hook and by crook-Sandeman, Fraser-1894
By Lake and River-Francis Francis-1874
By loch and stream angling sketches-Bridgett, R. C-1922
By Meadow and Stream-Edward Marston-1896
By stream and sea-Senior,William-1877
California fish and game -California Dept of Fish and Game-1919( SEVERAL ISSUES )
Camps and Tramps in the Adirondacks-A. Judd Northrup-1880
Canadian Fisherman 10 Volumes – F William Wallace-1914
Casting tackle and methods-Smith,O. W-1920
Catalogue of the fishes of New York-Bean,Tarleton H-1903
Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of books on angling-Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge-1898
Catching the wily sea-trout-A. R.Harris Gass-1900
Chalkstream and Moorland-Russell, Harold-1911
Chats on angling-Hart-Davis,Henry Vaughan-1906
Chimæroid fishes and their development-Dean,Bashford-1906
Clear waters-Bradley,A.G-1914
Coarse Fish-Charles H. Wheeley-1897
Coarse Fishing-H.T.Sheringham-1912
Coarse Fishing Answers 7 volumes
Improve_Your_Coarse_Fishing 6 volumes 4 us 2 uk
Commissioners’ report-Ontario. Game & fish commission-1892
Contributions to the natural history of the fresh water fishes of North America – Girard,Charles-1851
Days among the Pike and Perch – J W Martin-1907
Days and nights of salmon fishing in the Tweed – Scrope,William-1921
Days in the open – Crandall, Lathan Augustus-1914
Days of my life on waters fresh and salt – John Bickedyke-1901
Days of my life on waters fresh and salt, and other papers – Cook,Charles Henry-1895
Days on the Nepigon – M,E E-1917
Days Stolen for Sport – Philip Geen-1907
Deep Sea Fishing – H Dempster-1849
Deep Sea Fishing and Fishing Boats – Edmund W.H.Holdsworth-1874
Deep sea fishing grounds – Muller,Julius Washington-1915
Deep Sea Plunderings – Frank T Bullen-1902
Dry-Fly Fishing – R.C.Bridgett-1922
Dry-fly fishing for trout and grayling-Englefield,James-1908
Dry-fly fishing in border waters – Ferni, Frederick-1912
Dry-fly Fishing in Theory and Practice – Halford,Frederic M.-1902
Eat More Fish – W. I. Crawford 1920 PDF 5 mb
Essential-Fishing-knots PDF 1 mb
Eben Holden’s last day a-fishing – Bacheller, Irving-1907
Elements of angling; a book for beginners – H. T.Sheringham-1908
Enumeratio piscium Cubensium – Poey, Felipe-1875
Exmoor Streams – Claude Fitz-Roy Wade-1903
Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing – CLERICUS-1874
Familiar fish..habits & capture..practical book on fresh-water game fish – McCarthy, Eugene-1900
Farrar’s illustrated guide book to Moosehead Lake and vicinity – Farrar, Charles A. J.-1884
Farrar’s illustrated guide book to the Androscoggin Lakes – Farrar, Charles A. J.-1890
Farrar’s illustrated guide book, to Rangeley, Farrar, Charles A. J.-1878
Favorite Fish and Fishing – James A. Henshall 1908 PDF 9 mb
Fish Hatching and Fish Catching – Seth Green and R. B. Roosevelt 1879 PDF 19 mb
Fish Preservation and Refrigeration – Mr. J. K. Kilbourn 1883 PDF 1 mb
Fish Roe and Buckroe – With 85 Recipes 1918 PDF 1 mb
Fishes and Fishing and Artificial Breeding of Fish 1858 PDF 15 mb
Fishes of Fancy and Their Places in Myth, Fable, Fairytale and Folklore – Phil Robinson 1883 PDF 2 mb
Fishes of the Perch Family – Sir William Jardine 1843 PDF 40 mb
Fishing – H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1906 PDF 25 mb
Fishing – Rev. John Duncombe 1809 PDF 5 mb
Fishing – When, Where and How to Fish Without Live Bait 1862 PDF 4 mb
Fishing and Fishers Illustrated – J. Paul Taylor 1898 PDF 8 mb
Fishing Around New York – Where to Find Them – J. W. Muller and Arthur Knowlson 1909 PDF 3 mb
Fishing at Home And Abroad – Sir Herbert Maxwell 1913 PDF 21 mb
Fishing for Pleasure and Catching It – E. Marston 1906 PDF 1 mb
Fishing From the Earliest Times with Illustrations – William Radcliffe 1921 PDF 22 mb
Fishing in American Waters – Genio C. Scott 1875 PDF 23 mb
Fishing Kits and Equipment – Samuel G. Camp 1913 PDF 3 mb
Fishing Tackle – Perry D. Frazer 1914 PDF 4 mb
Fishing With a Worm – Bliss Perry 1916 PDF 1 mb
Fishing with Floating Flies – Samuel G. Camp 1913 PDF 2 mb
