Calling All Cars Old Time Radio Police Drama First Police Audio on the Radio MP3 DVD

Calling All Cars Old Time Radio Police Drama First Police Audio on the Radio MP3 DVD

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Who is Calling All Cars? 

Calling All Cars is an old-time radio police drama in the United States. It was broadcast on the CBS West Coast network and on the Mutual-Don Lee Network November 29, 1933 – September 8, 1939 and carried by transcription on stations in other areas. The program was notable for being one of the first police dramas on radio.

What is on the DVD?
6.5M Burma White Case 
6.9M York Gang Holdup 
6.8M The Human Bomb 
6.4M Cookie Vejar Killing 
6.4M Missing Mexican Sheiks 
6.5M Caliente Money Car Holdup 
6.8M The Steele Kidnapping 
7.0M Case of the Three Grooved Bullets 
7.3M Castor Oil Diamond Robbery 
6.9M The Smashed Windshield 
6.9M The Times Bombing Case 
7.2M Killer Hudson 
7.2M The Chloroform Murder 
7.2M The Dillinger Case 
6.9M The Spinoza Case 
7.2M The Red Rose Girl 
7.4M The Cut Rate Murder 
7.1M Hammers in Honduras 
7.7M Captain Courageous 
7.1M Murder at Southgate 
7.3M Little Phil Alquin 
7.5M Gettle Kidnapping Case 
7.2M Seven Words and a Fingerprint 
7.2M Dinner Party Bandits 
7.0M The Big Mail Robbery 
7.0M Murder of a Soul 
6.8M One of the Finest 
7.0M Power and Light Holdup 
7.0M July Fourth In a Radio Car 
7.0M Calling_All_Cars_34-07-11_ep033_Fingerprints_Don’t_Lie 
7.0M Manchuko Dope Ring 
7.1M Execution of Dillinger 
7.0M Nitroglycerin Parson 
7.0M Corpse in the Desert 
7.0M Crooks Are Human Beings 
7.4M Calling_All_Cars_34-08-22_ep039_You_Can’t_Kill_a_Cop 
7.0M Let the Sucker Pay 
6.8M Marks on the Bedroom Screen 
7.0M The Human Monkey 
7.4M The Ruth Judd Case 
7.0M Stop That Car 
7.9M Skid Row Dope Ring 
7.0M The Unwritten Law 
7.3M One Way Ride 
7.3M Trouser Cuff Clue 
7.4M The Perfect Crime 
7.0M Six Shots at Midnight 
6.3M A Thousand Pieces of Paper 
6.4M Death for a Diamond Ring 
6.5M Calling_All_Cars_34-11-27_ep053_Sometimes_People_Aren’t_Murdered 
7.0M Calling_All_Cars_34-12-04_ep054_Don’t_Get_Chummy_with_a_Watchman 
6.9M Calling_All_Cars_34-12-11_ep055_A_Cup_of_Coffee,_Some_Strychnine_Too 
6.8M Moving Picture Murder 
6.7M Human Side of a Cop 
6.9M Highlights of 1934 
6.7M Crime Does Not Pay 
6.4M Two Against Six 
6.4M San Quentin Prison Break 
6.7M Necking Party Murder 
7.4M Banker in the Well 
8.3M Remote Control Sleuth 
7.4M Wreck of the Old Sixty Nine 
7.5M California Two Man Crime Wave 
7.5M Undercover Woman 
7.5M Thou Shalt Not Kill 
7.0M The Mae West Jewel Robber (re-dramatization) 
7.5M Rhythm of the Jute Mill 
7.6M Aborted Revolution 
7.5M The Blonde Menace 
7.4M Midnight Phantom 
7.4M Wholesale Murder 
7.5M Corpse in the Cellar 
7.1M The Wilting Chrysanthemum 
7.1M Murder in the Vineyard 
7.4M The Hightower Case 
7.0M Youth Rides Rough 
7.2M The Innocent Bride 
7.3M Hot Bonds 
7.2M The Chinese Puzzle 
7.2M Meet the Baron 
7.3M Oakland Payroll Robbery 
