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Who is Blondie and Dagwood Radio SHow?

Blondie was a radio situation comedy adapted from the long-run Blondie comic strip by Chic Young. The radio program had a long run on several networks from 1939 to 1950. After Penny Singleton was cast in the title role of the feature film Blondie (1938), co-starring with Arthur Lake as Dagwood, she and Lake repeated their roles December 20, 1938, on The Bob Hope Show. The appearance with Hope led to their own show, beginning July 3, 1939, on CBS as a summer replacement for The Eddie Cantor Show. However, Cantor did not return in the fall, so the sponsor, Camel Cigarettes chose to keep Blondie on the air Mondays at 7:30pm. Camel remained the sponsor through the early WWII years until June 26, 1944.
In 1944, Blondie was on the Blue Network, sponsored by Super Suds, airing Fridays at 7pm from July 21 to September 1. The final three weeks of that run overlapped with Blondie’s return to CBS on Sundays at 8pm from August 13, 1944, to September 26, 1948, still sponsored by Super Suds. Beginning in mid-1945, the 30-minute program was heard Mondays at 7:30pm. Super Suds continued as the sponsor when the show moved to NBC on Wednesdays at 8pm from October 6, 1948, to June 29, 1949.

Whats on the DVD? the following MP3s

3.4M B&D 1939-10-30 #018 Dagwood Buys A New Suit

3.4M B&D 1939-11-06 #019 Uncle Gideon & Aunt Bessie

6.3M B&D 1939-12-25 Scrooge

3.4M B&D 1940-04-01 #040 April Fool’s Day

3.4M B&D 1940-04-15 #042 Jack & the Beanstalk

6.9M B&D 1940-04-22 #043 The Gypsy Queen

3.4M B&D 1940-05-13 #046 The Entertainment Committee

7.3M B&D 1943 The Vacant Lot

6.5M B&D 1944-03-02 Abbott & Costello w Blondie & Dagwood

5.8M B&D 1944-04-17 Mr. Dithers Gets Out of the Hospital

6.0M B&D 1944-06-12 #038a Dagwood Suspected as Bank Robber (aka Dagwood Has A Dream)

4.7M B&D 1944-06-19 #038b Dagwood Suspected as Bank Robber (aka Dagwood Has A Dream)

5.2M B&D 1944-06-26 #039a Baby Snooks Visits (aka Alexander Bored with Life)

5.1M B&D 1944-06-26 #039b (AFRS Rebroadcast) Baby Snooks Visits (aka Alexander Bored with Life)

3.4M B&D 1944-07-21 Plumbing Problems

6.7M B&D 1944-08-18 (AFRS) The Poker Game (SONGS Let’s Fall in Love” & ”Anything Goes”)

5.4M B&D 1944-09-17 (AFRS) Dagwood Gets Amnesia (SONGS Let’s Fall in Love” & ”Anything Goes”)

3.4M B&D 1944-10-08 Baby Snooks Visits The Bumsteads

6.0M B&D 1944-10-15 (AFRS) Photo of Prowler (aka Feud Over Tools) (SONG ”Anything Goes”)

3.6M B&D 1945-02-25 (AFRS) The Poet

5.4M B&D 1945-03-11 Dagwood Wins Office Prize (aka Dagwood Wins A Ring)

5.4M B&D 1945-05-27 Socialite Blondie (aka Social Aspirations)

6.8M B&D 1947-07-27 Three Weeks Vacation

4.4M B&D 1948-11-03 Alexander’s Scandal Sheet (aka The Tattletale)

7.1M B&D 1948-11-03 Alexander’s Scandal Sheet (aka The Tattletale) (Poor Alternative taping)

5.7M B&D 1948-11-17 Swindles & Shinanigans (aka New Car)

7.9M B&D 1948-12-15 Christmas Show

3.1M B&D 1948 #003 Circus Outing

3.3M B&D 1949-02-09 Alexander’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma

6.6M B&D 1949 (INC) In Paris w Mr. & Mrs. Dithers

5.7M B&D 1950-01-06 Arab in Love with Blondie

6.3M B&D 1950-01-13 Will Blondie Marry a Middle Easterner

6.7M B&D 1950-02-16 Alexander The Actor

5.8M B&D 1950 Dagwood Loses Dithers $5,000

4.2M B&D 1950 The Missing Package

5.7M B&D Camping in the Back Yard

3.5M B&D Contract Problems

5.9M B&D Dagwood Raises Chickens While Blondie’s Away

8.6M B&D Drive in the Country (aka Ride in the Country)

4.5M B&D Fly Worth $2,000

8.0M B&D Storm in a Teacup

1,009.3K B&D ”Blondie” Promo w Robert Benchley


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