Blacksmithing Forge  Welding ARC Metal Iron Copper Gold Learn Metallurgy Blacksmithing Work Tools Anvil 352 Vintage Books DVD


Blacksmithing Forge  Welding ARC Metal Iron Copper Gold Learn Metallurgy Blacksmithing Work Tools Anvil 

352 Vintage Books DVD


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If you have ancestors from England or you are a historian then this dvd is a real treat, the reference library on these dvd is invaluable. This is a must have for your family tree search or your reference on English relatives

Samples of the Book Pages so you can see they are all readable

Whats on the DVD ? the titles below


A blacksmith- is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal; i.e., by using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths produce things like wrought iron gates, grills, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils, horseshoes and weapons.

A catalogue of fine hand wrought iron work – Metalsmiths Company


A glossary of mining and metallurgical terms – Raymond, Rossiter 1881

A handbook of art smithing 1896 Franz Sales Meyer

A Manual of Assaying The Fire Assay of Gold, Silver, and Lead, Including Amalgamation… – Alfred Stanley Miller 1905

A Manual of Electro-metallurgy – James Napier 1860

A manual of electro-metallurgy – Shaw, George 1844

A Manual of Metallurgy – George Hogarth Makins 1873

A manual of metallurgy – William Henry Greenwood 1874

A Manual of Metallurgy More Particularly of the Precious Metals – George Hogarth Makins 1865

A manual of metallurgy; or, A practical treatise on the chemistry of metals – Phillips, J. Arthur 1859

A manual of practical assaying – Mitchell, John 1868

A Practical Gudie for the Manufacture of Metallic Alloys 1872

A practical guide to iron and steel works analyses

A Practical Manual of Autogenous Welding (oxy-acetylene) With a Chapter on … – Raphaël Granjon 1915

A practical treatise of foundry irons 1911

A Practical Treatise on Testing and Working Silver Ores – C H Aaron 1876

A practical workshop companion for tin, sheet iron and copper plate workers – Blinn, L 1865

A practical workshop companion for tin, sheet iron, and copper plate workers 1866

A Practice Book in Elementary Metallurgy – Ernest Edgar Thum 1917

A preliminary study of aluminum-zinc-nickel alloys with special reference to their micro structure – Heinicke, H 1919

A preliminary study of the alloys of chromium, copper, and nickel – McFarland, D 1916

A System of Estimating for Foundry Work – A. Messerschmitt 1885

A text book on welding and cutting metals by the oxyacetylene process; – Vulcan Process Co 1915

A text-book of elementary foundry practice  for the use of students in colleges and secondary schools – Richards, W A 1910

A text-book of elementary metallurgy for the use of students – Hiorns, A 1888

A treatise on the metallury of iron  – Bauerman, H 1890

Address, Heat treating of steel,- Newman, F 1911

Advanced metal-work. Lessons on the speed-lathe,1898

Alloy steels – Lake, E. F 1914

Alloys and their industrial applications – Law, E 1919

Aluminium its history, occurrence, properties, metallurgy and applications … – J W Richards 1887

Aluminum and its alloys, their properties, thermal treatment and industrial application – Grard, C 1922

American blacksmithing, toolsmiths’ and steelworkers’ manual .. – Holmström, J 1911

American Foundry Practice – Thomas D. West 1888

An  describing shop processes and equipment for the shaping of metals into forms for engineering – Danforth, G W 1912

An elementary text-book of metallurgy – Sexton, A. Humboldt 1899

An introduction to the study of metallurgy – Roberts-Austen, W 1892

An investigation of electric welding – Dunlap, A 1911

An investigation of oxyacetylene welding and cutting blowpipes – Johnston, R 1922

An outline of the metallurgy of iron & steel  – A Sexton 1912

Ancient Egyptian metallurgy – Garland, H 1927

Applied Science for Metal Workers – W H Dooley 1919

Arc welded steel building at West Philadelphia works of the General Electric Company – Frank P McKibben 1928

Arc welding structural steel. – General Electric Company 1930 2_2

Architectural bronze and iron 1913

Architectural iron and steel 1892

Architectural Sheet Metal Ornaments

Architectural wrought iron

Architectural wrought iron ancient and modern 1888

Art metalwork with inexpensive equipment, for the public schools and for the craftsman – Payne, A 1914

