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Historic 50’s Hot Rod Film Collection on DVD!!

This is a unique collection on DVD that covers the 50’s hot rod era.  The general sense of these films is how to transform idle youth hands into something useful and practical.  This DVD contains hard to find footage of 50’s era hot rod meets and competitions.  This is a great adder to any hot rodder’s video collection.Also include is the All American Soap Box Derby from 1936.  Sure, there’s no hot rodding here.  But this fun film does provide perspective on the origins of the 50’s hot rod culture that was started with these kids in the 30’s.

This DVD comes with a fully interactive menu and runs over 2 hours.  A list of films on this disk is as follows.

All-American Soap Box Derby (1936)

Official film of early Soap Box Derby competition in Akron, Ohio; tribute to ingenuity of the American Boy.

Sound, B&W, 10:25

Ingenuity in Action (1958)

Made for hot rod fans; explains how to prepare and enter a car show; also serves as an ethnographic account of the “nomadic tribe of hot rodders”.

2 Part, Sound, Color, 27:14

On the Run (1956)

Well-behaved San Francisco teenagers compete in the Mobilgas “Safety Economy Run,” driving their cars around the Bay Area under the supervision of experienced racing drivers.

2 Part, Sound, Color, 27:41

Road Runners (ca. 1952)

Outlaw hot rodders become law-abiding gear heads after a community organizes supervised racing clubs and timing associations.

Sound, B&W, 12:34

Show ‘Em the Road (1954)

Southern California teenagers join the Mobilgas “Safety and Economy” competition, driving from the Los Angeles area to the Inland Empire, the desert, to Las Vegas, Nevada and Hoover Dam, then back home again. Producers and Directors: Sid Davis and Arthur L. Swerdloff.

2 Part, Sound, Color, 26:05

The Cool Hot Rod (1953)

Uses narration by a teen-ager to show how a hot-rod club contributes to safe driving through its strict membership rules and restriction of speed runs to ‘DRAG STRIPS.

2 Part, Sound, B&W, 26:09


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