Fishing with Hook and Line – A Manual for Amateur Anglers – Frank Forrester 1870 PDF 5 mb
Fishing, Tackle and Kits – Practical Information on Game Fish – Dixie Carroll 1919 PDF 10 mb
Fishing-Knots-Tying-How-to-Tie-a-Knot-Knotting PDF 478 kb
Fly Fishing – Sir Edward Grey 1919 PDF 7 mb
Fly Fishing in Wonderland – Klahowya 1910 PDF 3 mb
Fly-Fishing and Fly-Making for Trout – J. Harrington Keene 1887 PDF 5 mb
Fly-Fishing in Maine Lakes – Charles W. Stevens 1881 PDF 6 mb
Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle – Suggestions As to Their Manufacture and Use – Henry P. Wells 1885 PDF 9 mb
Forty Years of Trout and Salmon Fishing – J. L. Dickie 1921 PDF 7 mb
Fishing experiences of half a century – Hopkings, Francis Powell-1893
Fishing holidays – Gwynn,Stephen Lucius-1904
Fishing tackle, its materials and manufacture – Keene,John Harrington-1886
Goin’ fishin’; weather and feed facts; – Cook, Carroll Blaine-1904
Golden days, from the fishing-log of a painter in Brittany – Fedden,Romilly-1919
Great Fishing Stories – Edward Valentine Mitchell 1946 PDF 11 mb
Home Fishing and Home Waters – A Practical Treatise on Fish Culture – Seth Green 1888 PDF 10 mb
How to Catch Coarse Fish – An Old Angler’s Hints and Wrinkles – A. R. Matthews 1921 PDF 2 mb
How to Catch Pike – A. R. Matthews 1921 PDF 2 mb
How to Catch Trout – Three Anglers 1889 PDF 4 mb
How to Cook Fish – Recipes for Preparing Sea and Fresh Water Fish for the Table – Verein Deutcher Fisch Haendler 1886 PDF 2 mb
How to Tie Salmon Flies – Captain Hale 1892 PDF 6 mb
Hunting and Fishing in the South – Southern Railway 1904 PDF 5 mb
Indian Fish and Fishing Illustrated – Francis Day 1883 PDF 2 mb
Harry Druidale Fisherman from Manxland to England – Henry Cadman-1898
Life-history and habits of the salmon, sea-trout, trout, and other freshwater fish – Malloch,P.D-1910
Lake and Stream Game Fishing – Dixie Carroll 1917 PDF 12 mb
Line Fishing – C. M. Mundahl 1883 PDF 1 mb
Literature of Sea and River Fishing – J. J. Manley 1883 PDF 7 mb
Making a Fishery – Frederic M. Halford 1895 PDF 4 mb
More About The Black Bass – James A. Henshall 1889 PDF 13 mb
My angling friends – Mather,Fred-1901
My life as an angler-Henderson,William-1879
Notes on fish and fishing – Manley,John Jackson-1877
Pike and Perch – Alfred E. T. Watson 1900 PDF 2 mb
Pleasures of Angling with Rod and Reel for Trout and Salmon – George Dawson 1876 PDF 6 mb
Practical Trout Culture – J. H. Slack 1872 PDF 21 mb
Riverside rambles of an Edinburgh angler – Fraser,Duncan-1895
Recipes for Sea Food – How to Prepare and Serve Fish, Oysters, Clams, Scallops, Lobsters, Crabs, and Shrimp – Freeman and Cobb 1913 PDF 9 mb
Recreational Fishing in the Kankakee River PDF 1 mb
Salmon and Sea Trout – How to Propagate, Preserve, and Catch Them – Herbert Maxwell 1898 PDF 6 mb
Salmon and Trout – Dean Sage 1902 PDF 14 mb
Salmon Fishing – John James Hardy 1907 PDF 12 mb
Salmon-Fishing in Canada By A Resident – With Illustrations – Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander 1860 PDF 11 mb
Salt Water Game Fishing – Charles Frederick Holder 1914 PDF 5 mb
Science of Fishing – The Most Practical Book on Fishing Ever Published 1912 PDF 10 mb
Sea-Fishing as a Sport – Lambton T. H. Young 1865 PDF 6 mb
Sharks as Food – With Thirty Recipes 1918 PDF 1 mb
Skates and Rays – Interesting Fishes of Great Food Value, With 29 Recipes for Cooking Them 1918 PDF 1 mb
Spinning Tackle – What it Is, And What it Ought to Be – Pennell 1862 PDF 2 mb
Sport Fishing in California and Florida – Charles F. Holder 1910 PDF 2 mb
Tales of fishes – Grey, Zane – 1919
The Adventures of a Salmon – notes for the Fly Fisher (1853)
The American angler (1881) – Harris, William Charles 6 volumes
The American angler’s book – Embracing the Sporting History … – Norris, Thaddeus-1864
The American angler’s book embracing the natural history of sporting fish
The American angler’s guide-Brown, John Jay-1876
The American salmon fisherman (1886) – Wells, Henry P
The angler – a poem, in ten cantos Lathy, Thomas Pike 1822
The angler and the loop-rod Webster, Daviid1885
