Sam Spade Detective Suspense Old Time Radio Shows Audio Pulp Fiction Mp3 DVD

Sam Spade Detective Suspense Old Time Radio Shows Audio Pulp Fiction Mp3 DVD

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Who is Sam Spade?

Sam Spade is a fictional private detective and the protagonist of Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel, The Maltese Falcon. Spade also appeared in three lesser-known short stories by Hammett.
The Maltese Falcon, first published as a serial in the pulp magazine Black Mask, is the only full-length novel in which Spade appears. The character, however, is widely cited as a crystallizing figure in the development of hard-boiled private detective fiction – Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, for instance, was strongly influenced by Spade.
Spade was a departure from Hammett’s nameless and less-than-glamorous detective, The Continental Op. Spade combined several features of previous detectives, most notably his detached demeanor, keen eye for detail, and unflinching determination to achieve his own justice.
 The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective was a radio series based loosely on the private detective character Sam Spade, created by writer Dashiell Hammett for The Maltese Falcon. The show ran for 13 episodes on ABC in 1946, for 157 episodes on CBS in 1946-1949, and finally for 51 episodes on NBC in 1949-1951. The series starred Howard Duff (and later, Steve Dunne) as Sam Spade and Lurene Tuttle as his secretary Effie, and took a considerably more tongue-in-cheek approach to the character than the novel or movie. The announcer was Dick Joy.
The series was largely overseen by producer/director William Spier. In 1947, scriptwriters Jason James and Bob Tallman received an Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama from the Mystery Writers of America.
Before the series, Sam Spade had been played in radio adaptations of The Maltese Falcon by both Edward G. Robinson (in a 1943 Lux Radio Theater production) and by Humphrey Bogart (in a 1946 Academy Award Theater production), both on CBS.
Dashiell Hammett’s name was removed from the series in the late 1940s because he was being investigated for involvement with the Communist Party. Later, when Howard Duff’s name appeared in the Red Channels book, he was not invited to play the role when the series made the switch to NBC in 1950.

Whats on the DVD? the following MP3s

01 The Adventures Of Sam Spade Intro.mp3

02 Samuel Dashiell Hammett Biography.mp3

03 Howard Duff Biography.mp3

04 Lurene Tuttle Biography.mp3

1948-06-27 – Bail Bond Caper.mp3

1948-08-22 – Valphino Cup Caper.mp3

1948-xx-xx – Stopped Watch Caper.mp3

1950-11-24 – Terrified Turkey Caper.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-10-28 (240)CaseOfABoyNamedTony.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-11-11 (242)SorryWrongRhumba.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-11-18 (243)CaseOfTheRussianDiplomat.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-12-02 (245)CaseOfTheCurbstoneMurder.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-12-09 (246)CaseOfTwoGunGertie.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-12-16 (247)ItWasTimeForAChange.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-12-23 (248)I’mAllYoursInButtons&Bows.mp3

