Australia History Genealogy Vintage Rare Down Under Out of Print Books DVD

Australia History Genealogy Vintage Rare Down Under Out of Print Books DVD

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A Century in the Pacific (1914)- James Colwell
A History of Trade Unionism in Australia (1921)- James Sutcliffe
A National History of Australia New Zealand (1917)- Robert Thompson
A Record of Australian Church Missions (1917)- Gilbert White
A Revision of the Asilidae of Australia (1912)- Gertrude Ricardo
A Short History of Australia (1911)- Thomas Bateson
A Short History of Australia by Ernest Scott (1916) 559pg.
A Sketch of South Australia (1880)- E Spiller
A Source Book of Australian History by Gwendolen H. Swinburn (1919
A Treatise on the Gold Mining in Australia and New Zealand (1901)- Henry Armstrong
Across Australia (1912) Vol 1- Sir Baldwin Spencer
Across Australia (1912) Vol 2- Sir Baldwin Spencer
Advance Australia (1886)- Harold Finch-Hatton
Advanced Australia (1899)- William Galloway(xp download)
Adventures in Australia (1902)- Bracebridge Hemyng
All aboard for sunrise lands. A trip thru California across the Pacific to Japan, China, and Australia ([c1881])- Edward Rand
An Outback Marriage by Andrew Barton Paterson
An Untamed Territory the Northern Territory of Australia (1915)- Elsie Masson
Arbitration and wage-fixing in Australia.. ([c1918])
Around the World (1880)- Lydia Leavitt
Art of the British Empire Overseas Australia Canada New Zealand (1917)- Charles Holme
Australasia, the new commonwealth and New Zealand (1901)- Arthur Jose
Australasia Geographical Part 2 (1907)- John Rogers

Australia (1873) Vol 1- Edwin Booth
Australia (1873) Vol 2- Edwin Booth

Australia (1908)- Arthur David
Australia (1908)- W Lang
Peeps At Many Lands Australia (1914)- Frank Fox
Australia (1916)- John Gregory
Australia and America in 1892, a Contrast (1893)- Edward Dowling
Australia and Homeward (1888)- Daniel Lucas
Australia and New Zealand (1922)- William Boyce
Australia and New Zealand Suggate 1931
Australia and Oceania (1911)- Fanny Herbertson
Australia and the Empire (1889)- Arthur Martin
Australia and the Fiscal Problem (1903)- Sir George Reid
Australia and the Islands of the Pacific Ocean (1918)- Thomas McEvoy
Australia and the Pacific Islands in the Years 1855-56 (1857)- J D’Ewes

Australia As It Is (1852) Vol 1- Francis Lancelott
Australia As It Is (1852) Vol 2- Francis Lancelott

Australia as it is; or, Facts and features, sketches and incidents of Australia and Australian life : with notices of New Zealand (1894)
Australia Economic and Political Studies (1920)- Meredith Atkinson
Australia in 1897. The country and its resources, population, public works, and finances. With remarks on the manufacture of wool in the colonies, emigration, federation, the funding of Australian public debts, &c (1897)- Edward Petherick
Australia in its Physiographic and Economic Aspects (1919)- Thomas Taylor
Australia Its History
Australia Making of a Nation by John Fraser (1910)
Australia Revenged (1897)
Australia the Dairy Country (1915)
Australia Twice Transversed by Ernest Giles (xp download)

Australia Twice Traversed (1889) Vol 1- Ernest Giles
Australia Twice Traversed (1889) Vol 2- Ernest Giles

Australia Unlimited (1918)- Edwin Brady
Australia with Notes by the Way (1862)- Frederick Jobson
Australia’s Awakening (1909)- William Spencer
Australia’s Greatest Need (1914)- James Tomlin
Australian Life Black and White (1885)- Campbell Praed
Australian Life in Town and Country (1905)- Ernest Buley
Australian Meteorology (1920)- Thomas Taylor
Australian Mining and Metalurgy (1904)- Donald Clark
Banking in Australasia (1883)
Bibliography of South Australia (1886)- Thomas GIll
Building and Ornamental Stones of New South Wales (1909)- Richard Baker
Bush Life in Australia (1897)- E Hooley
Bush Life in Australia and New Zealand (1893)- Dugald Ferguson
Bush Wanderings of a Naturalist (1861)- Horace Wheelwright
Children of Wild Australia (1914)- Herbet Pitts
Church Life in Australia (1860)- Thomas Binney(xp download)
Coalfields & Collieries of Australia (1912)- Frederick Power
Diggings and the Bush (1869)- Mrs W Howell

