Telephone Telegraph Morse Code History Communicate Vintage Books Cd Collection

Telephone Telegraph Morse Code History
Communicate Vintage Books Cd Collection

This cd is designed to work on most computer operating systems, including the MAC.

These are full version rare books….  Very readable even though some pages are yellowed.

  It comes in pdf Format

ABC of the Telephone 1901 PDF 13 mb

American Telegraph Practice 1913 PDF 12 mb

American Telegraphy and Encyclopedia of the Telegraph 1909 PDF 41 mb

American Telephone Practice 1905 PDF 80 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 1 Central Offices 1903 PDF 2 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 2 Underground Conduit 1903 PDF 7 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 3 Cable Plant1903 PDF 5 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 4 Aerial Lines 1903 PDF 8 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 5 Substations 1903 PDF 21 mb

Design Construction and Operation of Telephone Exchanges Vol 6 Switchboards 1903 PDF 9 mb

Electricity Magnetism and Electric Telegraphy 1883 PDF 12 mb

Maxwells Theory and Wireless Telegraphy 1904 PDF 6 mb

Telegraph Engineering 1915 PDF 7 mb

Telegraphy 1905 PDF 10 mb

Telephone Construction and Methods and Cost 1908 PDF 8 mb

Telephones and Telegraphs 1902 PDF 12 mb

The Age of Electricity from Amber Soul to Telephone 1901 PDF 23 mb

The Experience and Observations of a Railroad Telegraph Operator 1878 PDF 9 mb

The History and Progress of the Electric Telegraph 1869 PDF 8 mb

The Military Telegraph During the Civil War Vol 1 1882 PDF 12 mb

The Military Telegraph During the Civil War Vol 2 1882 PDF 13 mb

The Practical Telephone Handbook and Guide to the Telephonic Exchange 1906 PDF 19 mb

The Story of the 406Th Telegraph Battalion 1921 PDF 17 mb

The Telegraph Instructor 1870 PDF 2 mb

The Telephone-An Account 1877 PDF 3 mb

Theory and Practice of the Electric Telegraph 1875 PDF 9 mb

Twentieth Century Manual of Railway and Commercial Telegraphy 1902 PDF 6 mb

A history of electric telegraphy, to the year 1837 – J Fahie 1884

A history of wireless telegraphy, 1838-1899; including some bare-wire proposals for subaqueous telegraphs – J. J. Fahie 1899

A Manual of Military Telegraphy for the Signal Service, United States Army – 1872

A story of the telegraph – J. Murray 1905

A study of wireless telegraphy and wireless telephony – A. M. Eleazarian 1915

A treatise upon wireless telegraphy and telephony – C. I. Hoppough 1912

Aetheric or wireless telegraphy – R. G. Blaine 1905

An elementary manual of radiotelegraphy and radiotelephony for students and operators – J. A. Fleming 1916

Basic Theory and Application of Electron Tubes – Depts of the Army & Air Force1952

Detecting efficiency of the resistance-capacity coupled amplifier to 6000 meters – W. G. Brombacher 1922

Electric oscillations and Electric waves; with application to radiotelegraphy and incidental application to telephony and optics – G. W. Pierce 1920

Electrical measurements and meter testing – D Moreton 1915

Elements of radio telephony – W Ballard 1922

Elements of radiotelegraphy – E. W. Stone 1919

Experimental wireless stations – P. E. Edelman 1922

Experiments in wireless telegraphy – L. Dolkart 1903

Frequency measurements in wireless telegraphy – W. H. Hyslop 1911

Hertzian wave wireless telegraphy – J. A. Fleming 1905

How to make a wireless set – A. Moore 1911

Important events in radiotelegraphy – U.S. Bureau of Navigation 1916

Improvements in apparatus employed in wireless telegraphy – G. Marconi 1899

Inside The Vacuum Tube – J Rider 1945

Lives of the electricians. Professors Tyndall, Wheatstone, and Morse – W Jeans 1887

Manual of the Marconi Institute for training in radio communications and allied vocations – Radio Institute of America 1918

Manual of wireless telegraphy and telephony – A Collins 1913

Marconi Service News Volume 2 –  Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America 1917

Marconi, the man and his wireless – O. E. Dunlap 1937

Masters of space Morse and the telegraph; …  Marconi and the wireless telegraph …. – W Towers 1917

Morse’s patent. Full exposure of Dr. Chas. T. Jackson’s pretensions to the invention of the American electro-magnetic telegraph – A Kendall 1852

Practical radio – H S Williams 1922

Practical radio including the testing of radio receiving sets  – J Moyer 1924

Practical uses of the wave meter in wireless telegraphy – J. O. Mauborgne 1913

Practical wireless telegraphy; a complete text book for students of radio communication – E. E. Bucher 1917

