Fibber McGee and Molly Old Time Radio Shows comedy series Audio Mp3 DVD

Fibber McGee and Molly Old Time Radio Shows comedy series Audio Mp3 DVD

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Who is Fibber McGee and Molly?

Fibber McGee and Molly was an American radio comedy series. A staple of the NBC Red Network for the show’s entire run and one of the most popular and enduring radio series of its time, the prime time situation comedy ran as a standalone series from 1935 to 1956, then continued as a short-form series as part of the weekend Monitor from 1957 to 1959. The title characters were created and portrayed by Jim and Marian Jordan, a real-life husband and wife team that had been working in radio since the 1920s.
Fibber McGee and Molly, which followed up the Jordans’ previous radio sitcom Smackout, followed the adventures of a working-class couple, the habitual storyteller Fibber McGee and his sometimes terse but always loving wife Molly, living among their numerous neighbors and acquaintances in the community of Wistful Vista. As with most radio comedies of the era, Fibber McGee and Molly featured an announcer, house band and vocal quartet for interludes. At the peak of the show’s success in the 1940s, it was adapted into a string of feature films; a 1959 attempt to adapt the series to television with a different cast and new writers was both a critical and commercial failure, which, coupled with Marian Jordan’s death shortly thereafter, brought the series to an end.

Whats on the DVD? the following MP3s

Fibber McGee and Molly 1954

3.3M A Quiet New Year’s Day At Home

3.3M Citizen X Contest Continues

3.2M Works On Toaster To Forget Contest

3.2M Everybody Wants To Tail Fibber’s Clues

3.3M Fibber’s Cigar Ashes

3.5M Its Fibber’s Birthday

3.5M Molly Is Citizen X

3.5M Tight Lipped Mcgee

3.4M The Three Dollar Lawsuit

3.4M Going To See South Atlantic

3.3M Fibber The Plumber

3.5M Fibber’s Bank Statement

3.3M Redecorating The Servicemen’s Center

3.4M The Boys Go To Work

3.5M Writing Checks With Teeny’s Ink

3.5M Disposing Of The Christmas Tree

3.4M McGee’s New Dial Phone

3.4M New Neighbor Frank Ingram

3.3M House Rental Agent McGee

3.4M Advertising The House For Rent

3.2M House Almost Rented

3.4M What’s In The Attic

3.5M Installing A Light In Fibber’s Closet

3.5M The House Is Finally Rented

3.3M Molly Is Caught In The Attic

3.3M Fibber Sleeps Through Two Gun

3.3M Celebrating Washington’s Birth

3.4M Tall Tale McGee

3.3M Eight Year Old Newspaper

3.2M Fibber’s High School Athletic

3.2M Trouble With The Bon Ton Parki

3.2M Federal Income Tax Preparation

3.1M McGee’s Lucky Day

3.2M The McGee Jet Ketchup Gun

