Learn How TO Play CHess 75 Books Chess Knight Bishop King Queen Pawn Rook CD

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Learn How TO Play CHess 75 Books Vintage Chess Knight Bishop King Queen Pawn Rook CD

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75 Books Listed Below

A collection of two hundred chess problems by F. Healey (1866)

A Memorial to William Steinitz – Containing a Selection of His Games Chronologically Arranged (1901)

American chess-nuts – a collection of problems by E. B. Cook (1868)

Amusements in chess by C. Tomlinson (1845)

Catalogue of the chess collection of the late George Allen (1878)

Checkers – games of the Restricted MAtch by J. Brown (1890)

Checkers by David A Mitchell (1918)

Checkers Vol 1 Stearns (1895)

Checkers Vol 2 Stearns

Chess Book: 175 Chess Brilliancies

Chess blueprints : planning in the middlegame

Chess Book: Chess for Amateurs – How to Improve Your Game

Chess fundamentals by Jose Raul Capablanca (1921)

Chess gems Some of the finest examples of chess strategy, by ancient and modern masters (1860)

Chess generalship by F K Young (1910)

Chess in Iceland and in Icelandic literature – with historical notes on other table-games by Willard Fiske (1905)

Chess lyrics; a collection of chess problems by A. F. Mackenzie (1905)

Chess openings ancient and modern by E Freeborough (1905)

Chess openings by F. J. Marshall (1904)

Chess openings by F. W. Longman (1870)

Chess Openings for Beginners by E. E. Cunnington (1900)

Chess problems by G. Carpenter (1886)

Chess problems by W. T. Pierce (1873)

Chess Review 1933 12 monthly Issues

Chess Review 1934 12 monthly Issues

Chess Review 1935 12 monthly Issues

Chess Sparks, Or, Short and Bright Games of Chess by J. H. Ellis (1895)

Chess strategics illustrated by F. K. Knowles (1900)

Chess theory & practice, containing the laws & history of the game, together with an analysis of the openings, & a treatise of end games H. Staunton (1876)

Common sense in chess by E. Lasker (1910)

De Witt’s American chess manual. Containing full instructions for young players by H. Chadwick (1880)

Games ancient and oriental and how to play them by E. Falkener (1892)

Grandmaster at work by Kotov

How to play chess by C. B. Rogers (1907)

Improve your chess now by Tisdall, Jon

Japanese chess (shogi) the science and art of war or struggle philosophically treated by Choyo Suzuki (190

Knights and bishops by A. C. Campbell (1909)

Morphy’s games of chess, being the best games played by the distinguished champion in Europe and America by P. C. Morphy (1898)

One hundred chess problems by A. C. Pearson (1883)

Poems and chess problems by J. A. Miles (1882)

Problems in chess by J. Wilkinson (1876)

Riga match and correspondence games by H. Cassel (1916)

Stamma on the game of chess, containing numerous openings of games, and one hundred critical situations, illustrated on colored diagrams by P. Stamma (1819)

Studies of chess – containing Caïssa, a poem Vol 1 by W. Jones (1804)

Studies of chess – containing Caïssa, a poem Vol 2 by W. Jones (1804)

Synopsis of chess openings, a tabular analysis by W. Cook (1884)

The American chess code by British Chess Company (1897)

The American Hoyle, or, Gentleman’s hand-book of games by W. B. Dick (1894)

The American supplement to the Synopsis containing American inventions in the chess openings by J. W. Mill

The art of chess-play – a new treatise on the game of chess by G. Walker (1846)

The book of chess containing the rudiments of the game, and elementary analyses of the most popular openings by H. R. Agnel (1882)

The Book of Chess Problems J. K. Hanshew (1874)

The book of the first American chess congress by W. Fiske (1859)

The chess openings  by I. Gunsberg (1901)

The chess openings by Frank James Marshall 1904

The chess openings by H. E. Bird (1880)

The chess-player’s companion by H. Staunton (1861)

The chess-players’ manual (1902)

The chess-player’s text book by H. Staunton (1849)

The Final Theory of Chess by Gary M Danelishen

The game of chess by H. Chadwick (1895)

The game of the chesse by W. Caxton (1860)

The grand international centennial chess congress, held in Philadelphia, in August, 1876, during the celebration of the American centennial  by W. H. Sayen (1876)

The grand tactics of chess by F. K. Young (1897)

The international chess congress, St. Petersburg, 1909 by E. Lasker

The middle game in chess by E. A. Znosko-Borovskii (1922)

The minor tactics of chess by F. K. Young (1901)

The modern chess instructor by W. Steinitz (1889)

The principles of chess in theory & practice by James Mason (1894)

The Rice gambit, supplement to fourth edition by H. Keidanz (1909)

The Works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez, and Salvio on the Game of Chess by J. H. Sarratt (1813)

64 Great Chess Games

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