Nautical Celestial Navigation Compass Sextant Navigator Sails Vintage Book DVD

Nautical Celestial Navigation Compass Sextant Navigator Sails Vintage Book DVD

This DVD is designed to work on most computer operating systems, including the MAC.

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Samples of the books pages


A complete epitome of practical navigation – John William Norie 1835

A cyclopedia of commerce and commercial navigation (Volume 1) – Homans, I 1858

A cyclopedia of commerce and commercial navigation (Volume 2) – Homans, I 1858

A Guide to practical navigation  containing the rules and methods of solving problems in the most practical manner  – McNevin, Edmund 1878

A History of Nautical Astronomy – Charles H. Cotter

A manual of navigation for the lakes – Pearsons, H. C 1891

A new treatise on the practice of navigation at sea – Thoms, William 1902

A Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy Tables – John Riddle 1887

A Treatise on Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Including the Theory of Compass Deviations – W Muir 1906

A treatise on practical astronomy, as applied to geodesy and navigation – Doolittle, C 1900

Aerial navigation – Chanute, Octave 1891

Aerial navigation – De Bausset, Arthur, 1887

Aerial navigation – Mansfield, Charles Blachford 1877

Aerial navigation .. – United States. War Dept. Division of Military Aeronautics 1918

Aerial Navigation A Practical Handbook on the Construction of Dirigible … – Frederick Walker 1902

Aerial navigation by dead reckoning – Maffert, Pierr 1922

Air navigation – Weems, Philip Van Horn 1943

Air navigation for flight officers – Dixie, Albert Edward 1917

Air navigation, notes and examples – Card, Stanton Freeland 1919

Almanac catalogue of zodiacal stars. Printed for the use of the American ephemeris and nautical almanac 1864

Altitude tables computed for intervals of four minutes between the parallels of latitude 31 and 60 n – Ball, Frederick 1907

Altitude, azimuth, and line of position 1918

An Elementary Treatise on Plane & Spherical Trigonometry With Their Applications to Navigation … – Benjamin Peirce 1861

Botts’ air-ship the problem of aerial navigation – Botts, Barnet N 1894

Elementary treatise on nautical astronomy – Henry Evers 1873

Elementary treatise on navigation and nautical astronomy – Richards, E 1901

Elements of plane and spherical trigonometry – Young, J 1833

Elements of Surveying, and Navigation – Charles Davies 1862

Examples in mathematics, mechanics, navigation and nautical astronomy …, for the use of junior officers afloat 1911

Ex-meridian altitude tables, declination (0 -70 ), to which is added an explanation of maximum & minimum altitude … C Brent 1914

Ex-meridian altitude, azimuth and star-finding tables, with diagrams … A Rust 1908

FM 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation

FM 21-26 Map Reading and Land Navigation

Glossary of navigation – Harbord, J.B 1863

Glossary of Navigation A Vade Mecum for Practical Navigators – John Bradley Harbord 1897

Handy Jack book of navigation tables 1909

Improved nautical almanac, or True navigator, astronomically, mathematically, and mechanically arranged – Colby, Hall 1859

Lifeboat sextant  instructions for use in finding latitude and longitude together with simple sailing instructions – Eckert, W 1944

Manual of navigation, 1914 – Great Britain. Admiralty

Mathematics Of Air And Marine Navigation – Bradley A D 1942

McCracken’s Practical Navigation – John James McCracken 1921

Modern navigation by Sumner-St. Hilaire methods – Hastings, F 1918

Modern seamanship – Knight, Austin 1918

Nautical astronomy and navigation – Jeans, H 1876

Navigation – Hall, William 1912

Navigation – Harold Jacoby 1937

Navigation – Hosmer, George L 1918

Navigation – James Pryde 1867

Navigation – Kingsland, John Cecil 1943

Navigation – Mayor, Alfred Goldsborough 1918

Navigation and nautical astronomy – Coffin, J. 1919

Navigation and nautical astronomy – Stebbing, Frank Cole 1903

Navigation for students or mariners preparing to take examinations for … – George Leonard Hosmer 1918

