The Whistler Detective Suspense Old Time Radio Shows Audio Pulp Fiction Mp3 DVD

The Whistler Detective Suspense Old Time Radio Shows Audio Pulp Fiction Mp3 DVD

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 Who is The Whistler?

The Whistler is an American radio mystery drama which ran from May 16, 1942, until September 22, 1955, on the west-coast regional CBS radio network. The show was also broadcast in Chicago and over Armed Forces Radio. On the west coast, it was sponsored by the Signal Oil Company: “That whistle is your signal for the Signal Oil program, The Whistler.” There were also two short-lived attempts to form east-coast broadcast spurs: July 3 to September 25, 1946, sponsored by the Campbell Soup Company; and March 26, 1947, to September 29, 1948, sponsored by Household Finance. The program was also adapted into a film noir series by Columbia Pictures in 1944.
“The Whistler” was always one of my favorites !
Great shows, great casts, great scripts.
Like “Inner Sanctum” & “Suspense” it was an anthology series…unlike those two shows, it didn’t always use “name” stars in the cast.
But, great OTR Pros made their own impact on the genre and, eventually, made names for themselves: Gerald Mohr (“Phillip Marlowe”), Elliot Lewis, Cathy Lewis, Hans Conreid, Bill Johnstone (who had been “The Shadow”), Lurene Tuttle, and many others.
Joseph Kearns, and a few others, played the narrator through the years, and when the show was sponsored by Signal Gasoline, Marvin Miller (a St. Louis native) was the shows announcer & also the narrator for a number of episodes.
BUT the most popular narrator was Bill Forman who reigned almost through the entire run of the Signal Gasoline sponsorship.
However, in regards to the below post, Jack Webb was never “The Whistler” narrator, or its announcer, but did act in a few of the shows.