7.0M Murder by Blueprint 
7.1M The Human Claw 
7.1M Opium Den 
6.8M Gun Drunk 
7.6M Celestial Journey 
7.0M Vegetable Market Murder 
7.0M The Grinning Skull 
6.2M Bad Dope 
7.2M Black Vengeance 
7.1M The Tunnel Bandits 
7.1M Eighteen Days of Freedom 
7.1M Hollywood Kidnapping 
7.2M Escape 
7.3M Calling_All_Cars_35-10-09_ep098_Fire!_Fire!_Fire! 
7.6M Murder for Insurance 
6.9M Lt Crowley Murder 
7.0M The Murder Quartet 
7.2M Catching the Loose Kid 
7.0M Invitation to Murder 
7.4M Bank Bandits and Bullets 
7.5M Burglar Charges Collect 
7.1M Paroled 
7.2M Corpse by the Road 
7.2M The Moran Jewelry Robbery 
7.0M Ghost House 
7.2M Death Under the Sajuaro 
7.3M The Match Burglar 
7.1M Corpse with a Face 
7.2M Bull in the China Shop 
6.7M Knives on the Barbary Coast 
7.0M Young Dillinger 
7.0M Murder in the Back Room 
6.9M The Bloodstained Saw 
7.1M Hundred Dollar Nightgown 
7.5M Case of the June Bug 
6.8M The San Rafael Gang 
6.8M Think Before You Shoot 
6.6M Crime vs Time 
6.8M One Good Turn Deserves Another 
7.1M Hang Me Please 
7.1M Beer Bottle Murder 
7.3M And a Little Child Shall Lead Them 
7.1M Weather Clear – Track Fast 
7.2M Seventy-Four Day Stakeout 
7.2M Triple Cross 
7.1M Calling_All_Cars_36-05-29_ep131_Throat_That_Didn’t_Bleed 
7.1M Calling_All_Cars_36-06-05_ep132_Drive_’em_off_the_Dock 
7.3M Gold in Them Hills 
6.6M Woman with the Stone Heart 
6.3M Reefers by the Acre 
6.4M Flaming Tick of Death 
6.3M The Crimson Riddle 
6.5M The Cockeyed Killer 
6.4M Corpse in the Shack 
6.5M Chance Meeting Murder 
6.4M Calling_All_Cars_36-08-06_ep141_Opium_and_Dough_Don’t_Mix 
6.5M Missing Messenger 
7.1M Calling_All_Cars_36-08-20_ep143_Body,_Body_Who’s_Got_the_Body 
6.5M All That Glitters 
6.5M Body in the Mine 
6.6M Twenty Keys to Death 
6.5M Verdugo Hills Murder 
6.5M The September Killer 
6.5M Hard to Kill 
6.6M The Holy Twenty-One 
6.6M Noblesse Oblige 
6.7M Trap to Catch a Mailman 
6.6M The Army Game 
6.6M Murder in Room 9 
6.6M Nine Years a Safecracker 
6.6M The Corpse in the Red Necktie 
6.8M Baby Dillinger Gang 
6.5M The Fire Detective 
6.8M The Criminal Policeman 
6.8M Multiple Murders 
6.7M Milk Bottle Murder 
6.9M Fifty Cents for Life 
6.6M Banks and Bribes 
6.9M Curiosity Killed a Cat 
6.6M Death Is Box Office 
6.5M Dr Nitro 
7.1M Whistling Snowbirds 
7.1M The Laughing Killer 
7.0M Ten Tortured Extortionists 
7.0M Banker Bandit 
6.7M The Honor Complex 
6.6M Desertion Leads to Murder 
6.5M Hit and Run Driver 
6.5M Trial by Talkie 
6.6M Double Cross 
6.7M Death in the Morning 
6.7M Ransom Ring 
6.9M Peg Leg Justice 
6.6M Murder Week 
6.6M Ice House Murder 
6.6M Calling_All_Cars_37-05-12_ep181_John_Doe_#71 
6.6M The Turk Burglars 
6.6M Disappearing Scar 
6.6M Cinder Dick 
6.7M The Man Who Lost His Face 
6.7M The Bamboo Snake 
6.2M Desperate Choice 
6.6M COT Perfumed Cigarette Lighter 
6.8M Kidnapped 
6.8M Man Overboard 
6.5M Alibi 
6.7M Bottle Trouble 
6.8M Broken Xylophone 
6.6M The Manila Envelopes 
7.1M True Confession 