Navigation new modelled – Wilson, Henry 1761

Navigation tables for mariners and aviators – Dreisonstok, J 1940

New log and versine altitude tables – Aquino, F 1912

New plane and spherical trigonometry, surveying, and navigation – Wentworth, G 1903

On the Application of the Science of Geology to the Purposes of Practical Navigation (Volume 14) – Nimmo, Alexander [Article]

Practical remarks on aerial navigation – Cayley, George, Sir 1837

Primer Of Celestial Navigation – Favill, John 1944

Problems in astronomy, surveying, navigation, with their solutions – Jeans, H 1849

Review of marine navigation systems and techniques – Cawley, J 1965

Self-instruction in the Practice and Theory of Navigation Vol 1 – Earl of Dunraven 1900

Self-instruction in the Practice and Theory of Navigation Vol 2 – Earl of Dunraven 1900

Short method ex-meridian tables, computed for intervals of one minute between the parallels of latitude 0 °and 60 °inclusive 1894

Simple elements of navigation – Young, Lucien 1890

Simple Rules and Problems in Navigation – Charles Hurst Cugle 1919

Small boat navigation – Sterling, F 1942

Stars and sextants star distance tables for facilitating the use of Lord Ellenborough’s method – Sprigge, J 1903

Surveying and navigation, with a preliminary treatise on trigonometry and mensuration – Schuyler, A. 1873

Tables for Facilitating the Calculations of Nautical Astronomy And Particularly of the Latitude … – Jose de Mendoza y Rios, 1801

Tables Intended to Facilitate the Operations of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy – J Young 1859

Tables of the Moon Constructed for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac – Benjamin Peirce 1865

Tables of the motion of the moon (Volume 1-2) – Brown, E 1919

Tables of the motion of the moon (Volume 3) – Brown, E 1919

Tables of the motion of the moon (Volume 4) – Brown, E 1919

Tables requisite to be used with The nautical ephemeris for finding the latitude and longitude at sea 1781

Tables to facilitate the reduction of places of the fixed stars (1874)

Taylor’s modern navigation – Taylor, Henry 1904

Text-book on navigation and nautical astronomy – Gill, J 1918

The Co-Efficient of Safety in Navigation (Volume 2) – Rogers, W.1881 [Article]

The Elements of Navigation A Short and Complete Explanation of the Standard … – William James Henderson 1917

The elements of navigation containing the theory and practice, with all the necessary tables, to which is added, a treatise of marine fortification … – Robertson, J 1754

The mariners’ handbook a convenient reference book for navigators, yachtsmen, and seamen of all classes 1906

The mathematics of navigation – Willis, E 1921

The Navigator’s Assistant Containing the Theory and Practice of Navigation, with All the Tables … – William Nicholson 1784

The navigator’s pocket-book filled with pure gold – Patterson, H 1894

The new American practical navigator being an epitome of navigation, containing all the tables necessary … – Bowditch, N 1802

The new navigation, presented in a familiar way for captains and officers of the merchant service – Cross, F 1911

The ‘newest’ navigation altitude and azimuth tables for facilitating the determination of lines of position and geographical position at sea – F Acquino 1918

The practice of navigation and nautical astronomy – Raper, H 1908

The projection and calculation of the sphere for young sea officers being a complete initiation into nautical astronomy – Saxby, S 1862

The sailor’s handy book and yachtsman’s manual 1881

The Sextant and Its Applications Including the Correction of Observations for Instrumental … – William Simms 1858

The theory and practice of finding the longitude at sea or land – A mackay 1810

The United States practical navigator – Roche, M 1864

The whys and wherefores of navigation – Bradford, Gershom, 1918

Theory and practice of navigation – Henry Evers 1873

TM 1-205 Air Navigation – United States. War Department 1943

Trigonometry, surveying and navigation – Wentworth, G 1903

Useful Tables from Bowditch’s Practical Navigator – Nathaniel Bowditch 1874

Wrinkles in practical navigation – Lecky, Squire Thornton Stratford 1918


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