3.1M Ketchup Representative Comes

3.2M The Envelope Swindle

3.4M Fibber Wants To Run A Variety

3.4M Fibber Manages Quilby’s Variety Store

3.3M Business Is Dull

3.3M Promoting Business

3.3M Further Business Promotions

3.0M Fibber Helps Molly With Club Luncheon

2.2M Voting For Congressman

2.1M Buying A Thousand Bricks

2.2M Building A Barbecue

2.3M Wimple Helps With Barbecue

3.2M Sleep Walker McGee

3.1M Fibber Loses A Coat Button

3.2M Fibber Exchanges Buttons

3.3M Turning Fibber In

3.2M Hiring A Lawyer

3.3M Freeway Ride

3.2M Jewel Robbery Is Solved

3.2M Indian Scout McGee

3.1M Fibber Prepares For Hike

3.2M Nature Hike

3.1M Forty Thousand Copies Of Partly True

3.3M Unloading Forty Thousand Magazines

3.3M Fibbers Old Suit

3.3M Stung By A Wasp

3.3M Tennis Player McGee

3.2M City Orders Oak Tree Cut

3.2M Cutting Down Old Oak Tree

3.3M New Shoes

3.1M McGee’s Hiccups

Fibber McGee and Molly 1953

6.6M Reunion With Fred Nitney

6.5M Fibber Buys A Puppy

6.5M Fibber Writes A Book Inside Wistful Vista

6.7M McGee’s Giant Icicle

6.6M Installing A Wall Safe

6.6M The New Courteous McGee

6.6M Fibber Minds Docs Office

6.7M McGee The Artist

6.7M Breakfast In Bed For Molly

6.7M Something Fell Off The Car

6.8M Reward For A Noble Deed

6.9M McGee’s Lucky Day

6.9M Hypnotism

7.1M Elks Club Vaudeville Show

7.0M McGee’s False Alarm

6.6M Fibber Delivers A Cake For Molly

6.8M The Old Moose Head

7.0M The Lady At 14th And Oak

6.6M Olie’s Brother John

6.8M The Old Tax Law

7.1M Fight With The Neighbor

7.1M Lost Cat Ad

6.6M Traffic Safety Campaign

6.6M Molly’s Lunch Date With Al Bennington

6.5M Ground Observer Corps

6.6M Fishing Trip

3.3M Hanging Aunt Sarah’s Picture

3.3M Letter To The Postmaster

3.4M Buying A Parakeet

3.4M Teaching The Parakeet To Talk

3.3M Buying Shampoo At Kramer’s Dru

3.4M Awaiting A Phone Call

3.4M Preparing Executive Club Speech

3.4M Buying A Suit For The Luncheon

3.4M Biography For Luncheon

3.4M Fibber Hoarse Molly Speaks

3.5M Ribbon On Finger To Recall What

3.6M Taking Molly Out Dining And Dancing

3.5M Luggage Shopping For Trip To See Aunt Sarah

3.4M Packing For Trip To See Aunt Sarah

3.2M Further Trip Preparations

3.2M FibberGetsLostOnTheTrain

3.5M Seeking Aunt Sarah’s House

3.3M Overnight In The Wrong House

3.4M Who Is FC

3.6M Trick Or Treating With Teeny

3.4M Trying To Catch Phantom Burglar

3.4M Phantom Burglar Nabbed

3.3M Buying And Installing A Lock

3.4M Shoe Repair Shop

3.3M Parakeet’s Preference

3.3M Buying Teeny’s Gift At The Bon-Ton

3.4M Preparation For Duck Hunting

3.3M Fibber Looks For His Hunting License

3.4M Buying Food For The Hunting Trip

3.3M Leaving For Lake Wapahokey