The Angler and Tourists Guide …..Northern Counties of Scotland – Andrew Young
The angler comprising descriptions of the various kinds of fish, their haunts, proper baits
The angler how, when and where to fish, in river or in sea ([1871])
The angler in Ireland or An Englishman’s ramble through Connaught and Munster, during the summer of 1833
The angler in the Lake district (1857) – Davy, John
The angler in Wales, or, Days and nights of sportsmen (1834) – Medwin, Thomas
The angler in Wales, or, Days and nights of sportsmen vol 2
The angler-naturalist – a popular history of British fresh-water fish H. Cholmondeley-Pennell 1863
The angler’s almanac, for 1848. Calculated for all parts of the United States – J.J. Brown & co. – 1848
The angler’s annual – Bradford, Charles Barker – 1905
The angler’s assistant – Carpenter, William – 1852
The Angler’s Companion to the Rivers and Lochs of Scotland-Stoddart, Thomas Tod-1847
The angler’s complete guide and companion – Little,G. -1881
The angler’s complete guide to the rivers and lakes of England-Robert Blakey-1853
The angler’s desideratum…dressing artificial fly – 1839
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1882-Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1885 – Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1889-Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1899-Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1902
The Angler’s Diary and Tourist Fisherman’s Gazetteer 1907-Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge
The angler’s diary; or, Forms for registering the fish taken during the year-Cox, Irvine Edward Bainbridge-1866
The angler’s guide book and tourist’s gazetteer of the fishing waters of the U. S. and Canada, 1886 by Harris, William Charles, 1830-1905
The Angler’s Guide (Trolling)-T. F. Salter-1814
The Anglers Guide and a summary of the fishing resorts-Bradford, Charles-1908
The angler’s guide to Eastern Canada-Chambers,E T D-1898
The angler’s guide to Horse and Groom, Lea Bridge & White House fisheries -1841
The Angler’s Guide……for Southern New Jersey-William A. Collins-1904
The Angler’s Guide-Rev James Martin-1854
The angler’s guide-T. F. Salter-1825
The Angler’s Guide – A Handbook of the Haunts and Habits of the Popular Game Fishes 1908 PDF 3 mb
The Angler’s Guide – The Most Complete and Practical Ever Written – Rev. James Martin 1854 PDF 5 mb
The Angler’s Hand-book-1840
The Angler’s Instructor-William Bailey-1857
The Angler’s Manual – or Fly-Fisher’s Oracle-John Turton-1836
The angler’s museum – or, The whole art of float and fly fishing-Thomas Shirley-1790
The Angler’s Note-book and Naturalist’s Record-Thomas Satchell-1888
The angler’s own book containing ample directions-1850
The angler’s pocket diary, and monthly guide-Williams, Fred T-1867
The angler’s progress-Boaz, Sieur-1820
The angler’s register-Francis Francis-1860
The Anglers Secret-Charles Bradford-1904
The Angler’s Souvenir-P Fisher-1886
The angler’s vade mecum, – account of the water flies, their seasons-Carroll, William-1818
The angler’s vade-mecum-Farlow, Charles-1860
The angler’s workshop-Frazer, Perry D-1908
The Anglican friar and the fish which he took by hook-Novice-1851
The art of angling – as practised in Scotland -Stoddart,Thomas Tod-1836
The art of angling – for beginners-Smith, Paul-1800
The art of angling-Barker, Thomas-1653
The Art of Angling-R.Brookes,MD-1766
The Art of Angling-R.Brookes,MD-1781
The Art of Angling-Thomas,Best-1814
The art of fishing on the principle of avoiding cruelty-Rev Oliver Raymond-1866
The Art of Worm-Fishing – A Practical Treatise on Clear-Water Worming – Alexander Mackie 1912 PDF 2 mb
The Art of Trolling-Nobbes,Robert-1682
The art of trout fishing on rapid streams-Cutcliffe,H. C-1889
The autobiography of the late Salmo Salar, esq-Rooper, George-1867
The basis for legislation on fishery questions-Garcia Solá-1883
The basses, fresh-water and marine-Harris, William Charles-1905
The big game fishes of the United States-Holder,Charles Frederick-1903
