Richard Diamond Private Detective Philip Marlowe Old Time Radio Shows Mp3 DVD

Richard Diamond Private Detective Philip Marlowe Old Time Radio Shows Mp3 DVD

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Who is Philip Marlow?

Philip Marlowe is a fictional character created by Raymond Chandler. Marlowe first appeared under that name in The Big Sleep, published in 1939. Chandler’s early short stories, published in pulp magazines like Black Mask and Dime Detective, featured similar characters with names like “Carmady” and “John Dalmas”.

Some of those short stories were later combined and expanded into novels featuring Marlowe, a process Chandler called “cannibalizing” but is more commonly known in publishing as a fixup. When the non-cannibalized stories were republished years later in the short story collection The Simple Art of Murder, Chandler changed the names of the protagonists to Philip Marlowe. His first two stories, “Blackmailers Don’t Shoot” and “Smart-Aleck Kill” (with a detective named Mallory), were never altered in print but did join the others as Marlowe cases for the television series Philip Marlowe, Private Eye.

Philip Marlowe Mp3s on DVD

Philip Marlowe 1947 – 1949
5.5M 470612 Who Shot Waldo
7.0M 470617 Red Wing.mp3
6.7M 470708 King In Yellow.mp3
6.7M 470805 Trouble Is My
6.7M 480926 Red Wind.mp3
6.9M 481003 The Persian
7.0M 481010 The Panama Hat.mp3
6.7M 481017 Where There’s A
6.9M 481024 The Heart Of Gold.mp3
6.7M 481128 The Hard Way Out.mp3
6.7M 481226 The Old
6.7M 490416 Heat Wave.mp3
Philip Marlowe 1951
6.4M 510707 Seaside Sabbatical.mp3
6.8M 510714 The Dear Dead Days.mp3
6.5M 510721 Life Can Be Murder.mp3
6.0M 510728 Good Neighbor
6.6M 510804 The Long Way Home.mp3
6.6M 510818 Young Man’s Fancy.mp3
6.9M 510908 The Medium Was Rare.mp3
6.6M 510915 Sound And Unsound (L.mp3
Philip Marlowe 1950
6.8M 500107 The Torch Carriers.mp3
7.0M 500114 The Covered Bridge.mp3
6.7M 500121 The Bid For Freedom.mp3
6.8M 500128 The Hairpin Turn.mp3
6.7M 500207 The Long Arm.mp3
6.7M 500214 The Grim Echo.mp3
6.7M 500221 The Ladies Night.mp3
6.9M 500228 The Big Step.mp3
6.8M 500307 The Monkey’s Uncle.mp3
5.7M 500314 The Vital
7.0M 500321 Deep Shadow.mp3
6.7M 500328 Sword Of Cebu.mp3
7.0M 500404 Man On The Roof.mp3
6.8M 500411 The Anniversary
7.1M 500418 The Angry Eagle.mp3
7.0M 500425 The High Collared
6.9M 500502 The Sea Horse
7.2M 500509 The Hiding Place.mp3
6.6M 500516 Cloak Of Kamehameha.mp3
6.9M 500523 The Fox’s Tail.mp3
6.9M 500530 The Bedside Manners.mp3
7.0M 500606 The Uneasy Head.mp3
7.0M 500614 The Face To Forget.mp3
6.9M 500621 The Gold Cobra.mp3
6.8M 500628 The Pelican’s Roost.mp3
6.9M 500705 The Girl From
6.8M 500712 The Iron Coffin.mp3
6.9M 500719 The Last Wish.mp3
6.9M 500728 The Glass Monkey.mp3
6.7M 500811 The Quiet Magpie.mp3
6.7M 500818 The Dark Tunnel.mp3
6.7M 500825 The Collector’s
6.6M 500901 The Soft Spot.mp3
6.8M 500908 The Fifth Mask.mp3
6.7M 500915 The Final Payment.mp3
6.6M 500922 The White Carnation.mp3
6.6M 500929 The Big Book.mp3
Philip Marlowe 1949
6.4M 490108 Restless Day.mp3
6.7M 490115 The Black Halo.mp3
6.4M 490122 The Orange Dog.mp3
6.4M 490212 Lonesome Reunion.mp3
6.7M 490305 Friend From Detroit.mp3
6.4M 490312 Grim Hunters.mp3
6.6M 490319 The Dancing Hands.mp3
7.1M 490326 The Green Flame.mp3
6.7M 490416 Heat Wave.mp3
6.8M 490423 The Cloak Of
6.7M 490430 Lady In Mink.mp3
6.5M 490514 The Promise To Pay.mp3
6.3M 490521 Night Tide.mp3
5.9M 490528 The Ebony Link.mp3
6.6M 490604 The Unfair Lady.mp3
6.2M 490611 The Pigeon’s Blood.mp3
6.4M 490618 The Busy Body.mp3
6.7M 490625 The Key Man.mp3
6.6M 490630 The Mexican Boat
6.5M 490702 The Dude From
6.4M 490716 The Headless
6.1M 490806 The August Lion.mp3
6.4M 490813 The Indian Giver.mp3
6.4M 490820 The Lady Killer.mp3
6.3M 490827 The Eager Witness.mp3
6.8M 490903 The Bum’s Rush.mp3
6.8M 490910 The Ruston Hickory.mp3
6.9M 490917 Baton Sinister.mp3
6.8M 490924 Fatted Calf.mp3
6.9M 491001 Tale Of The Mermaid.mp3
6.9M 491008 The Open Window.mp3
6.8M 491015 The Starnge Bed.mp3
6.8M 491029 The Green Witch.mp3
6.8M 491112 The Gorgeous Lyre.mp3
6.3M 491126 Birds On The Wing.mp3
5.1M 491203 Kid On The Corner.mp3
7.0M 491210 The Little Wishbone.mp3
Philip Marlowe 1947 and 1948
5.5M 470612 Who Shot Waldo (
7.0M 470617 Red Wing.mp3
6.7M 470708 King In Yellow.mp3
6.7M 470805 Trouble Is My
6.7M 480926 Red Wind.mp3
6.9M 481003 The Persian
7.0M 481010 The Panama Hat.mp3
6.7M 481017 Where There’s A
6.9M 481024 The Heart Of Gold.mp3
6.7M 481128 The Hard Way Out.mp3
6.7M 481226 The Old Acquaintance.mp3