Principles of radio communication – J. H. Morecroft 1921

Principles of radiotelegraphy – C. M. Jansky 1919

Principles of wireless telegraphy – G. W. Pierce 1910

Propagation of electric currents in telephone & telegraph conductors – J fleming 1911

Radio engineering principles – H. Lauer 1920

Radio instruments and measurements. Issued March 23, 1918

Radio simplified – how to build and operate the apparatus – L Kendall 1923

Radio, miracle of the 20th century – F Drinker 1922

Radiotelegraphy – C. C. F. Monckton 1908

Radiotelegraphy  U.S. Signal Corps.  Revised October 1916 (1917)

Regulations for United States military telegraph lines, Alaskan cables, and wireless telegraph stations – U.S. Signal Corps 1912

Regulations governing commercial radio service between ship and shore stations by US Army Signal Corps 1914

Report of Wireless Telegraphy Commission – W Eccles 1922

Robison’s Manual of radio telegraphy and telephony for the use of naval electricians – S. S. Robison 1918

Samuel Finley Breese Morse – J Trowbridge 1901

Signalling across space without wires. Being a description of the work of Hertz & his successors – O. Lodge 1900

Signals from the Atlantic Cable – C van Rensselaer 1858

Tales of the telegraph; the story of a telegrapher’s life and adventures in railroad, commercial, and military work – J Brady 1889

Telegraph station on Green Island, in the River St. Lawrence 1856

Telegraphs for the United States – United States Dept. of Treasurey 1837

Text-book on wireless telegraphy Vol 1 – R Stanley 1919

Text-book on wireless telegraphy Vol 2 – R Stanley 1919

The A B C of vacuum tubes in radio reception – E. H. Lewis 1922

The A B C of wireless telegraphy – E. Trevert 1904

The design and construction of a practical wireless telegraph station – R. M. Spurck 1910

The elementary principles of wireless telegraphy – R. D. Bangay 1914

The laying of the cable, or the ocean telegraph – J Mullaly 1858

The life of Samuel F.B. Morse, LL. D. Inventor of the electro-magnetic recording telegraph – S Prime 1875

The ocean wireless boys on the Atlantic – W. Lawton 1914

The oscillation valve, the elementary principles of its application to wireless telegraphy – R. D. Bangay 1919

The outline of radio – J. V. L. Hogan 1923

The principles of electric wave telegraphy – J. A. Fleming 1906

The principles underlying radio communication – United States Army Signal Corps 1922

The radio amateurs hand book 1936

The story of the Atlantic cable – C Bright 1903

The story of the telegraph, and a history of the great Atlantic cable – C Briggs 1858

The story of wireless telegraphy – A. T. Story 1904

The telegraph in American and Morse memorial – J Reid 1886

The thermionic vacuum tube and its applications – H. J. Van Der Bijl 1920

The unilateral dynamic characteristics of three-electrode vacuum tubes – J. G. Frayne 1922

The Wireless age Magazine 23 Volumes

The wireless experimenter’s manual – E. E. Bucher 1920

The wireless telegraphist’s pocket book of notes, formulae, and calculations – J. A. Fleming 1915

Theory of Coupled Circuits, under the Action of an Impressed EEMF, with Applications to Radiotelegraphy – J Pierce Jan 1st 1911 [30-page Article]

Thermionic tubes in radio telegraphy and telephony – J. Scott-taggart 1921

Traffic rules and regulations –  Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America 1917

Vacuum tubes in wireless communication – a practical textbook for operators and experimenters – E. E. Bucher 1918

Wireless course in twenty lessons – H. W. Secor 1912

Wireless telegraph construction for amateurs – A P Morgan 1914

Wireless telegraphy – C Fortescue 1913

Wireless telegraphy – G Eichhorn 1906

Wireless telegraphy – its origins, development, inventions, and apparatus – C. H. Sewall 1904

Wireless telegraphy – J Zenneck 1915

Wireless telegraphy and Hertzian waves – S Bottone 1910

Wireless telegraphy and high frequency electricity – H. L. V. Twining 1909

Wireless telegraphy and telephony – D. Mazzotto 1906

Wireless telegraphy and telephony simply explained – A. P. Morgan 1913

Wireless telegraphy and wireless telephony – … the science of wireless transmission of intelligence – G Ashley 1912

Wireless telegraphy and wireless telephony. An understandable presentation of the science – C Ashley 1912

Wireless telegraphy; a handbook for the use of operators and students – W. H. Marchant 1914

Wireless telegraphy; a popular exposition –  G. W. Tunzelmann 1902

Wireless Telegraphy; its history, theory and practice – A Collins 1905

Wireless time signals. Radio-telegraphic time and weather signals transmitted from the Eiffel Tower, and their reception 1915


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