Check out the Sound Quality by playing video below thanks

Whats on the DVD? the following MP3s

The Whistler 1951 and 1952

6.4M Hit an Drun

6.9M The Little Things

5.9M Treasure Hunt

6.9M Trade Mark

6.9M Murder over Burma

5.4M Spell In Green

6.8M Man in the Storm

6.2M High Death

6.7M Two and One Makes Murder

6.7M A Matter of Courtesy

6.6M Custom-Made Murder

5.9M Seattle Take Three

6.4M A Law of Physics

6.2M Man in the Trench Coat

5.6M Attempted Murder

4.9M Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

6.6M The Fight Game

6.7M Taken for a Ride

6.8M The Other Hand

6.8M Curiosity Killed the Cat

6.8M Episode Thunder Mountain

6.8M Bad Penny

6.8M Borrowed Byline

6.8M Shakedown

6.8M Little Red Book

6.8M Rose for Pamela

6.8M Matter of Time

6.8M Whirlpool

6.8M Breakaway

6.7M Homecoming

6.7M Element X

6.8M Saturday Night

6.8M Lady in Waiting

6.7M A Matter of Odds

6.7M Determined Traveler

6.1M Charming Hostess

4.6M A Case for Mr Carrington

6.8M Man in the Way

The Whistler 1950

6.6M Evening Stroll

5.2M Return to Riondo

6.5M Escape to Scull Island

6.1M The Go Between

5.8M Burden Of Guilt

6.7M Dead Reckoning

6.6M Five Cent Toll

7.0M Appointment for Murder

6.5M Chinese Elephant Puzzle

13.3M Strange Meeting

6.7M Oriana Affair

7.0M Lady in the Snow

7.0M Lady with a Key

6.9M Dark Voyage

6.7M Murder In Mind

6.7M Return With The Spray

6.4M Fatal Error

6.5M Blue Alibi

6.8M The Return

6.6M Rebound

6.7M Jessica

6.7M Manhunt

6.3M Quiet Sunday

6.1M Devoted Couple

5.9M Attorney For The Defense

5.9M With My Own Eyes

6.5M Undercurrent

6.3M Whirlwind

6.2M The Golden Penny

6.3M Deadly Rumor

6.6M Dear Diary

6.1M Fatal Action

6.0M The Intruder

6.1M Just Like a Man

6.6M Clock on the Tower

6.6M Flee from Evil

6.7M Three Wise Guys

7.0M Big Jump

7.2M Evening Stroll

The Whistler 1949

6.9M Man on the Roof

6.8M Tell Tale Brand

5.9M Shakedown

6.7M Impulse

6.2M All Damage Covered

6.1M The Cheat

7.1M The Last Curtain

6.0M Ticket to Paris

6.3M Grave Secret

6.8M Search for Maxine

5.8M Death of Mr Penny

6.7M Beyond the Wall

6.5M Rawhide Coffin

5.8M Murder At Twin Pines

6.9M Sleep My Pretty One

6.5M Mask For Kinsella

5.9M Solid Citizen

4.9M Danger is a Beautiful Blonde

6.9M Golden Opportunity

5.4M Fatal Fraud

6.8M Deal with Death

6.6M Letter to Melanie

6.6M Perfect Alibi

6.4M That Physical Fact

6.1M Final Decree

6.8M Panic on Mulberry Street

6.0M Front Man

5.9M Death in 16mm

6.8M The Hermit

6.7M Brotherly Hate

6.8M Trigger Man

6.8M Best Friend

6.7M The Confession

6.7M The Eager Pigeon

6.7M Smart Girl

6.7M Brief Pause For Murder

6.7M Poor Henry

6.8M Incident at Arroyo Grande

6.7M A Women’s Privilege

6.8M A Rose for Pamela

6.5M Best Man

6.6M Debt of Honor

6.8M Ticket to Murder

6.8M New Mrs Devlin

6.8M Incident at Pebble Cove

6.8M Letters from Aaron Burr

6.7M Cleaver Mr Farley

5.3M Impulse

6.8M Swan Song

6.8M Patroness of Murder

6.8M Letter From Cynthia

The Whistler 1948

6.8M Comeback

6.9M Silent Partner

6.8M Twelve Portraits of Marcia

6.6M Night Final

6.8M Undertow

6.9M Rosalind

5.5M Quiet Suicide

6.8M Meeting on Tenth Street

6.8M Boiling Point

6.7M Return Engagement

6.7M The Human Catalyst

6.8M The Dark Room

6.7M Bird of Prey

6.8M What Makes a Murderer

6.7M Till Death Do Us Part

6.8M Silent City

11.2M Tough Guy

6.6M Chain Reaction

6.5M Murder On Margin

6.7M A Stranger in the House

6.8M Concerto of Death

6.8M Small Town Girl

7.0M Fatal Appointment

6.9M Farewell Party

5.9M Lady of The Sea

6.8M Question Of Murder

6.0M Enough Rope

5.8M Bright Future

6.7M Trio of Rogues

6.8M Payment In Full

6.5M Uncle Ben’s Widow

6.8M Still Death

6.8M Conspiracy

6.9M Big Gamble

6.7M Whirlpool

6.4M Package for Emily

6.5M Search for an Unknown

6.4M Letter From Yesterday

6.7M Cover Up

6.7M Nightmare

7.0M The Lovely Look

5.9M Murder in Paradise

6.1M Hired Alibi

6.9M Stormy Weather

7.0M The Hangtree Affair

7.0M Delayed Christmas Present

The Whistler 1947

6.9M Dear Roger

7.2M The Choice

6.2M Last Curtain

6.9M Night Melody

4.9M Seven Steps To Murder

6.7M Safety in Numbers

7.1M A Woman’s Privilege

7.0M Eight to Twelve

6.7M Blue Legend

6.7M Murder of Byron Blake

6.7M Mavis Cameron Disappears

7.0M Lady with the Knife

6.7M The Blank Wall

7.0M The Sheriff’s Assistant

6.8M Maid of Honor

6.7M Backlash

6.8M The Black Book

6.8M Windfall

6.7M Hasty Conclusion

6.8M Fateful Friday

6.8M Caesar’s Wife

6.9M Juggernaut

