Tennessee Civil War History Genealogy 113 Rare Vintage Regiments Books on DVD

Tennessee Civil War History Genealogy 113 Rare Vintage Regiments Books on DVD

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Whats on the DVD?

List of Ebooks you get on DVD

    1. East Tennessee and the civil war by Oliver Perry Temple – (1899)

    2. The loyal mountaineers of Tennessee by Thomas William Humes – (1888)

    3. The First Tennessee Regiment, United States Volunteers by Will Thomas Hale – (1899)

    4. Old Nineteenth Tennessee regiment, C. S. A by William Johnson Worsham – (1902)

    5. Tennessee in the war, 1861-1865; lists of military organizations and officers from Tennessee in both the Confederate and Union armies; general and staff officers of the provisional army of Tennessee, appointed by Governor Isham G. Harris by Marcus Joseph Wright – (1908)

    6. A brief narrative of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Wheeler’s Corps, Army of Tennessee by George B. Guild – (1913)

    7. Campaigns and battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers, in the war between the states, with incidental sketches of the part performed by other Tennessee troops in the by Thomas A. Head – (1885)

    8. Personal record of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Infantry by Alfred J. Vaughan – (1897)

    9. Battles and sketches of the Army of Tennessee by Bromfield Lewis Ridley – (1906)

    10. Down in Tennessee, and back by way of Richmond. by James R. Gilmore – (1864)

    11. Who planned the Tennessee campaign of 1862? or, Anna Ella Carroll vs. Ulysses S. Grant : a few generally unknown facts in regard to our Civil War by Matilda Joslyn Gage – (1880)

    12. Hancock’s diary: or, A history of the Second Tennessee Confederate cavalry by Richard R. Hancock – (1887)
      “Co. Aytch” : Maury Grays, First Tennessee Regiment, or, a side show of the big show by Samuel R Watkins – (1900)
      First reunion of the survivors of the Army of the Tennessee and its four corps by Association of Survivors of the Army of Tennessee – (1892)

    13. History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A by William Josiah McMurray – (1904)

    14. The retreat from Pulaski to Nashville, Tenn.; battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30th, 1864; by Levi Tucker Scofield – (1909)

    15. The Battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee : read after the stated meeting held February 2d, 1907 by John K. Sheelenberger – (1907)

    16. History of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, U. S. A. : including a narrative of the bridge burning; the Carter County rebellion, and the loyalty, heroism and suffering of the Union men and women of Carter and Johnson counties, Tennessee, during the Civil War … by Samuel W. Scott – (1903)

    17. History of the First regiment of Tennessee volunteer cavalry in the great war of the rebellion, with the armies of the Ohio and Cumberland, under Generals Marogan, Rosecrans, Thomas, Stanley and Wilson by William Randolph Carter – (1902)

    18. Letters and memorials of an East Tennessee Union soldier, in behalf of his long suffering and oppressed countrymen, under rebel anarchy in 1861-2-3-4- still in the midst of war, desolation, and wide-spread famine by Peter H. Grisham – (1864)

    19. Stone’s river, the turning-point of the Civil War by Wilson J. Vance – (1914)

    20. The Regular brigade of the Fourteenth army corps, the Army of the Cumberland, in the battle of Stone River, or Murfreesboro’, Tennessee, from December 31st, 1862, to January 3d, 1863, both dates inclusive by Frederick Phisterer – (1883)

    21. The artillery of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry, “the wizard of the saddle,” by John Watson Morton – (1909)

    22. Notes of a private, Tennessee Cavalry. 7th Regt., Co. E by John Milton Hubbard – (1909)

    23. History of the rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee by J.S. Hurlburt – (1866)

Tennessee History Genealogy

  1. A history of Tennessee from 1663 to 1911, for use in schools (1911) – McGee, Gentry Richard

  2. A narrative of the life of David Crockett, of the state of Tennessee (1834) – Crockett, Davy; Carey, Hart & Company; Carey, E. L; Hart, A.

  3. A school history of Tennessee (1919) – Dyer, Gustavus Walker

  4. Aboriginal sites on Tennessee River (1915) – Moore, Clarence B.

  5. Admission of Tennessee (1866) – Tennessee. Citizen
    Andrew Jackson and early Tennessee history (1918) – Heiskell, Samuel Gordon

  6. Andrew Johnson, military governor of Tennessee (1916) – Hall, Clifton R.

  7. Calvin Morgan McClung historical collection of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, pictures and maps relating to early western travel and the history and genealogy of Tennessee and other southern states (1921) – McClung, Calvin Morgan

  8. Catalogue of the officers and students of Fisk University : Nashville, Tennessee, for the college year 1883-4 (1884)
    Centennial album of Nashville, Tennessee containing exposition buildings officers of the exposition, representative citizens, public buildings, business houses, and private residences (1896)