Who is Richard Diamond?

In 1945, Dick Powell portrayed Phillip Marlowe in the movie “Murder My Sweet” based on Raymond Chandler’s novel “Farewell My Lovely”. This was a radical departure in character for Mr. Powell from a Hollywood song and dance man to a hard-boiled detective. On June 11,1945, the Lux Radio Theater brought “Murder My Sweet” to radio, again with Dick Powell in the lead. These two performances prompted his selection for the part of Richard Rogue, in Rogue’s Gallery after his role for Lux Radio Theater and Richard Diamond came four years later.
Richard Diamond, Private Detective came to NBC in 1949. Diamond was a slick, sophisticated detective, with a sharp tongue for folks who needed it. Diamond enjoyed the detective life, but not as much as entertaining his girl, Helen Asher. After each show, he would croon a number to his Park Avenue sweetheart. Mr. Powell, a former song and dance man, was perfect for the role. He added an extra dimension to the 40’s hokey private eye drama.
Diamond was a rough gumshoe that would often get knocked on the head with a revolver butt or other items. His counterpart on the police force was Lt. Levinson who often accepted Diamond’s help reluctantly. Levinson would claim to get stomach trouble whenever Diamond would call him and would take bicarbonate to settle his aching stomach. Although they always seem at odds with each other, Diamond and Levinson were best friends.
The plot theme remained fairly constant throughout the entire run of the show, Diamond getting beat up and solving a tough murder case with the support of the police department. Remarkably, for all the gun fights, Diamond never got shot. And for all his bravado, he had a serious case of vertigo.
Helen Asher was portrayed by Virginia Gregg, who also played the part of Brooksie on Let George Do It and Betty Lewis on Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Blake Edwards wrote the early shows and also directed a few. Music was composed by David Baskerville and later by Frank Wirth.
In January of 1951, the series moved to ABC under the full sponsorship of Camel cigarettes. Then in May of 1953, the series moved to CBS but all shows were repeats from the 1950-51 Rexall sponsored season on NBC.
Richard Diamond was one of the radio shows which successfully moved to television with David Janssen, later of The Fugitive fame, in the title role of Richard Diamond. The opening scene of the television show often featured the long lovely legs of Mary Tyler Moore, who went on to fame in The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary was replaced on the Richard Diamond show when it became known that she owned the mystery legs.