6.8M Ambassador of Death

6.7M The Gentle Way

5.6M The Lives of Colby Fletcher

6.4M Beyond Reasonable Doubt

6.9M Borrowed Byline

6.9M Dark Future

7.0M Whispered Verdict

6.8M Girl Next Door

6.0M Curtain Call

6.8M The Eleventh Hour

6.6M The Bridge On Black Mountain

6.8M Death and the Emperor

6.9M Sleep My Pretty One

6.7M Career Man

6.8M Man of Distnction

4.6M A Case For Mr. Carrington

6.7M The Back Door

4.7M The Big Prison

6.7M Dark Moon

6.7M The Body off Billingsgate

6.8M Professor and the Fox

7.0M Wedding Gift

7.0M Murder in Haste

6.7M Decision

6.9M The First Year

The Whistler 1946

6.9M The Thin Line

5.3M Hit And Run

6.6M Treasure Hunt

6.5M The Strange Sisters

6.7M Panic

6.6M Six Letter Word for Murder

6.9M Murder in Haste

6.8M Decision

6.7M Boomerang

6.8M Triggerman

6.5M Three Times a Sinner

6.5M Terror Stricken

6.8M Smart Boy

6.9M The Waterford Case

6.7M My Love Comes Home

5.8M Broken Chain

6.7M The Judas Face

6.3M Quiet Sunday

6.7M Affair at Stony Ridge

6.4M The Blind Bet

6.6M Solid Citizen

6.6M Confession

6.7M Custom Built Blonde

6.7M My Love Comes Home

6.7M Bullet Proof

6.6M Stolen Murder

6.7M Delivery Guaranteed

6.7M The Broken Chain

6.6M Stranger In The House

6.7M Witness at the Fountain

6.5M Brief Pause For Murder

6.8M The Brass Ring

7.0M A Present for Ricky

6.7M Weak Sister

7.1M Masquerade

6.8M Backfire

6.8M The Deadly Penny

6.8M Two Year Plan

6.7M Blind Impulse

6.1M With My Own Eyes

6.7M Next Year is Mine

6.8M Murder on Rourke Island

The Whistler 1945

6.7M Two For The Money

6.7M The Body Wouldn’t Stay In The Bay

6.7M Murder Has A Signature

6.7M Murder On Paper

6.7M Murder Is Legal

6.8M The Dead Man Laughed

7.0M Gateway To Danger

7.0M Death Marks the Double Cross

6.8M Murder Will Shout

6.7M Return of the Innocent (32-22)

6.8M To Rent Danger

6.7M Meet Mr Death

6.8M The Master’s Tree

6.7M Accident According to Plan

5.3M Hit And Run

6.6M The Man Who Bought Death

6.6M Escape To Danger

6.7M Murder Is Blind

6.7M Death Pays a Visit

6.8M Blueprint for Suicide

6.7M Death Watch

6.8M The Deadly Innocent

6.7M Highway of Escape

6.5M Pattern For Terror

6.8M Let George Do It

6.7M Summer Thunder

6.5M Man Who Came to Murder

6.1M What Makes a Murderer

7.1M X Marks the Murderer

5.8M I’ll Trade You Murder

6.8M Phone Call From Death

6.8M Sing a Song of Murder

7.0M The Man Who Died Twice

6.3M Death Wears a White Robe

6.5M Death Laughs Last

7.0M The House on Sycamore Road

7.0M Final Return

6.9M Harvest of Death

6.8M The Seeing Eye

6.8M Coincidence

6.9M The Stray Dream

6.7M Poison Is Quicker

6.8M The Cistern

6.2M Lucky Night

8.0M Miracle on 49th Street

The Whistler 1944 

6.6M Last of the Devereaux

6.6M Practically Foolproof

6.7M Local Storm

6.7M Black Magic

6.7M Married to Murder

6.7M Not If I Kill You First

6.8M Finders Weepers

6.8M Tale The Dead Man Told

6.9M Death Carries A Lunch Kit

6.6M The Beloved Fraud

7.2M The Twin

6.7M Beware The Bridegroom

6.6M Death Sees Double

6.3M Death Walks a Tightwire

6.7M The Doctor Operates In Crime

6.5M Lie or Consequences

6.6M Windfall

6.8M Christmas Bonus

The Whistler 1942

6.9M Retribution

6.9M Shrunken Head

6.7M Notes in the Night

6.6M Death has a Thirst

6.6M The Letter

6.4M House of Greed

6.7M Mirage

6.7M Fog

6.6M Jealousy

6.7M Urge to Kill

6.6M Malice

6.6M Death Comes at Midnight

6.6M The Alibi

6.7M Appariation

6.7M The Other Woman

6.6M Avarice

6.7M The Accounting

6.7M Double Cross

The Whistler 1943 

6.8M Whistler 43.01.03 The Weakling

6.8M Whistler 43.01.10 The Nemesis

6.7M Whistler 43.01.17 The Thief

6.8M Whistler 43.01.24 Mind Over Matter

6.7M Whistler 43.01.31 The Confession

6.7M Whistler 43.02.07 In the Dark

6.7M Whistler 43.02.14 Legacy of Death

6.7M Whistler 43.02.21 Fool’s Gold

6.7M Whistler 43.03.28 The Penalty

6.7M Whistler 43.05.01 The Killers

6.7M Whistler 43.05.08 Death Has a Thirst

6.7M Whistler 43.05.16 The Man Who Waited

6.1M Whistler 43.05.29 Final Decree

6.7M Whistler 43.06.05 Shadow of a Mind

6.7M Whistler 43.06.12 Justice

6.7M Whistler 43.06.19 House of Fear

6.9M Whistler 43.06.26 The Blank Wall

6.7M Whistler 43.07.02 Avengers

6.6M Whistler 43.07.09 Eye For An Eye

6.9M Whistler 43.08.13 Death In The Air

6.7M Whistler 43.09.03 Destiny

6.5M Whistler 43.09.10 The Tangled Web

6.7M Whistler 43.09.24 Blind Alley

6.7M Whistler 43.10.03 Mirage

6.8M Whistler 43.11.21 Patience For The Doctor


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