Assaying (Volume 1) – Aaron, Charles 1896

Assaying (Volume 2 and 3) – Aaron, Charles 1896

Autogenous Welding and Cutting – Theodore Kautny 1915

Autogenous welding in airplane construction 1929

Autogenous welding of metals tr. from reports of the National School of Arts and Trades of France – Bernier, L 1908

Automobile welding with the oxy-acetylene flame; a practical treatise – Dunham, M 1916

Bent ironwork 1895

Blacksmith shop practice

Bolt, nut and rivet forging

Book of bending allowance tables for aluminum – W Rooke  1918

Camden Forge Company 1919

Cast iron verandas and railings – Smyser-Royer Company 1930

Church metal work. – J. & R. Lamb 1887

Compendium Architectural Sheet Metal Work

Custom designs in ornamental iron railings, porch columns, fire escapes, steel stairs 1952

Cyaniding Gold and Silver Ores A Practical Treatise on the Cyanide Process … – Henry Forbes Julian 1904

Descriptive catalogue of wrought-iron bridges, fire-proof columns and floor girders,etc 1874

Designs for ironwork 1600s

Die schmiedekunst bis zum ausgang des 18 – German ironwork book 1922

Diemaking and die design; a treatise on the design and practical application of different classes of dies 1915

Dinanderie a history and description

Drawing, forming and bending dies 1914

Drop forging .. – McClintock, E 1910

Drop Forging, Die Sinking and Machine Forming of Steel Modern Shop Practice … – J V Woodworth 1911

Drop-forgings .. – Williams, J 1901

Electric arc welding – Lincoln electric co 1918

Electric arc welding – Wanamaker, Ernest 1921

Electric Slag Welding – Paton,B

Electric Welding – Ethan Viall 1921

Electric welding – Wilson Welder & Metals Company 1916

Electric welding .. – Bennett, A 1914

Electric Welding A Comprehensive Treatise on the Practice of the Various … – Erik Oberg 1918

Electric Welding and Welding Appliances – Herbert Carpmael 1920

Electric-arc welding of steel –  I. Properties of the arc-fused metal – Rawdon, H 1920

Electrochemical and Metallurgical Industry Volume 3 – 1905

Elementary forge practice; – Harcourt, R 1917

Elementary lathe practice – Palmateer, T 1917

Elementary Practical Metallurgy Iron and Steel – Percy Longmuir 1905

Elementary_Wrought_Iron – j.w.bollinger 1930

Elements of electro-metallurgy, or, The art of working in metals by the galvanic fluid – Alfred Smee 1841

Elements of the art of assaying metals – Cramer, J 1741

English ironwork XVII and XVIII Centuries –  1911

Evidence that welding is being adopted for fabricating steel bridges and buildings. – McKibben, F 1929

Farm Blacksmithing A Text book

Farm equipment welding plans – James F. Lincoln 1958

Farm shop work practical manual training

Ferro carbon titanium in steel making 1916

Fire Assaying – Cutler,Shepard Orson 1940

Fire Assaying – Evans Walker Buskett 1907

Forge craft

Forge note book – Coleman, G 1921

Forge practice and heat treatment of steel

Forge Work

Forgecraft – Crowe, C 1913

Forge-practice (elementary) – Bacon, John 1908

Forge-practice and heat treatment of steel – Bacon, J 1919

Forging manual of practical instruction

Forging of iron and steel

Forging of Iron and Steel A Text Book for the Use of Students in Colleges … – W A Richards 1915

Forging operations 1916

Foundry moulding machines and pattern equipment – Carman, E 1920

Foundry Nomenclature The Moulder’s Pocket Dictionary … – John Findlay Buchanan 1902

Foundry practice; a text book for molders, students and apprentices – Palmer, R 1919

Foundry work – Stimpson,  1920

Foundry work; a practical handbook on standard foundry practice 1918

Foundryman’s reference book;  pocket-book of reference for all persons interested in iron or brass foundrys, – Bowe, James 1916

Friedley voshart Co. – Architectural sheet Metal 1926

Gas Torch and Thermit Welding – Ethan Viall 1921

General Foundry Practice – Andrew McWilliam 1907

Gold its occurrence and extraction 1882

Gold-mining and Assaying A Scientific Guide for Australian Emigrants – John Arthur Phillips 1852

Hand forging and wrought iron ornamental work 1911

Handbook of metallurgy (Volume 1) – Schnabel, Carl 1898

Handbook of metallurgy (Volume 2) – Schnabel, Carl 1898

Handbook of practical smithing and forging; engineers, & general smiths’ work – Moore, T 1914

