Food Computer Jigsaw Puzzles 100+ Change Sizes Play Offline Printable Savable CD

Food Computer Jigsaw Puzzles 100+ Change Sizes Play Offline Printable Savable CD

You are bidding on a Computer Jigsaw Puzzles Cd that Comes in the mail this cd contains 100 plus puzzles with images of Food from around the world  .. . The pieces in these puzzles are all 200+ but you can change it down to a difficulty of 25 if you wish for difficulty or children to play  .. . Lots of fun to play. and a good bargain.

Now no more lost puzzle pieces!!! This is a must have for jigsaw puzzle fans of any age, just look at all of the features below…

Warning!!!! puzzles playing is very addictive

New Feature – you get a small thumbnail by the .exe file for the puzzle to see what the puzzle will look like ..

This new puzzles has a new feature you can just select the edge pieces if you would like

New Feature .. just select the edge pieces only

Turn Sound on and off on this puzzle hear the click**not all puzzles have this feature****

Realistic Puzzle Pieces
Realistic ’rounded’ edges and piece shapes through my puzzles!

Enabling you to save each puzzle and return to it and open it again. Puzzle Instructions on cd.

Easy Click & Drag Movement
Easy to move and position all puzzle pieces

User Friendly  Interface
Easy menus

Multiple piece selection just highlight and more them all at once

Auto Save puzzle for a fast look at it put together

You can Print these Puzzle pictures when finished

All Pieces on screen at once

Pieces Lock Together
Jigsaw pieces ‘lock’ together soundly upon fit.

Realistic Pieces
Not all puzzles are the same each one is create with a different shape to it…
 Plus a Lot More!


select the puzzle you want to play! It is that easy! All Puzzles are .exe just click them to play them it is that easy… These are not autorun cds… To look at your puzzles and thumbnails… please use Windows Explorer… for low memory please download to hard drive.

These puzzles are made at 1024 x 768 so get them all on the screen please set your display higher than this setting especially if you have a small screen… Puzzles Directions are included on cd to help. Please contact me with any questions.

(Compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista operating systems)

No Pieces To Lose!!
SEE and FEEL the picture and the pieces as you would expect from a real jigsaw puzzle!! NO MESS!! NO CLUTTER!! No need to find a puzzle board or table!!
Handle the pieces comfortably with your mouse. Move the pieces of your puzzle with simple mouse clicks!!
Everybody at home can play and if you have animals around your house .. they can not mess it up… I love them on the computer cause you also know when they fit where you put them.. it clicks in place… don’t close them or you will have to start all over … just minimize them… and come back…

Save money… small price for great product….

These puzzles are FUN for all ages!!! Once you start playing, you will not want to STOP!!!

Plus with every Puzzle Cd you get a free bonus puzzles !!!!! Click on Buy-it-Now to get your puzzles and don’t forget to download the free puzzle above to preview these great puzzles.

More Great  “Puzzles”


comes on a cd

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