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Who is Red Skelton?
Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton (July 18, 1913 – September 17, 1997) was an American entertainer. He was best known for his national radio and television acts between 1937 and 1971, and as host of the television program The Red Skelton Show. Skelton, who has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in radio and television, also appeared in burlesque, vaudeville, films, nightclubs, and casinos, all while he pursued an entirely separate career as an artist.
Whats on the DVD? the following MP3s

The Red Skelton Show – 1952

7.0M Has Anyone Here Seen Willy

7.0M What Has Happened to Neighborhood Theater 

6.7M Dancing 

6.9M To Park or Not to Park 

6.3M Dogs 

7.0M The Big Snow 

7.0M Doctors and Hospitals Part 1 

6.7M Doctors and Hospitals Part 2 

6.9M Inventions 

6.9M Hawaii 

6.6M Barber Who Is Trying to Improve His Shop 

6.9M The Circus 

6.9M A Fellow Who Wants to Be Helpful 

7.0M The Town Gossip 

6.8M I Bought A Fighter 

6.8M Cauliflower Fights Tonight 

6.8M The Liberty Bell 


The Red Skelton Show – 1951

6.8M Higher Education

6.8M Three Cent Stamp 

6.8M Big Business Venture 

6.8M Helter Shelter 

6.5M The Big Scare 

6.8M I Caught the Devil Part 1 

6.7M I Caught the Devil Part 2 

7.1M The Devil Got Loose 

6.7M The Sad Texan 

6.8M Skelton vs Hospital 

6.9M Town Social 

7.0M McPug’s Magic Gloves 

7.0M Liberty Bell 

7.0M The Devil Returns Part 1 

7.0M The Devil Returns Part 2 

7.1M Take Me out to the Ball Game 

6.9M Guardian Angel’s Revolt 

6.9M London Palladium or Bust 

6.8M Flight to London 

7.0M Vacations 

7.0M Women Are Ruling the World 

6.9M Fear 

6.9M How to Make Enemies 

7.0M Public Speaking 

6.9M Job Hunting 

6.9M Travel Is So Broadening 

6.9M Things to Be Thankful For 

6.5M People Who Owe Money 

7.2M People Who Brag 

7.1M Sunday Dinners 


The Red Skelton Show – 1950

6.5M Red Gets A Physical

6.6M Shopping Spree 

6.7M Junior is Missing 

6.7M Junior is Still Missing 

6.7M A Day at the Races 

6.6M Mean Little Kid 

6.8M New Year’s Puzzle 

6.2M A New Deadeye Best Show 

7.0M Air Mail Postage Up To 6 Cents 

3.6M The Friendly Farmer 

883.8K Last CBS Show 

3.2M Skelton Scrapebook of Satire 

5.2M Swimming 


The Red Skelton Show – 1949

6.7M Fuller Brush Man

6.9M How Is Red At Home 

6.8M Spring Cleaning 

6.8M Mother’s Day 

6.7M Stray Dogg 


The Red Skelton Show – 1948

6.8M Red Returns After The Summer

6.8M Junior’s Camping Trip 

6.8M Deadeye Trades In His Horse 

6.8M Junior Goes To A Dept. Store 

6.8M Salute National Paperboy Day 

6.8M Junior’s Good Deed 

6.8M Junior’s Secret 

6.8M Junior’s Arsenal 

6.8M Junior And The Milkman 

6.7M G.I. Joe’s Memories 

The Red Skelton Show – 1947

6.9M Education and Schools

6.9M Dancing 

6.9M Jealousy 

6.9M Elevators 

6.8M Taxi Cabs 

6.8M Fingerprints 

6.8M Travel to Hawaii 

5.4M Rival Cab Drivers 

6.9M Careless Driving 

6.8M Traffic Court 

6.8M Things We Never Knew About Buses 

6.8M The New West 

7.0M Battle with the NBC Censors 

6.9M Life of a Fireman 

6.9M Man with a Plan 

7.0M The Haircut Pt.1 

7.0M The Haircut Pt.2 

6.8M The Haircut Pt.3 

6.7M Honky-Tonk Photographer 

6.8M Radio Fanfares 


The Red Skelton Show – 1946

6.7M Bells and Resolutions

6.8M Local Department Stores 

6.8M People Celebrating 

6.8M Looking for Trouble 

6.8M Hospital Capers 

6.8M Meeting Strangers 

6.8M Stray Animals 

6.8M Telephones 

6.7M Neighborhood Theater 

6.6M A Treat 

6.7M The Traffic Is Terrific 

6.8M Newspapers 

6.8M Some People Just Won’t Pay Their Debts 

6.9M Postmen 

7.0M Easy Money 

6.8M Old Letters and Trouble 

6.7M The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth 

6.9M Firemen 

6.0M Wonderful Smith 

6.8M It Pays to Look Well 

6.6M People Who Hurt Others by Trying to Be Nice 

6.9M Vacation Time and Mad NBC Producers 

6.9M Vacation Time, Volume II 

6.8M Barbers 

6.7M Unimportant Things 

6.8M If You Have a Beef, Don’t Air It, Eat It 

6.8M Photography 

6.8M Automobile Parking Troubles 

6.9M People Who Give Dinners to Impress Friends 

6.8M Railroads 

7.2M People and Dogs 

6.9M Department Stores 

6.9M Old Man Winter 

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