6.8M The Criminal Returns 
6.7M Case of the One Pound Note 
6.8M Tobaccoville Road 
7.3M Murder in Basin Street 
6.6M The Bone Button 
6.7M The Crimson Crusader 
6.8M Sirens in the Night 
6.6M The Two Edged Knife 
6.7M Death in the Forenoon 
6.7M The Bloodstained Coin 
7.0M Calling_All_Cars_37-11-02_ep206_People_vs_O’Brien 
6.6M The Phantom Radio 
6.7M Rhythm of the Wheels 
6.9M The Bad Man 
6.9M The Flat Nosed Pliers 
6.9M Skeleton in the Desert 
7.4M The General Kills at Dawn 
6.6M The Shanghai Jester 
6.6M Sands of the Desert 
6.4M The Buccaneer 
6.7M Swing Low Sweet Chariot 
6.7M The Tilted Pan 
6.7M Trail of the Numbered Bills 
6.9M History of Dallas Eagan 
6.9M Flight from Freedom 
7.0M Homicidal Hobo 
6.9M The Drunken Sailor 
7.3M The Broken Motel 
6.9M Death in the Moonlight 
6.9M The Peroxide Blond 
7.1M The Long Bladed Knife 
7.1M Murder with Mushrooms 
7.0M The Pink Nosed Pig 
6.9M The Roving Robbers 
7.1M Murder at Midnight 
6.5M The Pattering Parrot 
6.8M The Bloodstained Shoe 
6.8M Calling_All_Cars_38-05-19_ep234_The_King’s_Ransom 
6.9M Muerte En Buenaventura 
6.7M The Greasy Trail 
6.8M The Turtle Necked Murderer 
6.9M The 25th Stamp 
6.7M The Incorrigible Youth 
6.9M The Big Shot 
6.7M The Kalsomined Kar 
6.7M The Man Who Talked 
6.7M A Murder Has Been Arranged 
6.8M Calling_All_Cars_38-07-28_ep244_Life,_Liberty,_and_the_Pursuit_of_Parker 
6.6M Murder on Eddy Street 
6.6M I Asked for It 
6.8M The Unbroken Spirit 
6.9M The Thirteenth Grave 
6.4M The Artful Dodger 
6.4M Murder on the Left 
6.7M The Embroidered Slip 
6.5M The Black Cat 
6.8M The Barking Dog 
6.7M The Blond Paper Hanger 
6.8M The Abandoned Bricks 
6.7M The Swollen Face 
7.2M The Portuguese Crooner 
3.4M The Glass Gun 
6.9M The Four Lead Slugs 
6.8M The Rasping Voice 
7.4M Calling_All_Cars_38-12-02_ep262_The_Blind_Man’s_Bluff 
6.9M The Poisoning Jezebel 
6.8M December Rhapsody 
6.7M Murder at Sundown 
6.6M Three Faces West 
7.0M The Grass Skirt 
6.9M The Silver Cord 
6.8M The Azure Ring 
6.8M Calling_All_Cars_39-01-27_ep270_The_Baker’s_Bride 
6.8M The Careless Caretaker 
6.8M The Green Sedan 
6.8M The Bloodstained Wrench 
6.9M The Unconquerable Mrs Shuttle 
6.8M The Lesson in Loot 
6.8M The Twenty Dollar Bill 
6.7M Flight in the Desert 
6.9M The Hunted Man 
7.5M The Rope Bound Trunk 
7.5M The Man Who Walked Like an Ape 
7.5M Death in the Canyon 
7.1M The Bitter Wine 
7.1M The Man Who Ran Away 
7.3M Gospel of Brother Ned 
7.2M You Can Cheat an Honest Man 
7.3M Murder at Sunset 
7.4M The Bloodstained Car 
7.2M Plague of the Black Locust 
7.2M The Old Grad Returns 
6.7M Man with the Injured Knee 
7.1M In the Still of the Night 
7.0M The Wired Wrists 
6.8M The Wicked Flea 
6.7M The Squealing Rat 
6.6M The 26th Wife 
6.9M The Teardrop Charm 
7.1M Body on the Promenade Deck 
7.2M The Missing Guns 
7.0M Man with the Iron Pipes 
6.9M The 10th Commandment 
7.1M Six of a Kind 
6.8M Murder in the Morning 

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