Boat Building Ships Sail Boats Motor Boats Harbors Learn to Build a Boat DVD

Boat Building Ships Sail Boats Motor Boats Harbors Learn to Build a Boat DVD

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If you have ancestors from England or you are a historian then this dvd is a real treat, the reference library on these dvd is invaluable. This is a must have for your family tree search or your reference on English relatives

Whats on the DVD ? the titles below

The Elements of Wood Ship Construction written in 1919 by W.H. Curtis has over 230 pages
Wooden Ship-Building by Charles Desmond in 1918
Boat-Building and Boating written by DC Beard in 1931
Ancient and Modern Ships by Sir George C. V. Holmes
American Practical Navigator by Nathaniel Bowditch written in 1916
The Clipper Ship Era by Arthur H Clark written in 1911
How Wooden Ships Are Built by H. Cole Estep in 1918
A Manual Of Yacht and Boat Sailing by Dixon Kemp in 1900
Modern Seamanship by Austin Knight in 1918
Nautical Astronomy and Navigation by H.W. Jeans in 1876
The Elements of Navigation by W.J. Henderson in 1917
Nine Motorboats and How To Build Them by the Motor Boat Publishing Company in 1913
A Practical Course in Wooden Boat and Ship Building by Richard Van Gaasbeek in 1918
The Sailing Ships of New England 1607-1907 by John Robinson 1922
The Sailing Boat by Henry Coleman Folkard 1901
Canoe and boat building
Canoeing, Sailing & Motor Boating – WH Miller (1919)
Electrical Boats & Navigation – T Commerford Martin (1894)
From Novice to Pilot – G Spiers Goldie (1909)
Harper’s Boating Book for Boys; A Guide to Motor Boating, Sailing, Canoeing & Rowing – CG Davis (1912)
Motor Boats, Hydroplanes, Hydroaeroplanes, Construction & Operation – TH Russell (1917)
Motor Boats; A Review of the Development & Construction of Marine Motors & Motor Boats, Their Advantages & Their Future Scope – F Strikland (19__)
Motor Boats; A Thoroughly Scientific Discussion of their Design Construction & Operation – WF Durand (1907)
Power Boat Hand Book – PC Warde (1920)
Practical Motor Boat Handling, Seamanship & Piloting; A Handbook Containing Information Which Every Motor Boatman Should Know – C Chapman (1917)
The Design & Construction of Power Workboats – AF Johnson (1920)
The Motor Boat, Its Selection, Care & Use – H Slauson (1911)
The Power Cruiser’s Pilot – B Burnham (1916)

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