Vintage Ford Motor Company Sales Promotion Films

Vintage Ford Motor Company Sales Promotion Films

Shown here is a rare collection of films regarding the storied history of the Ford Motor Company.  Included here is some history films that cover modern automobile design and manufacturing, several plant tours, as well as sales and promotional films.  Included is the history “Wonderful New World of Fords”, a 1960’s commercial that is probably the most famous promotional piece of advertising done by the automotive industry.  Also included are rare behind the scenes films of sales training for new salesmen, and even a breakthrough commercial that helped give birth to the two car household.This rare collection of films is on a DVD with a fully interactive menu with a total run time of almost an hour and a half.  The list of films is as follows:
Harvest Of The Years

Shows mass production of Ford cars in an assembly line; the research necessary to carry on the work; materials that go into the making of the Ford.  The many different parts of the Ford company is shown, from it’s own manufacture of rubber, coke and steel, to the assembly of the cars, to even the tours that they have at the plant.

Sound, B&W, 22:07

Highland Park Ford Plant

An old flick which details activities in the Ford plant. The Highland Park plant is the birthplace of the Model T.

Silent, B&W, 11:49

Styling and the Experimental Car (1964)

Illustrates the design process involving in making a new car – the Mustang.  This is a film about design that focuses on the Mustang as an example, but mentions many concept cars. Its interesting to compare the film style to something like “American Look” (1958). What a difference six years makes! Where American Look is sweeping and grand, this film is done almost entirely from still shots – even the parts with live actors.

Sound, Color, 16:35

The Human Bridge (1949)

Traces the birth of the 1949 Ford from the drawing board to the roads of the world, showing different stages of automobile design and manufacturing.

Sound, Color, 12:29

Trader Thorne (1956)

Auto dealer sales film explaining why trade-ins are necessary — because almost all customers already have cars.   Hugh Beaumont (of “Leave it to Beaver”) is the greatest Ford salesman of all time, spending every minute of the day pursuing sales. Driving around town looking for leads, approaching people on the street, even looking up license plate numbers and calling them. In the showroom, he’s a man who knows how to sell and play the game.  He also teaches a new salesman (and by extension, those watching this film) the tricks of the trade.

Sound, B&W, 12:23

Two Ford Freedom

Hard to believe, but there was a time when the average American family had only one car.  This interesting commercials explains to housewives, who are sitting home every day while hubby goes to work, how great their life would be with their own car.

Sound, B&W, 1:38

A Wonderful New World of Fords (1960)

Ford commercial linking new compact cars to futurism and the space frontier.  One of the most memorable ads I have ever seen, this delightful ad will please many people, and is great fun for musical fans as they introduce The Galaxie, The Thunderbird, and the Falcon.

Sound, Color, 3:01


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