A&C SamShovel 48-12-30 (249)TheMurderAtTheRadioQuizShow.mp3

A&C SamShovel 49-01-27 (253)GeneralCuster’sLastHamburger.mp3

A&C SamShovel 49-03-03 (258)CaughtWithHisPrintsDown.mp3

A&C SamShovel 49-04-28 (266)Tony’sHomePermanent.mp3

A&C SamShovel 49-05-19 (265)DustBeMyDestiny.mp3


BBC – The Maltese Falcon Parts 1 – 4.mp3

BBC Sam Spade – (The Original Private Eye).mp3

BBC SaturdayNightTheater-D.Hammett’sMalteseFalcon 1-4.mp3

BBC SaturdayNightTheater-D.Hammett’sMalteseFalcon 2-4.mp3

BBC SaturdayNightTheater-D.Hammett’sMalteseFalcon 3-4.mp3

BBC SaturdayNightTheater-D.Hammett’sMalteseFalcon 4-4.mp3

Burns & Allen.mp3

Burns&Allen(1949-02-10)Sam Spade.mp3

FredAllen 1948-11-07 Sam Shovel, Private Eye.mp3


Prodigal Panda Caper.mp3

Sam Spade In The Original Private Eye.Mp3

SamSpade 46-08-02(004)Sam&Psyche(ABC).mp3

SamSpade 47-06-08(050)TheCalcuttaTrunkCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 47-06-15(051)TheConvertibleCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 47-10-05(067)TheAdamFiggCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 47-11-09(072)TheBowWindowCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-01-04(080)TheOneHourCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-01-25(083)TheGoldKeyCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-06-20(104)TheDeathBedCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-06-27(105)TheBail BondCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-07-04(106)TheRushlightDiamondCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-07-11(107)TheWheelOfLifeCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-07-18(108)TheMissingNewshawkCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-07-25(109)TheMadScientistCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-08-01(110)TheDryMartiniCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-08-08(111)TheBluebeardCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-08-15(112)TheCriticalAuthorCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-08-22(113)TheVaphioCupCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-08-29(114)TheLawlessCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-09-12(116)TheLazarusCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-09-19(117)TheHot 100 GrandCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-09-26(118)TheDickFoleyCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-10-03(119)TheSugarKaneCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-10-24(122)TheInsomniaCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 48-10-31(123)TheFairly-BrightCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 48-11-07(124)The SQP Caper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 48-11-28(127)TheQuarter-EagleCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 48-12-12(129)TheBouncingBettyCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-01-16(134)TheBetrayal InBumpassHell(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-03-27(144)TheLoveLetterCaper(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-04-10(146)TheStoppedWatchCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-04-17(147)EdithHamilton(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-05-01(149)TheBattlesOfBelvedere(CBS)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-06-05(154)TheOverjordCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-06-19(156)TheAppleOfEveCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-07-10(159)TheQueenBeeCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-07-24(161)TheTearsOfNightCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-08-07(163)TheChampionCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-08-28(166)TheProdigalDaughterCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-09-25(170)TheIndianCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 49-11-06(176)TheCheesecakeCaper(NBC)(AFRS).mp3

SamSpade 49-12-04(180)TheFlopsyMopsy&CottontailCaper(CBS).mp3

SamSpade 50-05-18(000)TheRedAmapolaCaper(NBC)(rehearsal).mp3

SamSpade 50-05-23(000)TheHonestThiefCaper(NBC)(rehearsal).mp3

SamSpade 50-09-03(219)TheFarmer’sDaughterCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-11-17(222)TheCaperOverMyDeadBody(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-11-24(223)TheTerrifiedTurkeyCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-12-01(224)TheDogBedCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-12-08(225)TheDryGulchCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-12-15(226)The 25-12345679 Caper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 50-12-29(228)TheProdigalPandaCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-01-05(229)TheBiddleRiddleCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-01-12(230)TheRedStarCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-01-19(231)TheCloak&DaggerCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-01-26(232)TheChateauMcCloudCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-02-02(233)TheStringOfDeathCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-02-09(234)TheSureThingCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-02-16(235)TheSoapOperaCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-02-23(236)TheShotInTheDarkCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-03-02(237)TheCrabLouisCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-03-09(238)TheSpanishPrisonerCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-03-16(239)TheSinisterSirenCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-03-23(240)TheKimberleyCrossCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-03-30(241)TheVendettaCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-04-06(242)TheDennyShaneCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-04-13(243)TheCivicPrideCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-04-20(244)TheRowdyDowserCaper(NBC).mp3

SamSpade 51-04-27(245)TheHail&FarewellCaper(NBC).mp3

Suspense 46-12-05 TheHouseInCypressCanyon.mp3

Suspense 48-01-10 (Sam Spade)TheKandiTooth.mp3

The Adventures Of Sam Spade (OTRR Certified – Ver 2)(CD 2).CRC

The Calcutta Trunk Caper.mp3

The Death Bed Caper.mp3

The Denny Shane Caper.mp3

The Farmer’s Daughter Caper.mp3

The First Nighter Program – Sam Spade Spoof.mp3

The Vafio Cup Caper.mp3


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