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Godey Lady Magazines  – Peterson Magazines Patterns Civil War Era Dress Making Sewing DVD

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Godey’s Lady’s Magazine
The magazine was published by Louis A. Godey from Philadelphia for 48 years (1830–1878). Godey intended to take advantage of the popularity of gift books, many of which were marketed specifically to women. Each issue contained poetry, articles, and engravings created by prominent writers and other artists of the time. Sarah Josepha Hale (author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”) was its editor from 1837 until 1877 and only published original, American manuscripts. Although the magazine contained work by both men and women, Hale published three special issues which only included work done by women.

Peterson’s Magazine

Was a woman’s Fashion magazine was much like the Godey Magazine with fashion plates in it .

Illustration from the Book page samples 

What is on the DVD?

(PDF format) of the original books published in the late 18th and 19th centuries. The books cover fashion from ancient times to the 19th century and include vintage fashion styles from many regions including the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East & Asia
This DVD Has lots more than I have listed got tired that day listing but you will enjoy this if you like these years of fashion I try to choke each dvd full so you get your moneys worth..
Edwardian Era Fashion Plates 1912-1914 pdf
Civil war Era Fashion plates 1859- pdf
Godey lady plates Victorian 1837 – 1859 pdf
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 42, January 1851
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 42, May 1851
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 100 January To June 1880
Godey’s Lady’s Book July 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book July 1863
Godey’s Lady’s Book October 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book November 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book June 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book December 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book August 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book January 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book September 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book May 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book April 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book February 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book March 1864
Godey’s Lady’s Book 1859 Color Fashion Plates
Godey’s Lady’s Book 1860 Color Fashion Plates
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 102 Table of Contents
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 101 July To December 1880
Godey’s Lady’s Book Volume 100 January To June 1880
Table of Contents Godey’s Volume LXVIII January to June 1864
Table of Contents Godey’s Volume LXIX July to December1864

Peterson’s magazine, 1877
Peterson’s Ladies National Magazine March 1883
Peterson’s Magazine July to December 1888 [Fashion and fancy work pages]
Peterson’s Magazine January to June 1888 [Fashion and Fancy work pages]
Peterson’s Ladies National Magazine June 1883
Peterson’s Magazine 1881 images

M’me Demorest’s quarterly report and mirror of fashions
M’me Demorest’s quarterly mirror of fashions
Demorest’s illustrated monthly and Mme Demorest’s mirror of fashions, 1865 April
Mme. Demorest’s mirror of fashions [electronic resource]
Mode in Hats and Headdress (Masterwork of Fashion and History)

Patterns for these in following pdfs
April, 1857 Mans Shirt, pattern only no illustration
August 1855 Mantle
August 1857 Basque for a Young Lady
August 1857 How to make Stays
December 1855 Young Gentlemans Cloak
December 1857 Ladys Ball Dress
February 1857 Boys Cloak
February 1858 Ladys Jacket
January 1857 Basque
January 1857 Ladies Dress
July 1855 Coraco
June 1857 Fashionable Mantle
March 1857 Basquine a IEspagnole
May 1857 Dress Frock for a Little Girl
May 1858 Douglas and Sherwoods New Expansion Skirt
November 1855 Dress
November 1857 Ladys Jacket
October 1855 Morning Wrapper
October 1857 Over Jacket or Morning Jacket
September 1857 Sun Bonnet
July, 1855 Page 75 Pattern for a Doll Baby’s Cap
Knitting Patterns from Godey lady

April 1858 Sortie Cap
August 1855 Knitted Mitten Fingerless1
December 1857 Over Glove
December 1857 Rich Border in Guipure, for an Infants Robe
January 1852 Knitting for the Nursery
January 1857 A Wool Collar
January 1859 Knitted Sock, Adapted for a Child
July 1855 Infants Frock in Knitting
Jul 1860 Knitted Counterpane
March 1852 Knitting for the Nursery Infants Lace Sock
March 1856 Princess Royals Scarf
November 1855 Warm Undersleeve
November 1857 Easy Babys Shoe
November 1857 Knitted Gaiter
November 1860 Boys Knitted Hat
November 1860 Knitted Mariposa
October 1857 A Woolen Chemisette
September 1860 Childs Ruff

A History Of Feminine Fashion ~ 113 Pages
Ancient Greek Female Costume ~ 320 Pages
A Manual Of Costume ~ 614 Pages
Ancient Egyptian, Assyrian And Persian Costumes And Decorations ~112 Pages
Asiatic Costumes ~ 96 Pages
British Costume During 19 Centuries ~ 637 Pages
Costumes Of Europe With Descriptions Of The People, Manners, And Customs ~ 150 Pages
Costume Of Colonial Times ~ 292 Pages
Casneau’s guide for artistic dress cutting and making (1895)- 104 pages
Clothing and health – an elementary textbook of home making (1920, c1916)-318 pages
Clute’s actual measurement system and key to scientific dress making .. (1891)26 pages
Coates sewing and dress making manual .. (1912)
Dame Fashion Paris London (1786-1912) ~563 Pages
Dress making reduced to a science (1886)42 pages
Dressmaking and millinery (1916)-144 pages
Fit-u-first dress-making & tailoring schools (1915)-14 pages
Fashion In Paris ~ 408 Pages
Fancy Dresses Described ~ 338 Pages
English Costume ~794 Pages
Housekeeping and home-making, with chapters on dress and gossip (1883)144 pages
History Of The University Of Dublin And The Academic & Costumes ~594 Pages
Miss Leslie’s lady’s house-book; a manual of domestic economy containing approved directions for washing, dress-making .. (1863)- 508 pages
Our First Men A Calendar Of Wealth, Fashion And Gentility; ~52 Pages
Proposed code of fair competition for the mail order fashion studio industry as submitted on August 30, 1933 (1933)8 pages
Picturesque Representations Of The Dress And Manners Of The English ~ 219 Pages
Select Historical Costumes ~ 218 Pages
Scientific dress cutting and making, The Harriet A. Brown system, simplified and improved; directions for its use (1902)88 pages
The World Of Fashion And Continental Feuilletons ~394 Pages
The Wreath Of Fashion; Or, The Art Of Sentimental Poetry ~ 28 Pages
The Handbook Of The Man Of Fashion ~236 Pages
The Frenchwoman Of The Century; Fashions – Manners – Usages ~324 Pages
The Evolution Of Fashion ~107 Pages
The Follies And Fashions Of Our Grandfathers ~ 479 Pages
The Heritage Of Dress ~ 449 Pages
Two Centuries Of Costume In America – Vol 1 ~ 491 Pages
Two Centuries Of Costume In America – Vol 2 ~ 596 Pages
The Xviiith Century Its Institutions, Customs, And Costumes France, 1700-1789 ~536 Pages
The History Of Fashion In France ~ 361 Pages
The American lady-tailor glove-fitting system of dress making .. (1884)160 pages
Toilette Of Health Beauty And Fashion ~228 Pages
Yester-Year Ten Centuries Of Toilette ~375 Pages
Woman As Decoration ~ 373 Pages

**Please note that some of the books are written in a language other than English (like French). The majority of books are written in English**

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