3.3M Hunting Trip Spoiled By Rain

3.3M Duck Hunting Is Successful

3.2M The Happy Hunter Returns Home

3.1M Fibber Goes To Bed At Seven O’Clock

3.2M Christmas Fund

3.1M Phony Ring Investment

3.3M Selling Doc The Ring

3.3M Autumn Leaves Drive

3.3M 56 Years Bad Luck-8 Broken Mirrors

3.3M Fibber Enters A Photo Contest

3.3M Candid Camera Fiend

3.3M Fibber Develops His Own Film

3.4M Fibber Loses A Photo Worth $75

3.2M Fibber Finds The $75 Photo

3.3M Fibber Gets A Call From Washington

3.3M Fibber Misses The Return Call

3.4M Party Line Blocks Call From Wa

3.2M Phone Call Finally Gets Through

3.1M The McGees Hire A Cleaning Lady

3.1M Molly Loses An Earring

3.3M Christmas Shopping

3.1M Over $30 For Molly’s Womens Club

3.3M Mcgees Get A Tax Refund

3.3M Mailing Aunt Sarah’s Gift

3.3M Haggling Over A Christmas Tree

3.3M Doc Helps Decorate Christmas Tree

3.3M Laura The Lopsided Pine Tree

3.3M Spending Christmas At Home

3.1M Planning Elks Club New Years Party

3.2M Exchanging Gifts At The Bon-Ton

3.4M Fibber Revives His Vaudeville Act

3.4M Elks Club Extravaganza

Fibber McGee and Molly 1952

6.5M New Years Day Visiting

6.8M Rumors

7.2M Rummage Sale

6.8M Locked Out

6.9M Playing Cupid

6.9M Paying The Bills

6.9M Braiding A Rug

6.7M Fibber Gets A Letter From The IRS

4.7M Pancake Day

6.6M Fixing The Back Step

6.6M Twentieth Anniversary On NBC

6.8M Statue Of Buckshot McGee

6.8M Running Kramer’s Drug Store

6.5M Selling Umbrellas During A Hea

6.4M The Perilous Horoscope

6.4M All You Can Eat For One Dollar

6.5M Traffic Court

6.5M Potted Plant and Pet Show

6.5M Picnic At Dugans Lake

6.5M Fibber Tunes The Piano

6.4M At The Carnival

6.3M Fibbers Annual Checkup

6.6M Fibber Does A Singing Commerci

6.4M McGee The Political Worker

6.5M 52-10-07 Molly’s Rich Friend Gert Visits

6.3M Stock In The Transit Company

6.7M Post Office Box Key

6.4M The Giant Grizzly

6.5M McGee’s Fruit Punch

6.5M The Missing Umbrella

6.4M Polishing Doc’s Car Blindfolde

6.5M Bowling Team Championship

6.5M Fibber Buys Molly A New Hat

6.6M Exchanging Christmas Gift

6.5M Party For Doc Gamble

6.5M New Year’s Dance At The Country Club

Fibber McGee and Molly 1951

5.0M Fixing Teeny’s Sled

5.0M Mailing Circulars

5.0M City Hall Grass

6.3M McGee’s Belongings

5.0M Skating Party On Dugan’s Lake

6.7M National Pancake Week

6.7M The Nasty Letter

7.0M Express Company Bandits

6.9M Trip To Peoria

6.4M Molly’s Checkup

6.8M Antique Vase

6.8M Good Deeds

6.7M Surprise Party_Fibber & Molly Don’t Show

6.8M McGee Declared Well

6.7M The Gas Bill

6.4M The Grocery Budget

6.7M Soapbox Derby Racer For Teeny

6.8M Hitchhiking Bureau

6.8M McGee The Artist

6.6M Hole In One

