Billy the Kid Hopalong Cassidy Comics Country Western Vintage Guns Hold ups DVD

Billy the Kid Hopalong Cassidy Comics Country Western  Vintage Guns Hold Ups DVD

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Who is Billy the Kids Comics?

Billy the Kid is a Western comic book series published by Charlton Comics, with stories of a fictional character based on the historical Billy the Kid. Taking over the numbering of a previous Western comic, Masked Raider, Billy the Kid was published from issues #9-153 (Nov. 1957 – March 1983). The Billy the Kid character made his first appearance in Masked Raider #6.

Regular backup features in the book included Bounty Hunter Shawn O’Meara, Tenderfoot Sheriff John Lind, Mr. Young Of The Boothill Gazette, and Apache Red.

Regular contributors to the title included writer Joe Gill, and artists Pat Boyette, José Delbo, Jack Keller, Sanho Kim, Rocke Mastroserio, Charles Nicholas, Warren Sattler, and Carl Wessler.

The book’s first five issues (June 1955 – Aug. 1956) were titled Masked Raider (not to be confused with the Timely Comics character), starring a masked gunfighter and his pet golden eagle Talon. With issue #6 the book was titled Masked Raider Presents Billy the Kid. This title lasted three issues, through cover-date July 1957. With issue #9, the full cover title was Billy the Kid: Western Outlaw, lasting through issue #37.

Billy the Kid was twice put under publication hiatus, first between #121 and #122 (Jan.–Aug. 1977), and then from #123 to #124 (Nov. 1977–Feb. 1978). From that point the end of the run, Billy the Kid was a reprint title.

Sample pics of the books on the dvd

WHat is on the DVD Here and Below?

Billy Kid Dracula Old Poster jpg 

Billy the Kid 007

Billy the Kid 009

Billy the Kid 010

Billy the Kid 011

Billy the Kid 012

Billy the Kid 013

Billy the Kid 015

Billy the Kid 016

Billy the Kid 017

Billy the Kid 018

Billy the Kid 019

Billy the Kid 023

Who is Hopalong Cassidy Comics?


Hopalong Cassidy or Hop-along Cassidy is a fictional cowboy hero created in 1904 by the author Clarence E. Mulford, who wrote a series of popular short stories and many novels based on the character.
In his early writings, Mulford portrayed the character as rude, dangerous, and rough-talking. He had a wooden leg which caused him to walk with a little “hop”, hence the nickname. From 1935, the character—as played by movie actor William Boyd in films adapted from Mulford’s books—was transformed into a clean-cut, sarsaparilla-drinking hero. Sixty-six popular films appeared, only a few of which were loosely based on Mulford’s stories.
Fawcett Comics published a Hopalong Cassidy comic book one-shot in 1943, followed by an ongoing series from 1946–1953, when the company ceased publishing. DC Comics took over the title in 1954 with issue #86, publishing it until issue #135, in 1959.
Mirror Enterprises Syndicate distributed a Hopalong Cassidy comic strip starting in 1949; it was bought out by King Features in 1951, running until 1955. The strip was drawn by Dan Spiegle.

 WHat is on the DVD yes here and above?

Hopalong Cassidey 001
Hopalong Cassidey 005
Hopalong Cassidey 010
Hopalong Cassidey 011
Hopalong Cassidey 016
Hopalong Cassidey 021
Hopalong Cassidey 023
Hopalong Cassidey 024
Hopalong Cassidey 026
Hopalong Cassidey 030
Hopalong Cassidey 037
Hopalong Cassidey 038
Hopalong Cassidey 039
Hopalong Cassidey 040
Hopalong Cassidey 041
Hopalong Cassidey 042
Hopalong Cassidey 044
Hopalong Cassidey 046
Hopalong Cassidey 048
Hopalong Cassidey 050
Hopalong Cassidey 053
Hopalong Cassidey 055
Hopalong Cassidey 059
Hopalong Cassidey 060
Hopalong Cassidey 061
Hopalong Cassidey 062
Hopalong Cassidey 063
Hopalong Cassidey 064
Hopalong Cassidey 066
Hopalong Cassidey 070
Hopalong Cassidey 071
Hopalong Cassidey 080
Hopalong Cassidey 085

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