Hand-forging and Wrought-iron Ornamental Work – Thomas Francis Googerty 1911

Hardening and tempering

Hardening, tempering, annealing and forging of steel – Woodworth, J 1911

Hierros artísticos vol 1 1901

Hierros artísticos vol 2 1901

Hind’s farriery and stud book farriery, taught on a new and easy plan with instructions to the shoeing-smith, farrier… – Badcock, J 1867

Home instruction for sheet metal workers – Neubecker, W 1922

Il Ferro Italiana 1900

Illustrated catalogue and price list 1875

Illustrated catalogue and price list of copper weather vanes, bannerets and finials  manufactured by A.B. & W.T. Westervelt. 1883

Illustrated catalogue of Peter Timmes son 1896

Illustrated catalogue, 1907 – Samuel J. Creswell Iron Works 1907

Illustrated supplement catalogue 1884

Imperial welding and cutting hand book; oxy-acetylene, oxy-hydrogen, carbon burning 1916

Instructions for collecting, testing, melting and assaying gold – E Kent 1848

Instructions on welding and cutting of metals, oxyacetylene process – Vulcan process co 1914

Iron and steel; a treatise on the smelting, refining, and mechanical processes of the iron and steel industry – Oberg, Erik 1918

Iron and steel; principles of manufacture, structure, composition and treatment .. – Oberg, E 1910

Ironwork .. (Volume 1) – Gardner, J

Ironwork .. (Volume 2) – Gardner, J

Ironwork .. (Volume 3) – Gardner, J

Ironwork; from the earliest times to the end of the mediaeval period – Gardner, J 1893

James Nasmyth, engineer; an autobiography – Nasmyth, James 1883

Laboratory instructions for fire assays of gold, silver, and lead – Morley, Walt 1913

Leaching Gold and Silver Ores The Plattner and Kiss Processes. A Practical Treatise – C H Aaron 1881

Lead smelting and refining, with some notes on lead mining; – Ingalls, W 1906

Lead-smelting The Construction, Equipment, and Operation of Lead Blast-furnaces 1902

llustrating light iron pressed rosettes 1922

Macfarlane’s castings 1885

Machine blacksmithing

Machine molding

Machines and tools employed in the working of sheet metals – Hodgson, R 1903

Manganese in the foundry a description of its metallurgical character, influences and value in cast-iron – Cartwright, J 1903

Manual of assaying gold, silver, lead, copper – Brown, Walter Lee 1886

Maximum production in machine-shop and foundry – Knoeppel, C 1911

Mediaeval craftsmanship and the modern amateur 1923

Mensuration for sheet metal workers, as applied in working ordinary problems in shop practice – Neubecker, W 1907

Metal coloring and finishing .. – Kaup, W 1914

Metallic Roofing Co – Architectural Sheet Metal Materials

Metallurg; a condensed treatise for the use of college students  – Wysor, H 1914

Metallurgical & chemical engineering Volume 8 – 1910

Metallurgical analysis – Lord, Nathaniel Wright 1916

Metallurgical calculations (Volume 1) – Richards, J W 1906

Metallurgical calculations (Volume 2) – Richards, J W 1910

Metallurgical calculations (Volume 3) – Richards, J W 1906

Metallurgical laboratory notes – Howe, H 1902

Metallurgical Problems – Butts,A 1943

Metallurgy Of Cast Iron – Thos D.West 1902

Metallurgy of cast iron; a complete exposition of the processes involved in its treatment, chemically & physically – 1902

Metallurgy of copper – Hofman, H 1914

Metallurgy of lead – Hofman, H. O 1918

Metallurgy the art of extracting metals from their ores (Volume 1) – Percy, J 1880

Metallurgy the art of extracting metals from their ores (Volume 2) – Percy, J 1864

Metallurgy, an Elementary Textbook – Ezra Lobb Rhead 1902

Metallurgy; a brief outline of the modern processes for extracting the more important metals – Borchers, Wilhelm 1911

Metallurgy; an introduction to the study of physical metallurgy – Rosenhain, W 1922

Methods in metallurgical analysis – White, Charles 1915

Methods of welding metals – Shaw, J 1908

Modern blacksmithing

Modern copper smelting – Peters, E 1905

Modern foundry practice, dealing with the green-sand, dry-sand and loam moulding processes; (Volume pt. 1) – Sharp, J 1900