6.7M Fibber Runs Red Light Turns HimselfIn

6.8M Letter Trapped In Mailbox By Birds Nest

6.8M New Fish Bait

6.8M Businessmen’s Symphony

6.9M Trip To Omaha For Community Chest Rally

6.8M Community Chest Rally In Omaha

6.7M Teeny Needs To Go To The Dentist

6.6M Fibber Cooks Dinner For Molly’s Birthday

6.9M Young Fireball The McGee’s New Dog

7.0M Fibber Sells An Old Raccoon Coat

7.0M Duck Hunter McGee

6.9M Some Like It Hot

6.9M Chaperones

6.9M Floorwalker McGee

6.8M Detective McGee

6.8M Big Pool Match At Elks Club

Fibber McGee and Molly 1950

6.8M At Aunt Sarahs

6.9M McGees Help Out At Walt’s Malt Shoppe

6.8M Fibber Cuts Down The Old Jesse Jame’s Tree

6.8M Fibber Can’t Decide What Kind Of Suit To Buy

6.7M The Gang Goes For A Sleigh Ride

6.8M Molly Is Asked To Run For City Council

6.6M Looking For Lost Tubes Of Radium

6.6M Fibber Is Sued When Dog Bites Mailman

6.7M Mayor LaTrivia’s Party

6.7M Olie Is Kidnapped

6.9M Fibber Builds A Guest House

6.9M Pruning The Shade Tree

6.9M Flying Saucer Lands In McGee’s Yard

6.8M McGee The Census Taker

6.7M Running The General Store

6.7M Something Fell Off The Car

6.6M Fibber Plans A Dance At The Elks Club

6.7M The Fishing Trip

6.7M Circus Day

6.8M Picnic In The Orchard

6.9M Cowpuncher McGee The Ranch Foreman

6.8M Chicken Barbecue

6.7M Fibber Goes To Night School

6.8M Fibbers Stomach Ache

6.8M The Con Men

6.8M Snapshot Contest

6.7M Real Estate Deal

6.8M The Ukelele Course

5.7M Fibber Needs Glasses

6.7M The One Hundred Thousand Dollar Stamp

6.7M Aunt Jennie

6.7M Parking Meters – Return Razor

6.3M Dinner At LaTrivias

5.0M Bank Night At The Bijou

6.7M Fibber The Postman

5.0M Shoveling Snow

Fibber McGee and Molly 1949

6.7M Weather Stripping

6.7M Sleigh Ride

6.6M Money In A Shoebox

1.7M Johnsons Wax Quiz Commercial

7.0M The Laundromat

6.8M Good Listener McGee

6.5M Molly’s Birthday Party

6.4M Finding Hairdresser at 1414-14th Street

6.6M Fibber Lies To A Stranger About His Wealth

6.4M The Abandoned Jalopy

7.0M The Elks Club Mortgage

6.9M Doc Gamble Day

6.5M 490322_Dressmakers_Dummy.mp3

6.9M Thousand Pound Inheritance

6.7M Kramers Cash Register

6.7M Fibbers New Pipe

6.9M The New Fire Truck

6.6M The Time Organizer

6.6M Do A Good Turn McGee

6.7M A New House For Olie

6.7M Doc’s New Suit

6.6M Fibber Writes A Movie Script

6.7M Canoe Trip

13.5M Fifteenth Anniversary Show

3.0M McGee’s Mustard Slogan_Fragment

6.9M The Fish Dinner

6.8M The Umbrella Stand

6.8M Making Cloth Out Of Paper

6.8M Community Chest Bazaar

6.8M Concert Goers

6.8M Trolley Rider

6.4M Cuckoo Clock

6.5M Stuck In The Grating

6.9M The Tax Bill Thanksgiving

6.9M The Bargain Inner Tube

