Casey Crime Photographer Old Time Radio Show Crime Detective PI 86 MP3 DVD

Casey Crime Photographer Old Time Radio Show Crime Detective PI 86 MP3 DVD

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Who is Casey Crime Photographer?

This series went on the air on July 7, 1943 and lasted until April 22, 1955. A total of 431 episodes were broadcast.

Casey, Crime Photographer had more history than substance. It was a B-grade radio detective on a par perhaps with The Falcon, better than Mr Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, but lacking the style and polish of The Adventures of Sam Spade.

Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask, under the watchful eyes of then-editor Joseph Shaw, Flashgun Casey was the originally fast-talking crime photographer, a big, hot-tempered Boston Mick with a gift for gab and a nose for trouble. No “artiste”, Casey kept a bottle of hooch and a .38 in his desk drawer, and boasted of being able to put a “slug where he aimed” and having “two big fists he knew how to use”. He appeared in several short stories in the pulps and several novels.

Casey, whose first name was never revealed, was the major crime photographer at the fictional Morning Express newspaper. With the help of reporter Ann Williams, he tracked down criminals and solved numerous crimes on this popular mystery-adventure series. Often a picture snapped at a crime scene led Casey to play detective.

Casey and Ann often enlisted the aid their police cheif friend, Captain Logan during each week’s half-hour episode. In between assighments, crime investigators Casey and Ann went to their favorite tavern, ‘The Blue Note’, and discussed their adventures with their bartender friend Ethelbert. There the crowd was friendly and the music was more than a backdrop. The jazz piano belonged to Herman Chittison, Matt Crowley and Staats Cotsworth played Casey, with the latter playing the role longer: Alice Reinheart, Betty Furness, Jone Allison, Lesley Woods, and Jan Miner (best remembered in the role) played Ann at different times.

Jackson Beck and Bernard Lenrow were heard as Captian Logan and John Gibson played Ethelbert.
Sponsors included Anchor-Hocking glass, Toni home permanet, Toni Creme Shampoo and Philip Morris cigarettes.

What is on the DVD?
26.9M Casey 43-07-07 1 The Case of the Switched Plates [Flash-Gun Casey]
26.9M Casey 44-02-26 33 The Clue in the Clouds [Casey Press Photographer]
22.7M Casey 46-06-03 137 The Reunion (AFRS Mystery Playhouse)
23.7M Casey 46-07-15 143 A Tooth for Tooth
27.1M Casey 46-08-29 148 The Red Raincoat
27.0M Casey 46-09-05 149 The Handkerchief
12.6M Casey 46-09-19 151 The Duke of Skid Row
27.0M Casey 46-12-19 164 Christmas Shopping
13.5M Casey 47-01-16 168 The Surprising Corpse
27.0M Casey 47-02-06 171 The Grey Kitten
27.0M Casey 47-02-20 173 The Twenty Minute Alibi
27.0M Casey 47-03-06 175 The Mysterious Lodger
27.0M Casey 47-03-20 177 The Demon Miner
27.0M Casey 47-04-17 181 The Box of Death
27.1M Casey 47-04-24 182 The Gentle Strangler
13.8M Casey 47-05-01 183 King of the Apes
27.1M Casey 47-05-08 184 The Laughing Killer
27.0M Casey 47-05-22 186 Pick-Up
27.4M Casey 47-07-03 192 Acquitted
27.4M Casey 47-07-10 193 The Lady Killer
27.0M Casey 47-07-17 194 Casey and the Self-Made Hero (2nd Repeat of # 36)
27.0M Casey 47-07-24 195 Photo of the Dead
27.1M Casey 47-07-31 196 Bright New Star
27.1M Casey 47-08-07 197 Death In Lovers Lane (Anchor-Hocking 1st Anniv show)
27.1M Casey 47-08-14 198 The Chivalrous Gunman
27.1M Casey 47-08-21 199 The Busman’s Holiday
27.0M Casey 47-08-28 200 Hide-Out
27.1M Casey 47-09-04 201 The Loaded Dice
27.1M Casey 47-09-11 202 Graveyard Gertie (Repeat of # 128)
27.0M Casey 47-09-18 203 The Tobacco Pouch
26.9M Casey 47-09-25 204 The Treasure Cave
27.2M Casey 47-10-02 205 The Miscarriage of Justice
27.2M Casey 47-10-09 206 The Wedding Breakfast
27.4M Casey 47-10-16 207 The Camera Bug
27.1M Casey 47-10-23 208 The Lady in Distress
27.4M Casey 47-10-30 209 Great Grandfather’s Rent Receipt
26.9M Casey 47-11-06 210 TCOT Blonde Lipstick
26.9M Casey 47-11-13 211 Too Many Angels
27.0M Casey 47-11-20 212 Earned Reward (Repeat of # 122)
27.0M Casey 47-11-27 213 After Turkey – The Bill
27.4M Casey 47-12-04 214 The Serpent Goddess
26.9M Casey 47-12-11 215 The New Will
27.1M Casey 47-12-18 216 The Life of the Party
26.6M Casey 47-12-25 217 The Santa Claus of Bums’ Blvd
26.0M Casey 48-01-01 218 Hot New Year’s Party
26.9M Casey 48-01-08 219 Queen of the Amazons
27.2M Casey 48-01-15 220 The Miracle
26.8M Casey 48-01-22 221 Ex-Convict
27.0M Casey 48-01-29 222 The Piggy Bank Robbery
26.8M Casey 48-02-05 223 Music to Die By
27.0M Casey 48-02-12 224 Key Witness
27.0M Casey 48-02-19 225 Witchcraft
27.0M Casey 48-02-26 226 The Fix
26.5M Casey 48-03-04 227 Tough Guy
26.8M Casey 48-03-11 228 Fog
27.2M Casey 48-03-18 229 Murder in Black and White
27.2M Casey 48-03-25 230 Blind Justice
13.1M Casey 48-11-25 264 Holiday
26.8M Casey 49-03-10 279 The Scene of the Crime
27.4M Casey 49-05-05 287 The Wolverine
26.9M Casey 49-05-19 289 Cupid Is a Killer (Repeat of # 112)
27.0M Casey 49-08-04 300 Sell-Out
27.0M Casey 49-08-11 301 The Death of a Stranger
23.4M Casey 49-08-25 303 The Snowball
23.4M Casey 49-10-20 311 The Coffin
23.0M Casey 49-11-10 314 Thunderbolt
11.7M Casey 49-11-17 315 The Upholsterer
20.2M Casey 50-01-19 324 Wanted – A Gun
5.6M Casey 50-03-02 330 The Bad Little Babe
24.0M Casey 50-04-06 335 The Fire
23.4M Casey 50-04-13 336 The Disappearance of Mr Dizzel
23.5M Casey 50-05-04 339 The Suicide
23.4M Casey 50-06-15 345 Unlucky Numbers
23.3M Casey 50-11-09 366 Woman of Mystery AFRTS
23.4M Casey 50-11-16 367 The Upholsterer (Repeat of # 315)
27.0M Casey 54-01-13 368 The Road Angel (series returns to air)
27.4M Casey 54-01-20 369 Source of Information

Economy Shipping.    Estimated Delivery in 1-10 Days

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