The book of fish and fishing-Louis Rhead-1917
The Book of the All-round Angler-John Bickedyke-1888
The book of the Axe- Containing a Piscatorial Description of that Stream-George Philip Rigney Pulman-1875
The book of the dry fly-Dewar, George Albemarle Bertie-1910
The Book of the Grayling-Pritt,T.E-1888
The Book of the Pike-H. Cholmondeley Pennel-1865
The book of the pike-Smith, Onnie Warren-1922
The book of the roach-John Greville Fennell-1870
The book of the salmon-Ephemera-1850
The book of the tarpon-Dimock,Anthony Westson-1911
The border angler a guide-book to the Tweed and its tributaries-Bertram,James Glass-1858
The boy anglers;..Gulf of Mexico, Canada-Holder, Charles Frederick-1904
The British Angler-John Wiiliamson=1740
The British Angler’s Lexicon-Richard Niven-1892
The British angler’s manual-Hofland,Thomas Christopher-1848
The brook trout and the determined angler-Bradford,Charles Barker-1900
The Book of Fish and Fishing – A Complete Compendium of Practical Advice 1908 PDF 13 mb
The Boy’s Own Guide to Fishing, Tackle-Making and Fish-Breeding – John Harrington Keene 1894 PDF 4 mb
The Cattle of the Sea – Interesting Facts Concerning the Place of Fish in the Daily Diet – C. Houston Goudiss 1921 PDF 474 kb
The Complete Angler – A Practical Guide to Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Spinning, and Fly-Fishing 1891 PDF 4 mb
The Complete Angler – Showing How to Take the Best Kinds of Fish – Elliot 1800 PDF 20 mb
The Continental Fish Cook – M. J. N. De Frederic 1883 PDF 1 mb
The call of the surf-Heilner,Van Campen-1920
The Channel islands of California; a book for the angler – Holder,Charles Frederick-1910
The complete angler, or, Contemplative man’s recreation – Walton,Izaak-1835
The Complete Angler-Charles Cotton-1875
The Complete Fisherman-Walter Matthew Gallichan-1907
The Complete Science of Fly Fishing and Spinning – Shaw,Fred.G-1915
The determined angler and the brook trout – Bradford,Charles Barker-1916
The Driffield angler; in two parts – Mackintosh, Alexander-1806
The dry fly and fast water – La Branche,George Michel Lucien-1914
The dry-fly fisherman’s entomology-Mosely,Martin E-1921
The dry-fly man’s handbook; a complete manual – Halford,Frederic M.-1913
The English Lake district fisheries – Watson, John-1899
The English lakes – Bradley, A. G.-1910
The Erne, its legends and its fly-fishing – Newland, Henry-1851
The experienced angler – Venables, Robert-1825
The Fine Art of Fishing – Samuel G. Camp 1911 PDF 4 mb
The Fishing-Rod and How to Use It – Glenfin 1860 PDF 5 mb
The Fly Fisher’s Text Book – Edward Chitty 1841 PDF 14 mb
The game fishes of the world – Holder,Charles Frederick-1913
The Idyl of the Split-Bamboo – A Carefully Detailed Description of the Rod’s Building – George Parker Holden 1920 PDF 9 mb
The Illustrated Fly-Fisher’s Text Book – A Complete Guide to the Science of Fly-Fishing – Theophilus South 1845 PDF 16 mb
The Practical Fisherman – J. H. Keene 1881 PDF 14 mb
The practical angler -Stewart, W. C -1906
The salmon rivers of Scotland – Grimble, Augustus-1913
The Sea-Fisherman – J. C. Wilcocks 1884 PDF 3 mb
The Sportsman’s Guide to the Northern Lakes – George Francis 1885 PDF 9 mb
The Young Angler’s Guide Comprising Instructions in The Arts of Fly Fishing 1839 PDF 6 mb
The Young Fisherman 1862 PDF 2 mb
The Treatyse of Fysshynge Wyth an Angle-Dame Juliana Barnes-1883
Tricks & knacks of fishing; a collection of pointers – Horton Mfg. Co1911
Trout in New Zealand where to go and how to catch them – Spackman,-W. H-1892
Trout and How to Catch Them – P. Castle 1920 PDF 3 mb
Trout Fishing – W. Earl Hodgson 1920 PDF 6 mb
Trout in Lakes and Reservoirs – A Practical Guide to Managing, Stocking, and Fishing – Ernest Phillips 1914 PDF 3 mb
Trout Lore – O. W. Smith 1917 PDF 6 mb
Trout-Fishing in Brooks, Its Science and Art – G. Garrow-Green 1919 PDF 4 mb
Walton and Earlier Writers – R. B.Marston-1902
Wild sports of the West of Ireland; – Maxwell,W.-1892 2 volumes
Why and How to Use Salt and Smoked Fish 1917 PDF 1 mb

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