The Mp3 on DVD Richard Diamond

24.9M The Barton Case

27.0M Ralph Chase Case

27.0M The Stolen Purse

27.0M The Betty Moran Case

27.0M Fred Sears Murder Case

26.7M The Tom Waxman Bombing Case

27.0M The Bloody Hat Case

27.1M Charles Walsh, Bob Wells

26.8M The Man Who Hated Women

26.8M The Martin Hyer Case

27.0M The Lynn Knight Case

26.7M The Jean Cooper Murder Case

26.8M The Eddie Garrett Case

27.0M The Harry Baker Case

27.0M The Van Dyke Seance Case

27.0M The Jerome J Jerome Case

27.0M The 200,000 Dollar Bundle

27.0M Gibson Murder Case

27.0M The Bogus Bills Case

27.0M Rene Bennet Protection Case

27.0M Bill Kirby Murder Case

27.0M The Singing Critic

27.0M 50,000 Dollar Diamond Heist

27.0M The Jacoby Case

27.0M William Carter Loses Memory

27.0M The Ruby Idol Case

27.0M The House Of Mystery Case

27.0M The John Blackwell Case

27.0M A Christmas Carol

27.0M Thomas Jason Case

27.0M Butchers and Protection Racket

27.0M Mr Victor’s Daughter

27.0M Martin White Sees Dead Men

27.0M To Guard A Seal

27.0M Elaine Tanner Case

27.1M The Jewel Thief

27.0M The Blind Man And The Cop Killer

27.1M Louis Spence Case

27.0M Joyce Wallace

27.0M Private Eye Test

27.0M Photographer’s Card

27.0M William Logan And The Ivory Statue

27.0M The Man Who Hated Women

27.1M Messenger Service, Patty Clark

27.0M The Ralph Baxter Case

13.6M Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars In Jewels

27.0M RDPD 501004 ep69 Mrs X Missing Husband

27.1M Mary Billman Killed

27.0M Mike Burton Murder Case

13.9M Ice Pick Murder

27.0M The Martha Campbell Kidnap Case

27.0M The Fixed Fight Case

27.1M Edna Wolfe Case

27.0M The Carnival Case

27.0M The Evans Farmer Case

27.0M The Big Foot Grafton Case

27.0M The Misplaced Laundry Case

27.0M The George Lexington Murder Case

27.0M The Bald Head Case

27.0M The Oklahoma Cowboy Murder Case

25.9M The Pete Rocco Case

27.0M The Homing Pigeon Case

27.0M Lt, Levinson Kidnapped

24.8M Dead Man’s Letter

22.2M Mona Lisa Murder

21.9M The Cover-Up Murders

27.0M Marilyn Conners Case

27.1M The Man With The Scar

27.0M The Rawlins Case

27.0M The Caspary Case

27.0M Blue Serge Suit

27.1M The Grey Man

27.0M The Lady In Distress

27.0M The Red Rose

27.0M The Butcher Shop

27.0M Monsieur Bouchon

27.0M Little Chiva

27.1M The Carnival

13.8M The Brown Envelope Case

27.0M Christmas Show

27.0M The Plaid Overcoat Case

27.2M Merry Go Round Case

26.9M White Cow Case

26.2M Simpson Case

27.0M The Al Brenners Case

27.0M The Garribaldi Case

27.0M The Eddie Burke Case

27.0M The Dixon Case

27.0M The Hank Burton Case

27.0M Mr. Walker’s Problem

27.0M The Enigma Of Big Ed

27.0M The William Holland Case

26.9M The Eight O’Clock Killer(Repeat of 50-11-22)

27.0M Missing Night Watchman (repeat 50-12-06)

26.9M Rifle Case (repeat 50-10-25)

23.1M Chapel Hill Police Officer Symposium Speech

27.5M Lt Levinson Kidnapped (repeat 50-10-18)

27.1M The Ice Pick Murder Case (repeat 50-07-12)

16.8M The Oklahoma Cowboy Murder Case (repeat 50-09-27)

27.0M The Hollywood Story (repeat 51-11-16)

11.2M Big Foot Grafton Case (50-08-30)

22.9M The Wolfe Murder Case (repeat 50-08-09)


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