Discoveries in Australia (1846) Vol 1- John Stokes
Discoveries in Australia (1846) Vol 2- John Stokes

Domestic Architecture in Australia (1919)- Sydney Smith
Down Under with the Prince (1921)- Everard Cotes
Fifteen Years’ Experiences in Australia and New Zealand (1887)- R Bentley
The genesis of Queensland: an account of the first exploring journeys to and over Darling Downs: the earliest days of their occupation; social life; station seeking; the course of discovery, northward and westward; and a resumé of the causes which led to separation from New South Wales.. (1888)by Henry Stuart Russell
Geological Observations in South Australia (1862)- Julian Woods
Glimpses of Four Continents Tour in Australia New Zealand (1894)- Alice Anne
The Emigrants Handbook 1843 Samuel Butler
Handbook of South Australia (1914)- David Gordon
Historical and Descriptive Account of South Australia (1843)- James Bennett
History of Australian bushranging
History of the City of Adelaide
In Praise of Australia
In the Land of Pearl and Gold
Kinship Organisations and Group Marriage in Australia
Leaves from a Squatter’s Note Book
Meteorological Observations Made in Western Australia During 1908
Michies Family Abroad
Narrative and Recollections of Van Dieman’s Land
Narrative of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh to Victoria
Natural History Sketches

Northmost Australia Vol 1
Northmost Australia Vol 2

One Big Union for Australia
One of Australia’s Daughters
Outback in Australia
Railroad Electrification and the Electric Locomotive
Rambles in Australia
Rambles of an Australian Naturalist
Record of Australian Church Missions
Record of the Mines of South Australia
Rovings on Land and Sea
Seventy Years of Life in the Victorian Era Australia New Zealand
Shepp’s Photographs of the World
South Australia George Wilkinson
South Australia Its History Resources and Productions
South Australia- its history, productions, and natural resources
South Australian Exploration to 1856
Souvenirs of Some Continents
Station Hunting on the Warrego
Statistical Sketch of South Australia
Street Paving in Sydney

Studies in History and Jurisprudence Vol 1
Studies in History and Jurisprudence Vol 2

Sunny South Australia
Tales about America and Australia
The Art of J J Hilder
The Art of Living in Australia

The Australia Directory Vol 1
The Australia Directory Vol 2

The Australian Abroad
The Australian Crusoes
The Australian Explorers
The awful Australian
The Belle of Australia
The boys book of exploration – Tudor Jenks

The British Empire at Home and Abroad Vol 1
The British Empire at Home and Abroad Vol 2
The British Empire at Home and Abroad Vol 3
The British Empire at Home and Abroad Vol 4

The British World in the East
The Bushman, Life in the New Country
The Call of the Southern Cross
The Catalpa Expedition
The Central State South Australia
The Climate and Weather of Australia
The Climate of Western Australia
The Confessions of a Beachcomber
The Dead Heart of Australia
The Dominion of Australia
The Draper in Australia
The Future Prospects of each of the Australian Colonies and New Zealand
The History of Australasia
The history of Australian exploration from 1788 to 1888 Vol 2
The history of discovery in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand Vol 1
The History of South Australia
The History of the Allison Family
The Industries of New South Wales
The Irish in Australia
The Life Travels and Adventures of an American Wanderer

The miner’s right, a tale of the Australian goldfields Vol 1
The miner’s right, a tale of the Australian goldfields Vol 2
The miner’s right, a tale of the Australian goldfields Vol 3

The New Social Order a Study of Post War Reconstruction
The Opportunity in Australia
The Pastoral Age in Australasia
The Physical Configuration of the Australian Continent
The Picture of Australia
The Real Australia
The Rise and Progress of Australia and New Zealand
The Smuts of Australia
The Total Eclipse of the Sun 1922
The Wanderings of a Spiritualist
The Woodhill Family Records
The Wool Marks Directory of Australia
The World’s Rough Hand
Three Journeys Around the World
Travels in Australia New Zealand Japan California
Twelve Years in Canterbury New Zealand and Australia
Types of Australian Weather
Under Western Skies
Voices from Australia
Wanderings in Western Australia
Western Australia its early vicissitudes
Western Australia- its past and future
What the Great War Will Mean to Australia
White Australia

Australia Colonization & Federation

A Colonial Tramp (1891) Vol 1- Hume Nisbet
A Colonial Tramp (1891) Vol 2- Hume Nisbet

A History of the Australasian Colonies (1912)- Edward Jenks

A History of the Colony of Victoria (1904) Vol 1- Henry Turner
A History of the Colony of Victoria (1904) Vol 2- Henry Turner