  9. Chattanooga and Hamilton county, Tenn (1897) – Ochs, George Washington

  10. Descriptive and historical guide to Chattanooga (1892) – Severance, Margaret A. E.

  11. Disunion and restoration in Tennessee (1899) – Neal, John Randolph

  12. Down in Tennessee, and back by way of Richmond. (1864) – Gilmore, James R.

  13. Dropped stitches in Tennessee history (1897) – Allison, John

  14. Early history of Middle Tennessee (1909) – Albright, Edward

  15. Escape from East Tennessee to the federal lines. The history, given as nearly as possible (1910) – Ragan, Robert A

  16. Fain’s critical and analytical index and genealogical guide to Ramsey’s Annals of Tennessee (1920) – Fain, John Tryee

  17. First reunion of the survivors of the Army of the Tennessee and its four corps (1892) – Association of survivors of the Army of the Tennessee

  18. Fisk University. History, building and site, and services of dedication, at Nashville, Tennessee, January 1, 1876
    Guide book to Lookout mountain and brief account of battles fought near Chattanooga, Tennessee .. (1876) – Baker, Clarence W.

  19. High lights of Chattanooga history, turned on in advance from chapters of a forthcoming History of Chattanooga (1917) – Wiltse, Henry Martin

  20. Historic city, Chattanooga; containing views and descriptive matter of historic points of interest, scenery, pictures of old and new buildings, leading men, etc., all artistically and pleasingly intermingled (1915) – Webster, Susie McCarver, Mrs

  21. Historic Sullivan; a history of Sullivan County, Tennessee, with brief biographies of the makers of history (1909) – Taylor, Oliver

  22. History of DeKalb county, Tennessee (1915) – Hale, Will T. (Will Thomas)

  23. History of middle Tennessee Baptists : with special reference to Salem, New Salem, Enon and Wiseman associations (1902) – Grime, J. H. (John Harvey)

  24. History of Tennessee : the making of a state (1888) – Phelan, James

  25. History of Tennessee, from its earliest discoveries and settlements (1896) – Free, George D

  26. History of Tennessee, its people and its institutions (1900) – Garrett, William Robertson; Goodpasture, Albert Virgil
    History of the church in the Diocese of Tennessee (1900) – Noll, Arthur Howard

  27. History of the rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee (1866) – Hurlburt, J. S

  28. History of the University of the South, at Sewanee, Tennessee : from its founding by the southern bishops, clergy, and laity of the Episcopal Church in 1857 to the year 1905 (1905) – Fairbanks, George R. (George Rainsford)

  29. It happened in Nashville, Tennessee (1912) – Beard, William Ewing

  30. Maury County, the blue-grass region of Tennessee. Its agricultural and mineralogical resources, including a view of the county seat, the city of Columbia. Her commerce and industries, schools and churches, past development and future possibilities. Facts for practical minds (1877)

  31. Memorial to the Fifty-fourth General assembly of Tennessee regarding the collection of the Tennessee historical society (1905)

  32. Memphis, the metropolis of Tennessee (1907)

  33. Montgomery County, Tennessee .. (1900)

  34. Notable men of Tennessee, from 1833 to 1875, their times and their contemporaries (1912) – Temple, Oliver Perry

  35. Old times in west Tennessee (1873) – Williams, Joseph S.

  36. Parson Brownlow, and the Unionists of East Tennessee: with a sketch of his life … together with an interesting account of Buell’s occupation of Tennessee (1862) – Brownlow, William Gannaway

  37. Proceedings of the Tennessee historical society, at Murfreesboro’, Tenn., December 8, 1885 (1886)
    Rugby, Morgan county, Tennessee, settlement founded October 5th, 1880 (1880)

  38. Rugby, Tennessee; being some account of the settlement founded on the Cumberland plateau by the Board of aid to land ownership, limited; a company incorporated in England, and authorized to hold and deal in land by act of the legislature of the state of Tennessee; (1881) – Hughes, Thomas

  39. Shiloh; or, The Tennessee Campaign of 1862: (1872) – Worthington, Thomas

  40. Sketch of Harvey’s scouts, formerly of Jackson’s cavalry division, Army of Tennessee; … a part of the second volume of Claiborne’s History of Mississippi (1885) – Claiborne, John Francis Hamtramck

  41. Sketches and eccentricities of Col. David Crockett, of West Tennessee (1833)

  42. Standard history of Knoxville, Tennessee, with full outline of the natural advantages, early settlement, territorial government, Indian troubles and general and particular history of the city down to the present time (1900) – Rule, William, editor; Mellen, George Frederick, joint editor; Wooldridge, John

  43. Studies in the constitutional history of Tennessee (1895) – Caldwell, Joshua W. (Joshua William)

  44. Tennessee department of library, archives, and history (1922)

  45. Tennessee historical magazine Vol 2 – 326 pages

  46. Tennessee historical magazine Vol 4 – 310 pages

  47. Tennessee historical magazine Vol 5 – 310 pages

  48. Tennessee in the war, 1861-1865; lists of military organizations and officers from Tennessee in both the Confederate and Union armies; general and staff officers of the provisional army of Tennessee, appointed by Governor Isham G. Harris (c1908) – Wright, Marcus Joseph