6.8M Making Christmas Cards

6.9M Man Of The Year Swindle

6.9M Trip To Rich Aunt Sarahs

Fibber McGee and Molly 1948

6.4M 480106_Fibbers_Magic_Act.mp3

6.5M Fibber Invents The Cartable Radio

6.6M Molly’s Pickles Auctioned At Women’s Bazaar

6.5M Fibber Loses The Laundry Bundle

6.5M Fibber Makes A New Table Lamp

6.6M Fibber Finds His Childhood Sled

6.5M Big Bucks For Horatio Alger Books

6.7M Fibber To Collect A $7 Debt

6.7M Volunteering For Jury Duty

6.5M Broken Card Table

6.5M Telegram From George Marshall

6.4M Molly’s Easter Dress Creation

6.4M Overnight Trip To A Small Hotel

6.5M Fixing Docs Car

6.5M New Fire Alarm Box

6.4M Ceramics

6.4M Passenger Pigeon Trap

6.5M Fishing Season Opens

6.6M Making Cologne

6.6M Molly’s Toothache

6.6M McGee’s Tune

6.6M Pressed Pants

6.8M Bowling Night

6.4M Docs Pheasants For Dinner

6.4M Street Light Is Burned Out

6.8M The 35 Pound Salmon

6.5M Country Club Dance

Fibber McGee and Molly 1947

6.4M Fibber Joins Posse

6.5M Package At The Post Office

6.9M House Alteration Looking For An Architect

6.9M Waiting For A Bus

6.6M Baby Sitting With Teeny

6.4M Fibbers Model Airplane

6.7M Fibber Collects Doc Gambles Bills

6.6M Fibber Fixes A Window

6.6M FibberI sn’t Getting His Mail

6.7M Mans Untapped Energies

7.0M Waiting Outside The Drugstore In The Rain

6.7M Home Power Plant

6.6M Traffic Citations Safe Driving Campaign

6.6M Mollys Twisted Ankle

6.6M 1880 Quarter

6.4M Street Carnival

6.5M Thelma Graham Visits Molly

6.5M 470506_Trouble_With_Grammar.mp3

6.4M 470513_Smuggled_Irish_Tweed.mp3

6.6M Fibber Is Interviewed By A Tax Assessor

6.4M Shrimps McGee Old Family Recipe

6.5M Citizenship Test

6.8M Picnic At Dugans Lake

6.7M Old Friend Homer Pays A Debt

6.7M Anniversary Of Football Game First Date

6.8M 471014_Teenys_Kitty_Is_Under_The_Porch.mp3

6.5M Late Car Payment

6.5M Big Deal At The Farm

6.6M Fibber Gets Weighed

6.4M Inflatable Raft From Army Surplus Store

6.5M The Phone Call

6.5M Painting The Kitchen

6.8M Duck Hunting Trip

6.8M Gazette Interview

6.5M Making A Fruit Cake From Family Recipe

6.4M Fibber Loses His Key Ring In The Snow

6.2M Ten Dollar Gift Certificate

Fibber McGee and Molly 1946

6.7M Tall Story Contest

6.6M Fibber Wants To Win A Bean Counting Contest

6.7M Fibber Finds A Treasure Map

6.4M ReEnacting A Robbery For Pioneer Day

6.4M Mollys Card Party

6.5M Skating At Dugans Lake

4.8M Fibbers New Suit

6.4M Doc And Fibber Dine At Joe’s Gravy Bowl

6.4M Fibber Loses His Fountain Pen

6.9M Fibber Reports Car Stolen

6.7M Kite Flying Contest With Doc Gamble

6.0M Fibber Is In Charge Of Red Cross Drive

6.9M Fibber Is Red Cross Collector

6.4M Bullets Brannigan