Admiral Phillip the Founding of New South Wales (1899)- Louis Becke

Australia Our Colonies and Other Islands of the Sea (1904)- Frank Carpenter

Australia the Making of a Nation (1910)- Sir John Fraser

Australian Federation (1901)- John Cockburn

Australian Pioneers and Reminiscences (1896)- Nehemiah Bartley

Colonial Memories (1904)- Lady Mary Barker

Commonwealth of Australia by B. R. Wise (1909)

Convict Life in New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land (1889)- Charles White

David Syme, the Father of Protection in Australia (1908)- Ambrose Pratt

Duke of Edinburgh visit to the colony of Victoria, Australia (1868)

Early Experiences of Life in South Australia (1884)- John Bull

Emigration Fields (1839)- Patrick Matthew

Journal of a Voyage to Australia by the Cape of Good Hope (1884)- Sinclair Duncan

Journals of Australian Exploration by Augustus Charles Gregory (1884)

Kennedy’s Colonial Travel (1876)- David Kennedy

My Colonial Service in British Gulana Australia (1903) Vol 1- Sir George Des Vux
My Colonial Service in British Gulana Australia (1903) Vol 2- Sir George Des Vux

New South Wales the Mother Colony of the Australias (1896)- Frank Hutchinson

Problems of Empire (1904)- Thomas Brassey

The Australian Settlers (1830)- Sarah Porter

The Coming Commonwealth (1897)- Sir Robert Garran

The Coming of the British to Australia 1788 to 1829 (1906)- Ida Lee

The Commonwealth of Australia (1909)- Bernhard Wise

The Early Federation Movement of Australia by C. D. Allin (1907)

The Emigrant’s Guide (1845)- Rev David MacKenzie

The Eureka Stockade by Raffaello Carboni (1855)

The Explorers of Australia (1908)- Ernest Favenc

The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea by George De Tourcey (1906)

The Gold Hunters’ Adventures (1883)- William Thomes

The Life of Captain James Cook by Arthur Kitsoh (1912) Vol 1
The Life of Captain James Cook by Arthur Kitsoh (1912) Vol 2

The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders by Ernest Scott (1914)

The Naval Pioneers of Australia by Louis Becke (1899)

The South Australian Company a Study in Colonisation (1898)- George Sutherland

The State and Federal Constitutions of Australia (1913)- Karl Cramp

Twelve Years’ Wanderings in the British Colonies (1848) Vol 1- Christopher Byrne
Twelve Years’ Wanderings in the British Colonies (1848) Vol 2- Christopher Byrne

Early Voyages to Terra Australis (1859)- Richard Major

Australian Flora & Fauna

A Catalogue of Australian Fossils (1878)- Robert Etheridge

A Contribution to the Flora of Australia (1867)- William Wooll

A Discussion of Australian Forestry (1916)- David Hutchins

A Handbook of the Birds of Tasmania (1910)- Frank Littler

A Handbook of the Flora of South Australia (1890)- Ralph Tate

A Key to the Birds of Australia (1899)- Robert Hall

A Manual of the Birds of Australia (1921)- Gregory Mathews

A Monograph of Australian Land Shells (1868)- James Cox

A Popular Account of Australian Snakes (1898)- Edgar Waite

A Short Dichotomous Key to the Unknown Species of Eucalyptus (1898)- J Luehmann

An Australian Bird Book (1911)- John Leach

An Introducion to the Mammals of Australia (1863)- John Gould

Australasian Sheep & Wool (1900)- Alfred Hawkesworth

Australian Botany (1884)- William Guilfoyle

Australian Grasses (1895)- Frederick Turner

Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania (1901) Vol 1- Alfred North
Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania (1901) Vol 2- Alfred North
Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania (1901) Vol 3- Alfred North
Birds Found Breeding in Australia and Tasmania (1901) Vol 4- Alfred North

Birds of our Bush (1900)- Raymond Littlejohns

Cabinet Timbers of Australia (1913)- Richard Baker

Catalogue of Australian Mammals (1892)- James Ogilby

Catalogue of the Described Coleoptera Beetles of Australia (1885)- George Masters

Catalogue of the Scale Insects of Australia (1915) Pt 2- Walter Froggatt
Catalogue of the Scale Insects of Australia (1915) Pt 3- Walter Froggatt

Flora Australasica (1827)- Robert Sweet

Forest Insects of Australia (1923)- Walter Froggatt

Forestry in South Australia (1920)

Handbook on Viticulture for Victoria (1891)