  49. The antiquities of Tennessee and the adjacent states, and the state of aboriginal society in the scale of civilization represented by them; a series of historical and ethnological studies (1897) – Thruston, Gates Phillips

  50. The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864 : a monograph (1897) – Cox, Jacob D.

  51. The battle of Spring Hill, Tennessee, November 29, 1864; (1913) – Shellenberger, John K.

  52. The civil and political history of the state of Tennessee from its earliest settlement up to the year 1796, including the boundaries of the state (1891) – Haywood, John, 1762-1826; Colyar, Arthur St. Clair, 1818-1907; Armstrong, Zella

  53. The conquest of the old Southwest; the romantic story of the early pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, 1740-1790 (1920) – Henderson, Archibald

  54. The history of Tennessee, from its earliest settlement to the present time (1854) – Carpenter, W. H. (William Henry)

  55. The Honor Roll, Gibson County, Tennessee, U. S. A., 1917-1918-1919 (1920)

  56. The life of Joseph Bishop, the celebrated old pioneer in the first settlements of middle Tennessee, embracing his wonderful adventures and narrow escapes with the Indians, his animating and remarkable hunting excursions. Interspersed with racy anecdotes of those early times (1858) – Gray, John W

  57. The loyal mountaineers of Tennessee (1888) – Humes, Thomas William

  58. The Negro in Tennessee, 1790-1865; a study in southern politics (1922) – Patterson, C. Perry Vol 1

  59. The Negro in Tennessee, 1790-1865; a study in southern politics (1922) – Patterson, C. Perry Vol 2

  60. The patriots and guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky. The sufferings of the patriots (1863) – Brents, J. A.

  61. The pioneers of Nashville, and of Tennessee … A historical novel of narrative, about the first settlers of this commonwealth of 1780 (1880) – May, Charles

  62. The retreat from Pulaski to Nashville, Tenn.; battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30th, 1864; (1909) – Scofield, Levi Tucker

  63. The secession and reconstruction of Tennessee .. (1898) – Fertig, James Walter

  64. Two years of Harriman, Tennessee (1892) – East Tennessee Land Company

  65. All about Nashville (1912) – Clarke, Ida Clyde

  66. Battle of Nashville, Tenn (1860)

  67. Catalogue of the officers and students of Roger Williams University, Nashville, Tenn. : for the academic year 1884-85, with the courses of study (1885)

  68. Davidson County women in the world war, 1914-1919 (1923) – Gilmore, Rose Long

  69. Nashville and her trade for 1870 : a work containing information valuable alike to merchants, manufacturers, mechanics, emigrants and capitalists … (1870) – Röbert, Charles Edwin

  70. Old days in Nashville, Tenn (1897) – Thomas, Jane Henry; Kelley, Sarah Foster

  71. Polk’s Nashville (Davidson county, Tenn.) city directory (1865)

  72. Presbyterianism in Nashville : a compilation of historic data (1904) – Jacobs, William States

  73. The charter of the city of Nashville : mayor and city council form of government (1921)

  74. City of Memphis, Shelby county, Tennessee (1876) – Avery, William T.

  75. Denson’s Memphis directory, for 1865 (1865) – Denson, A. Clark

  76. Heroes and heroines of Memphis; or Reminiscences of the yellow fever epidemics that afflicted the city of Memphis during the autumn months of 1873, 1878 and 1879, to which is added: A graphic description of missionary life in Eastern Arkansas (1887) – Quinn, D. A. (Denis Alphonsus)

  77. History of Memphis : the history of the city of Memphis, being a compilation of the most important documents and historical events connected with the purchase of its territory, laying off of the city and early settlement ; (1873) – Davis, James D

  78. Memphis, 1908 year book (1908)

  79. Memphis, the metropolis of Tennessee (1907)

  80. The builders of the pyramid; the story of Shelby County: its resources and developments (1897) – Williams, Joseph R

  81. The old guard in gray (1897) – Mathes, James Harvey
    History of Bradley County Tennessee

  82. Hand-book of Tennessee by A. W. Hawkins, Henry E. Colton – Tennessee – 1882

  83. Life of General Robert Hatton: Including His Most Important Public Speeches by James Vaulx Drake – Tennessee – 1867

  84. Notable Men of Tennessee: From 1833 to 1875, Their Times and Their … by Oliver Perry Temple, Mary Boyce Temple – Tennessee – 1912

  85. Old Tales Retold: Or, Perils and Adventures of Tennessee Pioneers by Octavia Louise Zollicoffer Bond – Tennessee – 1906

  86. Spring Notes from Tennessee by Bradford Torrey – Natural history – 1896

  87. Tennessee Sketches by Louisa Preston Looney – Tennessee – 1901

  88. The Story of Old Fort Loudon by Mary Noailles Murfree – Cherokee Indians – 1898

  89. Visiting the Sin: A Tale of Mountain Life in Kentucky and Tennessee by Emma Rayner – Mountain life – 1900

  90. History of Davidson County, Tennessee. With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers

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