Modern Iron Foundry Practice (Volume pt. 1) – George Robert Bale 1902

Modern methods of welding as applied to workshop practice – Davies, J 1922

Modern sheet-metal workers’ instructor practical geometry, mensuration, properties of metals and alloys … – Rose, J 1906

Net price list of iron and steel

Notes for Forge Shop Practice A Course for High Schools – J D Littlefield 1910

Notes on assaying – Ricketts, Pierre 1902

Notes on lead and copper smelting and copper converting – Hixon, H 1897

Ornamental wrought iron picket and combination iron 1910

Ornaments of the XVth and XVIth centuries 1836

Oxy Acetylene Welding and Cutting

Oxy-acetylene Welding A Comprehensive Treatise on the Practice of Welding … – S W  Miller 1916

Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting  electric, forge and thermit welding – 1916

Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting course of instruction. Lectures – Davis-Bournonville Institute 1919

Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting,- Willis, P 1922

Oxy-acetylene Welding Manual – Lorn Campbell 1919

Oxy-acetylene welding practice; a practical presentation of the modern processes of welding, cutting, and lead burning  – Kehl, R 1917

Pocket companion of useful information and tables pertaining to the use of cast and wrought iron work – Dearborn  1887

Portfolio of original designs of ornamental iron work. – Robert Wood & Co 1867

Practical blacksmithing Vol 1

Practical blacksmithing Vol 2

Practical blacksmithing Vol 3

Practical blacksmithing Vol 4

Practical blowpipe assaying – Attwood, George 1881

Practical forging and art smithing – Googerty, T 1915

Practical manual of minerals, mines and mining – Osborn, H 1888

Practical Metallurgy An Elementary Text-book for the Use of Classes  – Alfred Roland Gower 1902

Practical Metallurgy And Assaying – Hiorns,Arthur 1906

Practical mining and assaying – Johnson, Frederic Milton 1897

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 1 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 10 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 11 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 9

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 2 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 3 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 5 1910

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 6 1911

Practical sheet metal work and demonstrated patterns Volume 7 1911

Press-working of metals – Smith, O 1896

Principles of metallurgy; – Hiorns, Arthur 1901

Reading wrought iron pipe structural differences in wrought iron & steel. – Reading Iron Co 1921

Report on a Preliminary Investigation of the Properties of the Copper-tin Alloys – R H Thurston 1879

Scranton Iron Fence and Manufacturing Co catalog 1890

Sheet metal workers’ manual; a complete, practical instruction book on the sheet metal industry 1918

Shop and Foundry Practice (Volume 1) 1901

Shop and Foundry Practice (Volume 2) 1901

Shop and Foundry Practice (Volume 3) 1901

Shop and Foundry Practice (Volume 4) 1901

Smiths’ Work – Paul Nooncree Hasluck 1904

Spanish ironwork – Byne, Arthur 1915

Spot and arc welding – Hornor, Harry 1920

Standard blacksmithing, horseshoeing and wagon making  containing 12 lessons in elementary blacksmithing- Holmström, J 1907

Steel working and tool dressing

Tables showing the value of silver and gold, per ounce Troy, at different degrees of fineness – Taylor, John 1876

Testing for metallurgical processes – Barr, James 1910

The art of the bronze founder, especially in its relation to the casting of bronze statuary and other sculptural work – Mitchell, W 1916

The assay of tin and antimony – Parry, L 1906

The assayer’s guide; or, Practical directions to assayers, miners and smelters, for the tests and assays, by heat and by wet processes – O Lieber 1907

The assayer’s manual. An abridged treatise on the docimastic examination of ores – Kerl, Bruno 1889

The Blacksmiths Guide

The blacksmiths’ hand book – W Fitzgerald 1884

The Blacksmiths? Guide Valuable Instructions on Forging, Welding, Hardening … – J F Sallows 1907

The Champion Iron Company

The complete guide to blacksmithing, horseshoeing – Lungwitz, Anton 1902

The Construction of Wrought Iron Bridges

The electro-platers’ handbook a practical manual for amateurs and young students in electro-metallurgy – Bonney, G.E

The encyclopedia of founding and dictionary of foundry terms used in the practice of moulding .. – Bolland, Simpson 1894

The extrusion of metals – Lake, E 1913

The fire assay of gold, silver, and lead in ores and metallurgical products – Austin, Leonard 1907

The founding of metals – Kirk, E 1877

The foundrymen’s primer – Wangelin, W 1905

The manufacture of steel balls – Grant, R 1914

The Mechanician

The metal mixer .. indispenable to Molders,Melters and Foundry Men – Ellis, 1919

The metallic alloys. A practical guide for the manufacturer of all kinds of alloys, amalgams, and solders – W Brannt 1908