Handbook to the Birds of Australia (1865) Vol 1- John Gould
Handbook to the Birds of Australia (1865) Vol 2- John Gould

Iconography of Australian Species of Acacia (1887)- Ferdinand Mueller

In Australian Wilds (1919)- Charles Barrett

Life Stories of Australian Insects (1920)- Mabel Brewster

Mammals of Australia by John Gould (1863)v1
Mammals of Australia by John Gould (1863)v2
Mammals of Australia by John Gould (1863)v3

Marine Shells of Australia and Tasmania (1892) Part 1- John Brazier

On and off the Turf in Australia (1895)- Nat Gould

Paper on the Eucalypts of Australia (1873)- George Hoffmann

Plant Habits and Habitats of South Australia (1921)- William Cannon

Protected Native Birds of South Australia (1910)- Thomas Duffield

Pure Saddle Horses and How to Breed Them in Australia (1863)- Edward Curr

Racehorses in Australia (1922)- Kenneth Austin

Some Useful Australian Birds (1921)- Walter Froggatt

Some Wild Flowers of Tasmania (1922)- Leonard Rodway

The Book of the Animal Kingdom (1910)- William Westell

The Farmers’ Handbook (1922)- W Brown

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia (1893)- William Kent

The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia (1902)- A Despeississ

The Useful Birds of Southern Australia (1907)- Robert Hall

The Useful Native Plants of Australia (1889)- Joseph Maiden

Wheat Growing in Australia (1915)


Australian Literature

A Boy’s Adventures in the Wilds of Australia (1855)- William Howitt

A Boy’s Voyage Round the World (1871)- Samuel Smiles

A Burglar’s Life- James Burke

A Dictionary of Australian Words and Terms by Gilbert H. Lawson (1924)

A Story of Convict Life in Australia (1909)- John O’Reilly

Tale of Bush Life in Australia by G. A. Henty

An Australian Ramble (1890)- James Ritchie

An Emigrant’s Home Letters (1896)- Sir Henry Parkes

Australia and Other Poems (1911)- William Elsum

Australian Ballads and Rhymes (1888)- Douglas Sladen

Australian Heroes and Adventurers (1889)- William Pyke

Australian Pictures Drawn from Pen and Pencil (1886)- Howard Willoughby

Australian Poets (1890)- Douglas Sladen

Australiana or My Early Life (1886)- Richmond Henty

Benjamin Boyd in Australia (1900)- H Wellings

Incidents of a Life Spent at Sea (1915)- Stanley Coxon

Letters from Australia (1869)- John Martineau

Reminiscences of Forty Seven Years Clerical Life in South Australia (1895)- E Miller

Tales of Australian Life by Australian Ladies by Harriet Anne Martin

Australian Sketches Made on Tour (1899)- Harry Furniss


Australian Military Campaigns

A Tale of Bushmen from Australia to Anzac (1916)- John Cooper

Australia in Arms (1916)- Phillip Schuler

Australia in Palestine (1919)- Henry Gullett

Australia in Peace and War (1917)- William Fleming

The Australian Flying Corps in the Western and Eastern Theatres of War 1914-1918 (1923)- Frederic Cutlack

The Australian Imperial Force in Sinai and Palestine 1914-1918 (1923)- Henry Gullett

The Fortieth a Record of the 40th Battalion AIF (1922)- Frank Green

The Story of the Fifth Australian Division (1920)- A Ellis

The Story of the Taking of German New Guinea- Frederic Burnell

Australian Defenses and New Guinea

Australasia triumphant! ; with the Australians and New Zealanders in the great war on land and sea (1916)

From The Australian Front

The Australian Army Medical Corps In Egypt

Nile To Aleppo, written by Hector Dinning, Captain Australian Army in 1920

Tommy Cornstalk: Being some account of the less notable features of the South African war from the point of view the Australian ranks, by JHM Abbott written in 1902

Pocket Guide To Australia, by War and Navy Departments Washington D.C. 1946,

Native Aboriginal Races

Notes on the Aboriginal Races of Australia (1865)- Florence Nightingale

The Aborigines of Australia (1883)- Richard Sadleir

The Aborigines of Australia (1889)- Matthew Hale

The Aborigines of Victoria (1878) Vol 1- Robert Smyth
The Aborigines of Victoria (1878) Vol 2- Robert Smyth

The Aborigines of Western Australia (1892)- Albert Calvert

The Australian Aboriginal and the Christian Church (1914)- Herbert Pitts

The Native Races of Australasia (1920)- W Hambly

The Native Tribes of Central Australia (1899)- Sir Baldwin Spencer

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