6.5M Protecto-Rejecto Switch

6.5M Salvador McGee

6.5M Antique Table

6.7M Living To 150 By Eating Healthy

6.5M Barbershop Quartet

6.6M Catching Old Muley At Dugans Lake

6.6M 460507_No_Description.mp3

6.7M Political Campaign For City Council

6.9M Fireball McGee

6.6M Wedding Anniversary

6.4M Aviation Show

6.6M Two Week Fishing Trip Without Molly

6.6M Doc Gives McGee Placebos For His Illness

6.5M 461008_Bull_Moran_And_The_Skunk_Incident.mp3

6.5M 461015_Checking_The_City_Water.mp3

6.8M Bad Day At The Bon Ton

6.5M Dinner Party

6.6M McGees Visit Johnsons Wax Headquarters

6.3M Visit From Ronald Colman

6.8M Fibber Invents A Football Play

6.4M A Prowler Is Following Fifi Tremaine

6.5M Fibber Fights Bank Over $19

6.4M Getting LaTrivia And Doc To Fight Over Fifi

6.5M Fibber Tans Himself With A Sun Lamp

6.5M Fixing Broken Toys For Needy Children

6.4M New Years Eve Party With Fred Waring

Fibber McGee and Molly 1945

6.6M The Diamond Stickpin

6.6M Mushrooms Or Toadstools

6.9M Hot Water Shortage

6.9M Big Project To Burn Off Excess Energy

6.7M Housing A Sailor For The Night

6.8M The Cross-Eyed Cat

6.5M FibberTunesThePiano

6.8M Catching A Train

6.8M Golden Anniversary Party

6.7M Visit From An Old Cattleman Friend

6.8M Fixing The Radio

6.8M Giving Doc Gambles Clothes Away

6.9M McGee The Poet

6.8M Newspaper Delivery Problems

6.6M The Bank Statement

6.5M Hitching A Ride To The Elks Club

6.5M Briefcase Bronson Is On The Loose

6.9M Housing Shortage Survey On VE Day

6.8M Fibber Buys A Trunk At An Auction

6.9M Musical Arrangement For War Bond Drive

6.6M Starting Mrs Carstairs Power Lawn Mower

6.5M Cleaning The Hall Closet

6.5M McGee The Magician

6.8M Big Financial Plans With Mrs Carstairs

6.8M Spending Summer On A Houseboat

6.6M Welcoming LaTrivia Home From War

6.8M Shopping For A Used Car

6.9M No Train Reservation For Mrs Carstairs

6.7M Cousin Ernest Comes For Dinner

6.8M Fibber The Sculptor

6.8M Fibber Makes Fudge

6.7M Teaching Molly To Drive

6.8M Architect McGee Construction Supervisor

6.9M Fibber Chops Down The Old Oak Tree

6.9M Winter Walk To Dugans Lake

7.0M Fibber Thinks He’s The Governors Pal

6.4M 451218_Fibber_Paints_The_Christmas_Tree_White.mp3

7.0M Docs Gift To McGee

Fibber McGee and Molly 1944

6.0M Fibber Does His Income Taxes

6.6M 440118_Molly_Gets_Flowers_From_A_Man_Named_Ralph.mp3

6.7M Dining Out To Celebrate

6.7M Fibber Buys A Diamond Ring For $20

6.7M Waiting For Ice Cream Delivery At Kramers

7.0M 440215_Fibber_Has_His_Handwriting_Analyzed.mp3

6.9M Bill Smith Old School Chum From Peoria

5.8M Before A Western Campfire

6.7M Red Cross Speech On The Radio

6.7M Dinner Party (Beulah Is Hired)