The metallurgists and chemists’ handbook a reference book of tables and data for the student and metallurgist – 1918

The metallurgy of argentiferous lead – M Eissler 1891

The metallurgy of gold – Rose, Thoma 1898

The metallurgy of gold, a practical treatise on the metallurgical treatment of gold-bearing ores – M Eissler 1896

The metallurgy of gold.. treatment of gold-bearing ores including the assaying, melting, and refining of gold – Eissler, M

The metallurgy of iron and steel – Stoughton, Bradley 1911

The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel – Thomas Turner 1895

The metallurgy of lead & silver – Collins, Henry 1899

The metallurgy of lead & silver (Volume 2) – Collins, Henry 1899

The metallurgy of lead, including desilverisartion and cupellation – Percy, J 1870

The metallurgy of silver, gold, and mercury in the United States (Volume 1) – Egleston, T 1887

The metallurgy of silver, gold, and mercury in the United States (Volume 2) – Egleston, T 1887

The metallurgy of silver; a practical treatise on the amalgamation, roasting, and lixiviation of silver ores – Eissler, M 1891

The metallurgy of steel. – Howe, Henry 1891

The metallurgy of the common metals, gold, silver, iron (and steel), copper, lead and zinc – Austin, L 1921

The practical assayer, containing easy methods for the assay of the principal metals and alloys – O North 1874

The practical metal-worker’s assistant with the application of the art of electrometallurgy to manufacturing proceses – Byrne, O 1864

The principles of iron founding – Moldenke, R 1917

The silversmith’s handbook  containing full instructions for the alloying and working of silver 1921

The smith’s pocket companion, containing useful information and tables on iron and steel – Marquardt, J 1893

The tinsmith’s helper and pattern book, with useful rules, diagrams and tables – Vosburgh, H 1912

The tinsmiths’ Pattern manual – Little, J 1894

The treatment of steel

The value of science in the smithy and forge

The work and position of the metallurgical chemist – Hadfield, R 1922

Tin, sheet-iron and copper-plate worker; a practical workshop companion – L Blinn 1904

Tinsmithing; – American School of Correspondence 1903

Tool-steel a concise handbook on tool-steel in general – O Thallner 1902

United states navy drop forging book

Venetian ironwork 1893

Welding and cutting metals by aid of gases or electricity – Groth, L 1909

Welding; a practical treatise on the applications of electric, gas, and thermit welding – Cravens, George 1921

Welding; theory, practice, apparatus and tests, electric, thermit and hot-flame processes – Hart, Richard 1910

Wrought iron manuals and tables

Wrought iron ornaments – J. G. Braun Company 1928

XXth century sheet metal worker; a modern treatise on modern sheet metal work – Osborne, H 1910

Zinc and its alloys – Lones, Thomas 1919


Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.7) July 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.8) Aug 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.9) Sept 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.10) Oct 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.11) Nov 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 8.12) Dec 1920

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volume 9) 1921

Blast furnace and steel plant (Volumec10 ) 1922

Canadian foundryman  Volume 6 1915

Canadian foundryman  Volume 7 1916

Canadian foundryman  Volume 8 1917

Canadian foundryman  Volume 9 1918

Canadian foundryman  Volume 10 1919

Canadian foundryman  Volume 11 1920

Canadian foundryman  Volume 12 1921

Canadian foundryman  Volume 13 1922

Chemical & metallurgical engineering Volume 3 – 1905

Chemical & metallurgical engineering Volume 4 – 1906

Chemical & metallurgical engineering Volume 8 – 1910

Chemical & metallurgical engineering Volume 23 –  1920

Iron & steel of Canada 1918

Iron & steel of Canada 1919

Iron & steel of Canada 1920

Iron & steel of Canada 1921

Iron & steel of Canada 1922

Steel and metal digest (Volume 4) 1914

Steel and metal digest (Volume 5) 1915

Steel and metal digest (Volume 6) 1916

Steel and metal digest (Volume 7) 1917

Steel and metal digest (Volume 13) 1923

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 1 1909

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 3 1910

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 4 1910

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 5 1911

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 7 1912

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 8 1912

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 9 1913

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 10 1913

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 11 1914

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 12 1914

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 13 1915

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 15 1916

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 16 1916

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 17 1917

The Journal of the Institute of Metals Vol 19 1918

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