6.9M Fibber Finds His Old Mandolin

6.9M Fibber Has Pneumonia Gildyand Leroy Visit

6.9M Fibber Returns From Hospital

6.3M Fibber Thinks His NeighborIs A German Spy

6.7M Job Offer As A Cannery Executive

6.4M Aunt Sarahs Picture

6.4M Alice Darlings New Boyfriend

6.5M Policemans Ball

4.0M Old Muley Fishing Licenses

6.5M Old Muley Caught

6.9M DDay Broadcast

6.4M Fixing The Porch Swing

6.5M Getting Ready For Cattle Ranch

6.8M Fibber Cant Find His Hip Boots

6.8M Tapping A Tree For Maple Syrup

6.6M Stranger Wants To Repay Four Dollar Debt

6.6M Duck Hunter McGee

6.6M Fibber Attends Night School

6.7M Faking A Broken Rib To Avoid Housecleaning

6.8M Wallace Wimple Navy Physical Instructor

6.8M Fibber Presses His Pants

6.6M Quiz Show Smokes For Folks

6.7M Fibber Snoops For Presents In Closet

6.7M Fibber Controls His Temper

Fibber McGee and Molly 1943

6.7M Cutting Down Fibbers Old Suit For Molly

6.7M Billy Mills Is Hospitalized

6.8M Uppy Joins The WACs

6.8M McGee The Author

6.6M Cleaning The Hall Closet

5.8M Modern Weapons

6.7M War Worker Shortage

6.8M Poker Game

6.7M Breakfast In Bed For Molly

1.6M A Visit To The Dairy_Fragment

6.5M Fibber Reads His Horoscope

6.0M Fibber Raises $100 For Red Cross Drive

6.5M Buying A Washing Machine

6.7M Fibber FeelsI ll_Doc Gambles 1st App

6.5M Uncle Sycamores Radio Show

6.6M Fibber Models A Dress For Molly

6.4M Black Market Meat

6.5M Fibber Changes His Name To Homer K Frink

6.6M Fibbers New Barometer Predicts Snow

6.9M Fibber Steals A Car

6.9M Fibbers Idea For World Travel

6.7M Fibbers Thumb Caught In Bowling Ball

6.4M Camping At Dugans Lake

6.5M The McGees Go To The Movies

6.7M Renting The Spare Room

6.7M WAC Commission For Fred Nitneys Daughter

7.3M Cleaning Doc Gambles House

6.9M Fibber Makes His Own Chili Sauce

6.7M Etiquette Lessons From An 1877 Book

6.8M Teenys Missing Dog

6.9M The War Is Not Almost Over

6.7M Looking For A Christmas Tree

6.6M A Fresh Start For The New Year

Fibber McGee and Molly – 1942

6.9M A Night Out On The Town

6.8M Who Broke Uppys Window_Pt1

6.8M Who Broke Uppys Window_Pt2

7.0M The Blizzard

7.0M Lost Diamond Ring

6.9M Valentine Candy

6.9M Home Movies

6.9M The Horse

6.9M Boomers Suitcase

6.6M The Footstool

6.5M Fibber Writes A Song

6.8M Soap Contest

6.5M Scrap Drive

6.6M Spring Festival Parade

6.6M Out To The Ballgame

6.6M Old Straw Hat

6.5M Sugar Substitute

6.9M Fibber Is Being Followed By A Spy

6.7M Going To Be Rich

6.8M Uncle Dennis Disappears_Pt1

6.8M Uncle Dennis Disappears_Pt2

6.8M Pot Roast

6.6M A Mouse In The House

6.8M Packing For Vacation

6.7M Back From Vacation

6.8M Otis Cadwallader

6.8M Converting The Furnace

6.7M Family Tree

6.8M Old Timer On The Lam

6.1M Duck Hunting With La Trivia

6.8M Uppys Nephew

6.8M Twenty Thousand Dollar Sofa

6.6M Fibber Getting In Condition

6.9M Gas Rationing

6.7M Women Are Taking Over

6.8M Misplaced Christmas Money

6.9M Listening To Christmas Carols

Fibber McGee and Molly – 1940

6.8M Fibber Builds A Doghouse

6.8M Gildersleeves’ Suit

6.8M Fibber’s Car Is Stolen

6.6M Radio Quiz Show

6.9M Fibber’s Old Suit

6.6M Everyone Is Nice To Fibber

6.9M Good Luck Egyptian Ring

6.9M To Tell The Truth

6.7M Fibber Catches A Cold

6.6M Cleaning The Hall Closet

6.7M Fibber Takes Molly Out To Lunch

6.9M Dog License Problem

6.5M Fibber Hires A Surveyor

6.7M Returning From Hollywood

6.7M Big Ink Stain On Carpet

6.7M Proper Picture Hanging Techniques

6.8M Fibber The Director

6.8M McGee The Stage Director

6.9M Caught In A Suit Of Armor

6.6M McGee Sprays Gildy With Garden Hose

6.8M McGeeGets A Job In A Hardware Store

6.7M Circus Comes To Town

6.9M Spaghetti Dinner

6.8M Trying To Hang Wallpaper

6.7M Fibber Models A Dress For Molly

6.6M Fibber Writes Music For Meredith Wilson

6.6M Back From Vacation

6.6M Fibber Gives Up Cigars

6.6M Missing Screwdriver

6.6M Gildersleeves Diary

6.6M Driving To The Big Football Game

6.7M Election Day

6.7M Fibbers Black Eye

6.5M Visiting Uncle Dennis

6.8M Uncle Dennis Visits

6.6M Shoveling Coal From Gildersleeves Lawn

6.8M Mailing Christmas Packages

6.5M Gildy’s Radio Phonograph

6.8M Fibber Finds A Gold Watch

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